Monthly Archives: July 2008

Two more slide shows

This first slide show is a lot of the photos from our trip to Utah.

This slide show is of two different sessions of the kids at play during our trip. The first one was when I set up the camera for the kids and the black background. They took turns taking a large number of photos of themselves. Occasionally I would help and coach them, but most of the photos were taken by Bradley, Belle, Afton and Alyssa.

See if this works. Slide show of Jamie’s family shots

Some cool shots with the our wedding rings



Both with the rings.

Guy’s great and funny idea. Blake. Madison. I just figured out the other day that Blakey White goes along really well with the Mickey Mouse song! It is so cute. B – l – a – k – e – y and so on.

We are finally using our cloth diapers!!!

The first day in cloth. Madison on the left. Blake on the right. We love our Bum Genius diapers we bought from Cotton Babies!

Moose gaurding the babies. He is getting more comfortable around them all the time. Just wait until they can pull his tail and poke him in the eye…

Blake top. Madison bottom.
Blake. Madison. Aren’t these diapers adorable? And it is sooooo much easier then I thought it would be. However, I think we will be using the disposables (sposies from here on out) whenever we go out.

Baby love photos

Blake on the left, then Madison. It’s probably one of the only shots they look the same size. We weighed them a couple of days ago on our bathroom scale. They were 3 oz apart and were right about 15 lbs each.

Blake – Madison