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By the way… What happened to my Happy Happy Blog??

Whooops a daisy!

A nice peaceful photo not describing my last few days of busy busy and drama today. It was taken at Surfers Paradise in Australia. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I now know why so many Assie’s go there for domestic vacations. Like California and Florida but a lot cleaner with less people.

The last few days have been very busy. Today takes the cake in all ways! At work I am one of three people who must answer the phone and answer the front door. One was away and the other on the phone when someone rang out front bell. No one else was close so I got up. 1/2 through my first step I realized my foot/leg was completely asleep. The step was completed successfully. The next one was not. Let me explain. My foot points strait down when fully asleep so my toe was under me and not the flat of my foot. It twisted knocking me into the wall then I crumpled down onto my left leg and turned my upper body to take the rest of the fall with my hands. It felt like a rubber band was being stretched on the outer right foot with a pop at the end of the stretch. The pain was immediate and very strong. Normally when hurt I jump right up and walk it off. Nope. Just laid there not letting anyone touch me. And yes, for all you pregnancy worriers I really did do a mental pain check of the belly area. None noted. However, even with no pressure put on my foot at all, after 45 minutes the pain had not lessened and there was no swelling. Yep, totally kept on my bitty ankle sock and the sensible tennis shoe I had on. There were also some weird cell outages in our area so it took about 15-20 minutes to actually speak with Guy. We do have a home phone… But the number is unknown to me (story for another time). Guy tried to call the new doctors office he loves but they didn’t have any openings. I tried my normal primary care doc. No service, at all. The soonest I can get in is January and they have no x-ray anyway. So poor Guy came to pick me up even though he should have been resting before going to work tonight on the first of four 5 pm to 5 am shifts not to mention he also worked yesterday 8-5. We went to Urgent Care. My work refused to put this under workers comp stating I knew my foot was asleep when I tried to step. That got my blood pressure going. So after 3 hours at urgent care and a claim filed against my personal health insurance I have an avulsion. This is caused by my ligament tearing away a very small chunk of bone from the rest of the bone. These generally heal themselves, but require a followup visit and x-ray. They draped the crap out of me with the lead drapes and the ankle is pretty far from the babies. I have a hard splint which is the cast material on the backside of my calf down to my toes in the foot flat position with ace bandages wrapped around from top to bottom. The healing time for an average healer is 2-3 weeks to be able to walk on it (yep – stinky crutches with under arm bruises and hard to carry anything) and in 2-3 months feel good again with mild pain up til then. Sounds like a ton of fun. There is some minor pain in my right wrist from the impact. The urgent care did not have either an ultrasound nor a lab capable of testing if there was any trauma to the babies. I called my OB’s office and was told by the receptionist that since there are no symptoms of baby stress there was no need to come in today, but to call if any show up suddenly as they can appear later.

I tried to bum some ice cream off the neighbors since Guy had to go to work, I need to gain weight, and it would be an easy meal. No go. They are all out.

My friend, Alesha, is going to be a super champ and help me with the photo session I have booked tomorrow. She has taken some sessions on her own and has assisted her dad for years. So this will be a big favor I owe her.

It only took me about 3 minutes to get the 10 feet from the kitchen with a big protein shake to the couch. Not bad, though I did try and put pressure on my foot a few times. Getting some food later will probably be a lovely issue though. I could crawl with a bowl or plate in one hand, but Moose will take this as an invitation.

And the other depressing thing from this morning is one of those two pounds I gained is gone again…. How much do I seriously have to eat to gain anything? Maybe I’m not meant to. Though I’m sure it will be traumatic for me when it actually happens. All that weight. Can’t we just grow em & pop them out with just their weight. Then I could count my chub taken to grow babies already as it!

Last night we went over to Armondo and Alesha’s house after dinner. Mondo has taken a job with the Gilbert Police department. Guy is going to help him drive his car out there when we go in January (I get to fly both ways!). Alesha is stuck here until the house sells. The market is definitely in a holiday slow down. They have made a lot of improvements to the home which should hopefully help it sell. Anyway, we played Ono. Loads of fun. My belly always hurts when we leave from laughing so much. One of their two boys (age 4 & 2) got in trouble when all the boys were playing. He pulled down his pants. Whooops. LOL Of course, it is funny, but no laughing so he doesn’t learn it is OK to do again.

