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What happened to no trips for a while?

So today I find myself in Tampa Bay, Florida hoping desperately for a nap soon. Guy woke up yesterday at 2 pm from sleeping off night shift. He mentioned to me how he and Karissa were joking around about us going to see her and Corri & Frank while she is visiting with them from Utah this week. I told him that was a cool idea. Then he mentioned he had looked up a hotel to jokingly. Well dang it, if we didn’t just up and decide to leave for Florida after placing a couple calls to see if we were really wanted. Then we were on the road by 4pm. And that is with giving the babies a bath!!! It’s shocking how good we are getting at just up and going places with the kids. The only thing we ‘forgot’ is some toys for the kids. They are big people watchers and new place lovers so they shouldn’t miss them. Well, off to put them down for their morning nap then we are off to the beach! Ahhhhh, the warm Gulf of Mexico beach in 80 degree weather sounds like just the ticket. YAY!


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Yeah, I know, I’m starting to become the giveaway notice queen. Well, think of it as making it easier for you to find them, because you don’t have to go look yourself! Have a great day!!

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Big sorry to my fam for no photos of late

I was looking for a couple blog posts to share showing the babies ‘then’ and ‘now.’ Well, it has been days since a recent photo was posted of them. To explain a little: I had total apathy towards processing photos for about a week after getting back from Atlanta and Utah where I didn’t work on photos at all. Two of the five shoots ‘waiting’ are done and have been favorably received by the subjects. lol That sentence just sounded funny. I’ll post some highlights on the photography blog tomorrow. The last three shoots to process are all of our family members. Guy’s sister Michele and her four kids. The next shoot was of Michele’s son, Andrew, and his fiancee, Kourtney, who just got engaged while we were there. The last shoot is of my little sister, Gracie, for her 17th year.

Here are a few recent shots for you guys to look at.

On Tuesday (I think) there was an activity for the Faith in God girls at church (I think around 8-10 years old). The topic was how people have faith in God all around the world and how no matter where you go our church teaches the same things. I and three other ladies were asked to speak to them about our experiences as missionaries. It was so much fun. And listening to the other ladies was very uplifting for me. Recently I’ve reconnected with a lot of people who served a mission in Nebraska with me and people I met and taught there on Facebook. Facebook is so cool. Here is Nicole, me and Kim.
Babies 10 months 1003

Can I just say that I’m not that tall?! Really. But sometimes I look at photos and think, “Man! I’m a big girl compared to [whomever] is in the photo with me.” LOL Neither Nicole or Kim are really short either. Oh, two things. I am loving the new darker hair color. And one of the girls in the class asked me why my coat had only one button done. Well, didn’t you know, little one, that is the best way to cover up a muffin top! She let me know it was driving her crazy. I love the random things kids ask and say.
Babies 10 months 1002

Here are all the girls. There are also two sets of twin girls in here.
Babies 10 months 1004

Babies 10 months 1005

This jumping shot is so cute!
Babies 10 months 1006

Just woke up when he heard the door. Yesterday he crawled into their room and was trying to pull the bear through the bars. They only get the bears when it is time to sleep in an effort to create a sleep routine or mood.
Babies 10 months 1008

He is LOVING standing as much as possible.
Babies 10 months 1013

Look at this cutie! The top of her hair lays down in cute wisps while the bottom is showing definite curls.
Babies 10 months 1016

The positions kids sleep in.
Babies 10 months 1018

So sweet. Doesn’t he just look like the shirt will be too small in a few days. Dang. I thought they would be in 18 months for quite a while.
Babies 10 months 1019

Madison happily plays both by herself and with Blake. It looks like she is already learning to hold a footy correctly! Go girl. Where is Auskick? Do you think they would take them yet?
Babies 10 months 1021

She is a very accomplished crawler now!
Babies 10 months 1022

She also has the longest tongue! It reaches her chin.
Babies 10 months 1025

I like the curiosity and dark lighting on this.
Babies 10 months 1026

Blake pitching a fit. I’d say he pitches about 5 fits a day. Every day.
Babies 10 months 1031

Babies 10 months 1029

Another cool window lit shot. He scrunches his nose and forehead together when he is deep in disgusted with his life thought or there is a bright light.
Babies 10 months 1032

Blake speed crawling at me. He could win a crawling race. Though he is showing a lot of walking signs, he may not walk for a while. The speediness of his crawl gets him places in a flash.
Babies 9 months 2238

A funny shot
Babies 9 months 2253

Madison has decided she will only take pureed food from a specific kind of spoon while I am holding a specific type of bowl or she will pick it up to feed herself. No other method is acceptable. Weirdo.
Babies 9 months 2240

Babies 9 months 2243

Babies 9 months 2224

Babies 9 months 2217

Babies 9 months 2203

Babies 9 months 2208

Even with only 3 hours of sleep, spotting more then 60 cops along my route (1 for every 8 miles), a 7 hour drive (took us 10), both me and Blake sick, babies who did not want to sleep and no other adult with me we still managed to take a state line photo! I would have gotten the other ones, but they managed to be asleep while driving by the others.
Babies 9 months 2196

Guy and his Punkins.
Babies 9 months 2198

Maddy showing off her new Berkley’s clippy.
Babies 9 months 2197

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This was supposed to have comments, but they didn’t show up. You can get your own free hard cover 8×8 20 page book at Shutterfly using the code photobooks. Ours came today and it was great! It cost 8.69 with tax and shipping. Not bad!

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