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Christmas card 2010

We want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!!

A little of this and that

Madison loves her bikini undies.  She gets very excited when a pair of the bikinis are pulled out of the undies basket.  If she is asked to get some undies she most certainly looks for one of the three pairs.

This is how they actually fit her, but the first one was too funny.

My Madison has decided that while I’m pregnant she will no longer cuddle with me when I’m sitting or laying down.  Nope, I have to hold my 36 pound super long 2 1/2 year old while standing to properly cuddle her.  Here is a shot of us doing a just after she woke up cuddle.  She obviously did not want me capturing her grumpiness in an image.

She gave up and just let me take some…

Her pouty lips look so cute to me.  I obviously was having a grungy day!  Sheesh…

Tonight I think we hit an all time high of one and a half hours for madison to eat two triangles of a quesadilla which she thought tasted good.  Really?!   This with time out sitting where she couldn’t see anything {the TV mostly}, some yummy vanilla wafers Blake was eating and one of her favorite toys that I got out for them to play with.   Maybe if she was in a tiny padded white room with absolutely no distractions she would eat.  I’m not so sure though.  When we went to Miami my goal was to really work with her on her eating habits, but I don’t think anything we did there worked.  She just is….  Madison

I have decided to sell one of my favorite camera lenses.  It is a great zoom lens that is rated as well as a fixed focal length lens giving it an advantage over many out there.  It is in a DX format where my new camera body is a FX format so that is why I’m selling it.  The price is $900.00 and it hasn’t been used very much in the year since it was purchased.  Here are a few images.  

All of the original parts are included as well as a $50 UV filter purchased with the lens.

The only item I could find any wear on was the lens cap.

It has the original box and we can ship within the US.

One of the nicest things about this lens is the widest the aperture is 2.8 for ANY focal length it is set to.  This is very rare in a zoom lens both to have such a wide open aperture and for the most open aperture to remain steady throughout the zoom.

The slide has made it back into the house for the children’s winter time enjoyment.  Don’t you love my studio lights hanging out on either side of the window!

Here’s an image of Blake doing his breathing treatment with Madison hanging out to help him.


This is more typical of what he looks like now.  Tonight he reminded me we needed to do his ‘medicine.’  I sat at his feet as he sat there holding his mask diligently breathing the medicine in and out.  The way he has acted the last few times I think he really feels differently after the treatments.

Blake has not had many accidents and especially night accidents for a long time.  On the way home from Miami he wet the bed at the hotel.  We got home and he wet the bed the next 6 nights as well.  We were stumped.  What had happened?  In the end we bought a pack of pull up pants for him which he has been wearing ever since.  He has only had three dry nights.  We finally figured it out.  He started sleeping through the night and had stopped waking up to go to the bathroom.  His bladder just isn’t strong enough to get him through and he is now sleeping heavily through the night.  Well, there are worse things then wearing a night diaper at age two.  Many kids his age aren’t potty trained yet, and I must say I’m enjoying my sleep.  At first Blake was pretty upset with having to wear the diaper, but he definitely prefers not waking up soaked in his pee.  He is still very excited when he has a dry night too.

Sometimes he wakes up from a nap pretty crabby too.

Most of the time he also just wants to cuddle when he wakes up from a nap.  Generally if he’s crabby it’s because he has to pee and doesn’t want to go or is hungry and wants to keep cuddling which annoys him.

Since he wakes first most of the time {and falls asleep first} he’s usually rearing to go when Maddie wakes up for her after nap cuddle.

My 365 project is going very well.  I’ve been taking images every day for it, but I haven’t organized them to share yet.  Here is an image of me.  When we got out of the car the other day I was piling stuff into my arms, on my head and Madison needed a walking standing cuddle into the house.  As I was dumping everything, including Maddie, onto the couch I caught a glimpse of my gangsta looking double hat.  It’s awesome to have a camera that will take such clear images in such a dark bathroom with low wattage lights!

Guy is enjoying his new position at work, and even though he is technically gone more it feels like we have him around a lot more.  He works additional off duty hours pretty much every week and is working 5 days instead of 4 on 4 off.  I love how Madison greets him almost every time she sees him come home from work.  She gets very excited often jumping up and down yelling, “My Daddy’s home,”  repeatedly or some variation of that statement. He loves it and will definitely miss these greetings when the kids grow out of them.