The night before that I went to finish the baby registry. Man that two hours wiped me out. And I totally want to remove 1/2 the clothes. Only 6 more days until the little ones cooperate and show us what they are! Then I can take most of pure neutral stuff off and put on the sex specific stuff. Though really I just want to put on the essentials and if anyone wants to pick something they like as a gift it is just fine! All but one of the addresses for the Phx shower are into the appropriate peeps. The one elusive one is my very oldest friends mom who really was like a second mom growing up. Misty and I were friends from our first year of 1st grade until now. We were really close (saw each other all the time) until the end of high school. Now we pick up and talk to each other every 6 months to a year and it’s like no time has passed, but tons of new news to share.

Holiday news

This first photo is a photo of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic from the airplane as we left. Almost everything there was perfect, except for the food. It was mostly edible, but warmer then it should have been. Guy got the old issue people get in some countries. He still refers to it as Poopa Cana. lol We went there the summer before last for a long weekend. It was one of the cheapest trips ever! If we had gone to a bit more pricey of a place the food would probably have been better and still been a really cheap trip so we recommend it to everyone. And the country could certainly use the money. It has inspired me to do two things in life. I’m now over my fear of scuba diving after getting on one of those underwater scooters with a big bubble over your head. The other is to get some great upper body strength and learn how to (uggg the name is escaping me, but the other photo is of me trying) ride one of those surf boards with a sail things. It was the most frustrating experience ever. My upper body strength was not enough to lift the sale out of the water with all the water on it. But I’m determined to try again and still would love to learn to surf. Not sure how that will work with contacts and all. I can’t see without them. And with them in the seawater makes them blurry for a second causing me to rub them and sometimes the impact with seawater will cause them to roll or pop out. lol. It all sounds like impossible dreams to me. Laser surgery is certainly appealing. Both my aunts had it and loved it. The last Optometrist I saw said there really is no need for me to get the surgery as even being the worst contact wearer he ever saw my eyes are in fantastic shape. How’s that for a back handed compliment. I’m the worst because I wear the 1 week contacts that can be left in for about 3-6 months without ever removing them. Well, sometimes once if they get a bit dry on me for a day. He actually switched me to a new brand. These are the best yet. They have been in for a full 6 months with no break.

Well, now onto the holidays on off the weird ramblings. Tawni and Sam came to stay with us for the four days. It was very nice to have them. I certainly don’t envy them the working out of the first year of marriage kinks and a pregnant lady on top of it. Tawni is doing well except for her diet. When someones only vegetables are french fries (not even mashed or baked potatoes) and breakfast cereal there are definitely some vitamins & minerals missing in the body. No wonder she is soooooo tired and pooped all the time. We had roast with mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls and some delicious gravy. Sam was giving me a hard time about how I was planning on cooking the roast (when there was 3 hours till eating he asked why I didn’t cook it all day) so I invited him to cook it. He declined. And it was my first roast so I was probably more prickly then I should have been considering I wasn’t even sure how it would be cooked. Well, even with the silly roast still partially frozen it came out wonderfully tasty if a tad overdone for me. Guy was in hog heaven with a well done roast and the young marrieds just ate it. Of course, they said it was good when asked.

Tawni and I both pre registered at Babies R Us on Black Friday. We had a great time shopping with no crowds and a nice sit down lunch at Olive Garden. I was able to get quite a bit of prego clothes for only $70. Yeah, more choices now and enough to last thru a week. Tawni purchased a few smelly things at Bath and Body Works. Tomorrow my friend Melissa and I will go finish out the registry except for the majority of the clothes. December 6th is coming quickly! Hopefully those little chickens cooperate and show the goods so we can know what to expect and pick out the rest of the non neutral registry.

