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Videos of the kids playing in the drizzly rain

I’m not sure if these are in order, but it’s after 1 am & the kids are finally both asleep! Both videos are of the kids playing in the drizzly rain for the first time. They loved it. They are both 90 seconds long. I’m pretty sure only family will love watching these and anyone else would be bored silly! You’ve been warned.:-)

So the cutest thing tonight. Both babies (toddlers) are a touch sick. Blake had a fever this evening & woke up crying. The waking up crying is pretty normal at least 2 days a week. This woke Madison up too who was sooo not happy to be up, but will not be left in her crib should he be taken out of his to sooth him… Well, as long as they were up I decided to change their diapers to which they cried loudly. Guy got up to cuddle them as I went to get the fever reducer. As soon as Blake transferred over to my arms so did Madison and Guy hightailed it to bed (I’m sure he turned on the fan to drown out any future noise – Smart man!). In my arms both kids had to have an arm around the other baby! Love it. I started singing to them & wound down after a few minutes. Blake started to sing to tell me he wanted me to keep going. At least someone likes my singing.

After a couple more minutes he popped up all serious and had to get down. He starts to pat his diaper and looks very concerned. I ask if he wants to go potty to which he repeated it over and over as he sprinted to the bathroom. We followed. He sat down as I tried to maneuver Maddy and I down to the floor. He shivered a little and I asked if he needed his diaper off. He definitely wanted it off & peed right as I was getting it off. Poor fellow having such a slow mom. Well, the shivers started in earnest and he turns towards the tub and mutters something. I think he was combining diaper and bath. Still not sure. I asked if he wanted to take a bath. He DEFINITELY wanted a bath and immediately got more excited…. And finished peeing on the side of tub.

Clothes off. Put him in while filling the tub. Cleaned up the pee. He had a ball in the tub which alleviated his shivers and brought down his fever! Wooo Hoooo. It was still there, but definitely not so high. Listening to you kids telling you what they want really pays off sometimes. Both kids enjoyed their cuddle together, Blake is closer still to potty training, and he knew what to do to feel better. Love it!

Do you think playing in the warm drizzle brought on the sick? I don’t, but maybe you disagree.

Sorry again – new posts coming soon

Love ya! Thanks for checkin in!

Kiddo small update

WH Sep12 09 0
I LOVE how Madison and Blake share. Just now Blake was busy playing with a toy. I had some pretzels on offer for him which he definitely wanted. Madison was between us closer to me & noticed our exchange. She grabbed the three pretzels from me and took them to Blake without needing to be asked. Then she came back for her own. Love it!

WH Sep12 09 1

The kids are eaters! EATERS! They will be eating us out of house and home soon enough. Maybe they don’t eat more then other kids, but it sure feels like they do.

WH Sep12 09 2

A word on shoes & clothes.
WH Sep12 09 4

I don’t know if you remember, but I had size 18mo, 24mo and 2T for the kids to get them through to long sleeves. I had also purchased and gotten some 24mo to 3T stuff for winter. Madison outgrew her 18 month old stuff by June. She is now pretty much out of all 24mo and 2T clothes in shirts, shorts and dresses. Pants still fit her well in the 2T size. Luckily there were some 3T stuff for Maddy next summer she is wearing now like the tee shirts & dresses. She is solid like a tree trunk. Blake always seems like the small one to us. However, we just realized he is now in size 7 shoes and can’t fit into the smaller clothes. Blake is now wearing all of his 2T clothes. They definitely have enough stuff that fits to get us to the winter clothes. I’m just shocked, because EVERYONE told us the kids would stay in 18 month and 24mo/2T for a long time (like 6 months or more). Nope, our kids are still topping out at around 4 months per size. Though I really hope they aren’t wearing 4T this time next year at age 2 and 3 months!

WH Sep12 09 3

Oh, I forgot my lament about shoes. Size 7 is usually a size kids over 2 wear. This is when their feet naturally lose the baby/toddler fat lump on the top of their feet. Our kids still very much have the little fat lump making it hard to find shoes that fit. This is especially true when mama won’t pay more then $5, preferring to receive them between free and $2 per pair.

WH Sep12 09 5

These cute little faces are definitely worth any hassle or expense they bring us!

WH Sep12 09 6

The really funny thing to me is the pictures that were next in line to share perfectly matched the words I had already written. Cool!

30 days of summer – Last day!

WH Sep09 09 1

A few weeks ago I rented a camera to test out. When returning the camera I saw a great bag that was calling my name. It is a small camera bag that makes taking just the minimum equipment or for quick lens changes during shoots. Last week I had the bag on the kitchen counter. Are you with me on where this is going?

WH Sep09 09 2

Yeah, Blake somehow (musta grown a bit) managed to reach the bag from the middle of the counter. I had not zipped it so he was able to get my all around lens out. He threw it down twice on the floor before I made it to him. It looked fine and seemed fine on my camera. It wasn’t! All the photos taken with it are blurry on both ends. So not cool.

WH Sep09 09 3

If you are wondering why photography is an expensive purchase. Our new lens set us back $1356.40 and will be here tomorrow. Ouch! We weren’t planning on any new lens purchases for a year. Kids. Gotta love em.

WH Sep09 09 4

Somehow this series of photos fits this story of the broken lens very well! What’s the most expensive thing your kids have completely ruined?

Madison is getting wise. Whenever she gets told no or gets caught doing something wrong she comes up to one of us for a kiss. Kisses make the whole world better in her book. She is the funniest walker. I love watching her lurching ungainly steps with both arms often held back. I’m sure she’ll start to get better in the next month or so. Until then it makes me giggle.

30 days of summer – Day 29 – Contest time!

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If you are feeling crabby I have the pick me up for you. A chance to win!

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Don’t forget about Fine Art Friday starting on the S & G Photography blog tomorrow. It will be your chance to own a great fine art print at a discounted price. Each Friday I will feature a different fine art print for a week.