Flying with kids

So today, I came across a blog post by a very popular blogger MckMama where she is responding to people criticizing her for flying with kids not in a car seat.  In the rant she does go a bit to the other extreme only siting a violent plane crash as an incident that would more then likely kill them.  I decided to post a comment.  I hardly ever think they are all read though so I’m going to put my thoughts plus a couple new ones here as well.

My family has worked in the airline industry for years so I feel I have an important take on this topic.  First and foremost airplanes are still by far the very safest way to travel.   They just are!   We too have taken risks with our children before the age of two, and then I lug the car seats onboard for any flight after that.  I know she mentioned crashing as the only course of having an incident, but the more common and more likely incidents in the air are the reason I restrain my kiddos.
There are air pockets where a plane will just ‘drop’ up to 500 feet which can cause any unrestrained person or item to smash into the carryon luggage cabinet or ceiling.  It’s happened on one of my flights, and I know it hurts since I was the Flight Attendant standing.  Luckily my shoulder was under a cabinet which kept me from smashing my head into the ceiling, and all of my passengers were buckled in.
Another common incident is an aborted takeoff where the pilot has to slam on the breaks for some reason or another.  At speeds of up to 120 MPH this can be a very hard stop or even cause the plane to run off the runway.
There is also a fast landing if there was a malfunction with the flaps or other breaking system.  These are typically announced as an emergency landing when arriving at your destination with emergency support on standby.  Most of these feel a lot like a normal landing.  Some planes run off the runway.
Planes also have ground collisions with traffic on the ground, parked equipment and jetways.
Bad weather is another reason planes have issues both in air and on the ground with heavy turbulence, skidding off runways and collisions.
Almost all the airlines also have a SILLY regulation that babies cannot be restrained in a wrap or carrier on the parents body during take off and landing.   In my opinion these restraints offer another layer of protection especially if the pilot ran into something on the ground or had to abort takeoff which would mimic a regular car crash in impact often making it impossible for hands to restrain an infant or child.
As far as calculated risks go with our children, it is still much safer to have your child fly without a car seat then to go for a walk or bike ride with any cars around!    Personally, I’ll still keep my under two year olds as lap children trying to sneak them into a wrap and bringing along the car seats when my kids are of an age I need to pay for a seat or if I win the lottery and can pay for an infant to have a seat.
Now for those doctor appointment images from last week.  Maddie loves to sit up on the table and play with the mirror.
Blake was doing his anticipation freak out.  Guy cuddled him while we waited.
Maddie chillin in her undies with a picture smile on her face.  Most of the time she’ll smile naturally, but sometimes I get this.  Eh, I think it’s still cute and part of kids growing up.
Just like all kids the natural smile is better though.
My white boy.  He is soooooo white!  The kids were practicing their splits while we were Still waiting….
Guy got out his handcuffs to try and entertain them a little longer.  This was one of the longest waits we’ve ever had.
The pink flowery socks & handcuffs look so funny.

The 2 1/2 year stats

The kids had their 2 1/2 year appointments the other day.  We went to our pediatricians nice new office that is just down the street from our house {for where we live}.  We got in pretty quickly and had an interesting start to the measurements.  Blake measured 1/4 inch taller then Madison.  It just didn’t seem right since I look at them all the time.  When she remeasured he was an inch shorter then her which was more believable.

The nurse asked us the basic Q’s they always ask and left to get a helper to take their blood by finger prick to test their cholesterol.  WOW, that is a sad commentary on the state of modern parenthood that testing for cholesterol is now done at TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD!  Our kids tested fine with Blake {the future vegetarian} coming in with a much lower number then Madison.  She definitely likes the more fattening foods.  I think this is where many of our food battles come from.  She and I {and Guy when he’s here} battle over most of her lunches and dinners.  She is so stubborn about eating meals.  She would prefer to skip most of them unless it is something unhealthy and eat snack foods instead.  So she and I battle to get her to eat her actual meals.  The crazy thing is she tells me she likes the food at least 80% of the time she is fighting me.  I also found out quickly that threatening her with a nap or bed doesn’t work.  She’ll happily go to bed, and wake up like an angry bear with her blood sugar nice and low.  We will continue to battle on…

Their stats put them firmly where they should be on the growth chart with their genes from our families.  Madison is just over the 100% mark on both height and weight with a perfect body mass index.  Blake is finally up in the 90’s with his height and weight and a body mass index a little tall for his weight.  He had trouble gaining weight as a newborn and has steadily made his way from the 5th percentile to now in the 90’s where he should be.  The twins were born 4 weeks early and Blake lost about a full pound the first week or so putting him at the 5 pound mark.   I was very happy with their stats.

