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I know I know

So I posted the first video again in the third video spot. It’s not going to be fixed. Here it is for you though. This one is 38 seconds long.

About a week and a half ago I answered the phone. Our friend Dallas was on the other end. As soon as he asked if Guy was working today I knew it was going to be about giving a talk. Why did we make friends with a member of the Bishopric? lol Just kidding. Dallas, Kim & their five kids are loads of fun. Even if they did make me play Guitar Hero where we had to downgrade my skill level from Easy to Beginner. Yeah, I totally suck. Maybe one day I will get better. Hopefully I don’t sing as off as I tried to play those notes! But back to the topic at hand. After letting him know Guy was going to be working today he let me know he was calling to see if one of us could talk in church. I think he really wanted Guy, but I was the only one left. I accepted. The topic he assigned me was personal worship. Interesting. I have been working on my personal relationship with Heavenly Father for a few months now. Isn’t it interesting how he may have been thinking of asking Guy, but it was the perfect topic for me. It turns out I was the anchor speaker too. The length of the talk was to be 10-15 minutes, but as the anchor you should be able to fill in more time should the other speakers be short. I had 20 minutes when it was my turn so I added an introduction of Guy and I even though at least half the congregation already knows us. My actual talk was just over ten minutes which still left five minutes when I was done. Not bad and I did warn Dallas to be prepared last night in case there was a little time left. He had Jeff Sobas come up and share his testimony of the gospel. I think it was a great pick because he was really paying attention to the entire service. You really see everything when sitting up on the stand.

The things I took away from the radio on the way to church, the talks and our other lessons has to do with personal accountablility and being a self starter! Oh and attitude.

A few more videos for you guys

Today I finished both of my photo sessions successfully! YAY for vanquishing sickness! Recently a couple of photo groups in Flikr have been inspiring me with their awesome newborn shots. Today I had the most cooperative newborn ever to try a few ideas. They worked great, and I am really excited to edit them.

There was nothing happening to indicate a need to take this video, but I just wanted to shoot them at the moment. Well, the cutest scene unfolded involving sharing, dominance and decision making. These babies are really learning how to get along with each other, pick their battles and help one another. If you don’t have much time this is the one to watch!!! (1:30)

Here is Blake walking the front porch and a look at the new baby birds in the little tree off our porch. (1:07)

This video is Blake navigating into the house to his bottle and Madison drinking her bottle. (0:38)

Video time

Whew! I am so glad the babies have backed off on the milk consumption since the first day of whole milk. They are going through about a half gallon each day. Now the trick is to get them to drink more water. It’s a work in progress with them improving a little each day. I think the couple drops of lemon juice is also helping them learn to like the water.

The camera hasn’t been out the last few days, but we have taken the video out. Here are four of the videos to get you started. The third video is the shortest if you only have 20 seconds. The longest is 1 1/2 minutes.

Trying to get Blake to walk, but he went up and down a few steps instead.

Some walking with a little bit of a run when he hit the downward sloping grass.

Our little Frankenstein!

And here is our snotty Madison with both babies coughing for effect.

Way back Wednesday

A year ago my babies were one week old. Crazy. We were just getting to know them and starting off a couple of months spent mostly in our bedroom when we were home. Guy picked up Moose from being boarded and we introduced him to the babies. He was so unsure of them. Do you see the panic in his eyes? They are wearing newborn sleepers in this photo which are very roomy on them. They were at the 5% and 20% for their two week checkup. It’s so funny that now they are on the other end of the spectrum. We go in for their one year appointment on 5/11 so my mom can go to the appointment with them.

Babies 1 wk 29

Cheryl over at Twinfatuation sponsors a Way Back Wednesday every week to reminisce about your life. Check it out if you want to play along.

Did you hear? I’m really sick…

Babies 11 months 1875

Sometimes when you least expect it there are sharp painful things in your path. All four of us are congested and coughing at the moment. This afternoon I took the turn for the better. Guy said he was also felling better this afternoon. He was smart and started taking a decongestant as soon as he started to feel it. The babies don’t get anything other then some Motrin to get rid of some of the pain associated with the cough/sore throat. Both have been handling it remarkably well. Madison pitches a fit now and again whether sick or not. She tends to holler and scream whenever she is frustrated, in pain or annoyed. A lot of the time she sounds like a cat! We watched her throw a few fits today. Blake on the other hand tends to only throw a fit when he is in pain. He’s had some of that when passing gas or needing to poo recently. He’ll roll around on the floor, throw himself down onto the ground or stiffen and throw his body backwards while yelling when he is in pain. I’m hoping we’ll all be better very quickly.

Here’s some photos from about a week ago, but they perfectly represent how we are all feeling right now.
Babies 11 months 1851

Babies 11 months 1851

Babies 11 months 1852

Today we dragged ourselves out of the house, because it was just needed! We took the boxes down to the recycling center and picked up a couple things at Wal-Mart. Upon returning we had a message on the machine. It was someone I’d talked to early today about a surprise gift for his wife. The message said he understood I was really ill and wanted to see if there was anything he could do. I called to let him know the message was perfect to get him a good reason to come over & Guy’s first thought was why was he being so nice. That didn’t come out right so I made sure to tell him because guys don’t think of these things normally (which is sooo true). He did sound a touch offended even after that explanation. Will I ever learn? I told him it was brilliant so he would have a good excuse to come over to our house (again the surpise – if you are reading this and know who I’m talking about please keep it zipped!). So it turns out he was being sincere because he received a call from someone letting him know I had taken a turn for the worse and was probably going to the hospital. WHAT? lol Nope. Just fine here. Sick. Had a rough night sleeping. Feeling faint occasionally. Achy muscles. The normal run of the mill icky stuff. My guess is someone at church was on Facebook today where I was talking to another person they knew about being sick and feeling like crap despite still getting their shoot from Saturday done! I don’t know, but it sounds like it is kind of like that game where a large group of people sit in a circle and the first one tells the next something who repeats it to the next person continuing the pattern until the comment gets back to the first person. Generally it isn’t even close to the original comment. I appreciate the concern though!!! My friend Lisa did help me go to the store yesterday, because I just couldn’t bear the thought of wrangling the kids & groceries (no wipes & almost out of milk so HAD to go).

In other news the birds hatched. Three little birdies all snuggled together in the nest.
Babies yr1 apr09 1029

They thought I was their mama back with a juicy worm.
Babies yr1 apr09 1031

Babies yr1 apr09 1028

Both babies love love love to beg food off their dad when he is eating. Here is a shot of Madison.
Babies 11 months 1857

I love this shot of Blake. It really shows how good he is getting at balance. We were almost out of formula so I decided to switch them to milk on their birthday Saturday. My friend Allison had said they kept some powder for when they were out and about. I thought that was a great idea and had already purchased a gallon of whole milk in anticipation of switching them. Well, dang if they didn’t go through a half a gallon in the one day with part of the day on formula! Holy cow! Are we really going to go through almost a gallon a day? Wow, I hope they start to drink more of the water I offer them all the time. I did get a few lemons today to give just a hint of flavor to the water. We don’t give them juice and they aren’t diggin the water unless it is out of our cups.
Babies 11 months 1853

We really need to get some video of Blake walking. He is so proud of himself he keeps trying to do it more and more. Madison joins in on the congratulations by clapping for him too.
Babies 11 months 1938

Brighter days will be here soon filled with beauty and joy. You know it!
Babies 11 months 1862