I have finally gained a pound! And my tummy seems to have grown a full inch over the long weekend. Only 20-30more to gain, and that’s with counting my little bit of chub weight before getting pg being transitioned to belly(10-15 lbs). lol It doesn’t even seem possible to gain that much. Believe me. I have been eating a lot for the last two months and it still isn’t packing on. Today I had the most yummy pizza for lunch. My buddy Melissa B. and an old work buddy Michael met up at an Italian Restaurant.

For the super sad news. Both uncle Lance and uncle Clifford are not in good shape. Lance has been in the hospital and had some more scans done. They said the cancer is spreading and the time left is very short. Especially after having been estimated at a year and it is only 2 months later we are all very devastated! Clifford was more recently diagnosed and the final tests are in. They are only going to treat for pain management and the cancer is in a lot of his body making it impossible to treat. We went from having time and hope to imminent loss. I think about them often and hope and pray the time left is as pain free and meaningful as possible for them especially. Uncle Lance has no belief in God or an afterlife so I’m hoping he feels the love and guidance of the Holy Ghost as he gets closer to passing. And that he will not feel despair and hopelessness.

More news!

Richard & Allison (fed us dinner last night) had a little baby boy today!!! Wow, she went into labor and when it got time to get him out it took only 15 minutes of pushing. What a rock star!

Guy is officially predicting two boys for us. He told me that gem a little while ago.

Jamie (Guy’s brother) let me know he will be coming down for our baby shower in PHX!!! And he will either bring the sisters or his family or everyone when he comes down! YEAH! How exciting.

I think that’s it.

Food is lovely

No, this photo is not of food as the title implies. lol It was taken on some random trip outside our hotel. Most likely in CA since those are popular there.

This week was very interesting in the food department. My issues with food are going away. I’m feeling more normal in my timing of food. It is no longer a necessity to have food every single 1-2 hours depending on how big the last meal was. Now I’m getting back to my ‘normal’ 3-4 hours between meals. Very nice. The second trimester is definitely bringing me up to feeling more normal and not like a total wuss.

We were invited to our friends house on Sunday night. David & Nicole Sweeney. David stayed with us while they were separated due to his job relocation. Then the whole family came to stay with us the two weeks we were in Australia. It worked out perfectly for all of us. They had sold the old house the day we left and the new one would be ready the same day we were expected back. They needed a place to stay and we needed a Moose sitter. So they saved us $400 in boarding charges and we lent them a comfy place instead of a weekly motel. We had pot roast and played a great game called Catch Phrase. Never played it before and will definitely be buying it sometime. The boys won 2-1 rounds. They will gloat forever, I’m sure.

Monday my friend Melissa B. (since I also have Melissa A. in AZ) invited me over for dinner. Yummy! We always have interesting conversations. Her husband is very opinionated like me. She also made pot roast, but on the rotisserie cooker. The conversation at one point turned to who we thought would end up president of the US. Hmmmm. No consensus about who our countries people will vote for. It is in no way a clear cut race for either party or candidate.

Yesterday we were invited to Richard & Allison’s house. Rich works with Guy at the police department. Allison is the cutest pregnant person I have ever seen. She does not look like she is 3 days form her full term 40 week mark! No swelling, just a baby bump, no waddle. We had lasagna. They showed us the 3D video they had done of the baby 10 weeks ago. It was really cool. They are waiting to find out the sex. She is going to be induced on Saturday so they will find out soon enough. I loved their house. Very pretty.

Today we had a big ham dinner at work with everyone bringing in something. There was tons of food, and we are all waddling around the office trying to stay awake till it’s time to go home. I even ate a couple bites of pecan pie. For not being a desert person it was quite tasty. I have the late shift today and get off at 5:30 pm. Hopefully Tawni and Sam have left and are on their way. Sam got off work at 1pm and they were hoping to leave at 2pm. That would get them here about 6pm when I get home. Tomorrow we will have a roast for Thanksgiving. Do you think I’ll be roasted out after tomorrow? lol

Oh, and you may have noticed. I finally figured out how to create seperate paragraphs in HTML. Not as easy as hitting the ‘enter’ button.