Madison got a super clean bill of health.

Blake was not quite as lucky.  Since he is showing such sensitivity to the cold with his asthma the doc suggested we do a daily nebulized treatment to help him get through the winter.  Hopefully, this will make it so he doesn’t really get sick this winter.   In the last three days we’ve been doing the treatments he went from needing mommy to hold him and crying in anticipation, to the next day asking to hold the mask while on my lap and making sure he was breathing as much as he could in, and this evening he sat on the couch by himself with the mask strap on enjoying his alone time with his treatment.   Love this kid!  Madison is very attentive to him during his treatments and comes over to hold his hand when he lets her.

I almost forgot the doctors office drama!  Blake worked himself up for the shots and had a good cry in anticipation until we distracted him with games.  He cried through his finger stick.  Then he had me hold him while the doc checked him out.  He then cried through his shot.  After it was done his tears dried up almost immediately and he was back to normal.  The anticipation was killing him!  Someone is like his father in that way.  Madison wanted to be held while he was in his drama modes then wanted me to hold her while the doc checked her out since that’s what Blake did.  Next time, we’re either asking for the shots right when we get in the room or making her go first so he watches how calm and happy she is.

Somehow I missed the images from the doctors office when I got them off my memory card so I’ll share those later.

Here are a few from around the house the other day.  Madison is playing with a lego toy here.

Blake was asking for me to take his picture so he could check them out.

Little girl was having quite a drama that turned into a starter pee in her pants.  When she is really upset she pees her pants a little.  She looked so tall in her bootcut jeans and cowboy boots.

The boy trying to touch my fingers.

I don’t even remember why she was so upset.  I love how grown up she looks in this image and it’s the only standing one I got of her in this outfit.

Talking to grandma in her clean underpants helped her to cheer up!

Then the kids got to practice taking images of each other with my camera.  They are finally starting to look through the viewfinder!  My new camera has the option of turning on the LCD screen, but I’m not sure I want them to learn to use it.  I think overall they would do better learning how to see through the viewfinder though I’m sure they would ‘get it’ faster using the LCD screen.

The phone and Maddie’s pink Converse.

I love this shot of Blake’s body language.  She definitely nailed the focus part more then he did.

The most in focus Blake got which is still out of focus.  It’s still a great image for a 2 year old.

One of her in the studio area where they love to play photographer with the dolls.

I think my lot in life is to have no one be able to focus if I’m in the image.  So wish this one was in focus.  Here is my 20 1/2 week belly.  So much smaller then the twin belly at the same time.

Another of Blake & I.  Oh yeah, and Madison is the photographer here with no adult help.

Guy came home and snapped a few images.  Still slightly out of focus, but cute.

I love my boys and having studio backgrounds up for impromptu shots when my family lets me take them.

Guy helped Madison take this one.  It’s almost in focus and almost shows my face…  lol   Actually, I really love the framing on this!

21 weeks down and about 19 to go until we meet baby boy White.  It’s all coming together.

Facebook & more

The other day I called to cancel a service with our cable provider.  Guy wanted to see some Australian Rules football which was only covered occasionally by a premium sports network.  We added the sports package for the season.  When I called to cancel the service the guy tells me he is adding another service on for me that is free.   He then goes onto tell me I’ll be charged for it starting the next month.  I tell him I’m not interested.  He makes a shocked sound and reminds me it is free.  I told him I’d be happy to add the service if it was always free.  To this he replies, “People always want to have everything for free.”  This got me thinking about so many things.

The first thing I thought about was how he was trying to guilt me into trying something we really didn’t need and we would have to remember to cancel before we started getting charged for it anyway.  The second was that I wasn’t asking for a free service and in fact pay a lot of money to have the cable services we utilize each month including the HD cable with DVR service, high speed internet and basic phone.  Packaged together we save the cost of the phone each month over separating these services to other cheaper providers.  Don’t try to make me feel guilty buster.  I don’t.

The third thing I got onto was Facebook.  I love Facebook.  It is a great social networking place that I utilize to keep track of my family and friends.  It is also a wonderful business tool for me.  All the time I see posts from people complaining about Facebook.  Mostly it is about privacy and advertisers getting their information.  The only reason none of us have to pay a fee to belong to this amazing site is because advertisers pay to try and tempt us with their wares.  Are they really getting your very personal information?  Nope.  Why is it that so many people expect to have this service for their own personal enjoyment, image sharing {huge amounts of server memory} and use with absolutely no give from themselves?  I don’t get it.  We should all know that nothing in life is free.  There is always a cost associated with something whether it be emotional, financial or spiritual.  These costs are in all relationships in our lives from family, friends & at church to business, school and with strangers.

This week I really thought about my tailbone pain and our yearly insurance deductibles, copays and coinsurance.  This pregnancy is handled much different then the last.  Our premiums are over $250 higher per month, the pregnancy deductible went from $500 to $2500 and we are now responsible for 20% coinsurance over that.  With these things taken into consideration it makes a lot of sense to get my tailbone fixed before the insurance year is up in July.  I have an appointment with a great Orthopedic who is a spinal specialist on Thursday. It will be interesting to see what they recommend. Will they recommend doing it soon so I can heal before labor and delivery? Or will they recommend doing it soon after? My thoughts on the before is will the tailbone area fully heal and not be susceptible to a new break during the stress of labor? Regardless, I’m very excited to get it fixed. It has been 8 years of adjusting how I sit and looking for cushy seats so I don’t put any direct pressure on the tailbone. It was broken on a roller coaster ride when the lap bar had a several inch gap and wasn’t snug against my thighs. Yes, I could carry around a donut or cushion, but I am apparently too vain or don’t want the extra item to carry around in addition to twins.

Madison and Blake came along with me to a session for my friends kids.  There was no other time to schedule when Guy was available for the kids in time for the Christmas cut off.  I was really impressed at how well they did.  I only had to threaten them with being in trouble twice and Madison got her feelings hurt once when I didn’t give her enough time to adjust to them before hopping into work.   We had a bit of a snafu when we first arrived.  I put Blake & Maddie in the car just after waking them up from a nap to get there in time.  Blake was so relaxed and sleepy he peed in his car seat.  We haven’t been taking any extra clothes for a few months now despite the fact they are only 2 1/2.  I improvised and washed his undies in the sink and tried to get as much wetness out of them as possible before putting them back on.  His pants were way to peed to do the same.  He had on an undershirt, long sleeve shirt and a hoodie.  I took the button up long sleeve shirt and put it on him like a kilt tying the sleeves together at the waist.  He rocked it!

Here he is going off with the girls to the next spot at our location.

And showing off his “kilted” cuteness.

Here they are sitting quietly  while we were doing our thing.  They were looking at Lisa giving instructions to her kids.

Saturday we were in heaven.  I had an awesome shoot with a very interesting and pretty 2011 high school senior, we went to a birthday party, out to eat and to the toy store.  On top of this we had snow!

The birthday party was at a place with a ton of bounce ‘houses’.  Here is one of the birthday girls, Niomi, with Blake and Madison at the bottom of the slide.

Guy at the bottom with the kids.

Love the hair on Angie!  She is mom to both birthday girls.

I had so much fun going on the slide over and over again with the kids.  This pregnancy is so awesome that I can do all these things comfortably.

The stop action in this shot is the bestest!  No Guy didn’t throw the ball at me, but I love that it looks like he did.

It’s so funny to see our Maddie off playing with all the big kids, and then act like the 2 1/2 year old she actually is mentally when she gets a little boo boo.  She is still nursing the popped knuckle joint she got in Miami over Thanksgiving which is the part she seems to hurt most often when playing.  Here she is cuddling with daddy for a minute then back on the road to playville.

I didn’t bring my wide angle lens in with us so here is a partial shot of the kids and parents who attended the party.   The birthday girls are the in the front row closest to the camera in their parents laps.

My kids love cake and ice cream.  I passed as usually since it just doesn’t appeal to me.  Guy partook of the yumminess.

Our first and maybe only snow of the season.  It typically doesn’t snow much around here.  It was more like wet ice once it accumulated anywhere.

Blake about to be hit with a snowball from Guy!  They kept asking him to throw more and more and more.

Maddie getting hit with a nice wet one.  You can see the big wet snowball still clinging to Blake’s pants.

It’s super cold here this week.  Tomorrow is the first time we get to venture outside since everyone has come to us the last couple days.  We are off to their 2 1/2 year doctors visit.  I’m interested to see where Blake is falling on the charts this time.