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The other project

I’ve been doing my 365 project where I take an image a day since the fall.  A friend of mine and I just started doing a 52 project together where we take one image a week following a common theme each week.  These I’d love to share on this blog since the 365 images are on the Lifelong Impressions blog.  Here are the last three weeks of images with the themes we’ve done so far.  My friend is Tara Winsor and she has both a personal and photography blog.  I’m not sure which blog she’ll be sharing our images on.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with together this year.  

Week 1 – Song in an Image

Tara’s song –  Black Eyed Peas “Time of My Life” Since Bubba LOVES to dance to that song. Haha.

Shannon’s song – “Families Can Be Together Forever” which is a song from church.  I love the line ‘I want to share my life with them through all eternity.’

Week 2 – Shades of grey

I like her purple shades and my brown shades of grey.

Week 3 – Soothing Repetitions

Shannon: I love to eat cereal each and every single day.  Even if I have a different meal for breakfast on any given day there is this desire to have a bowl of cereal before it ends.

Tara – I love listening to the same song over and over and over again when I really like it. Makes me feel better.:)

Personal Explosion

Last week I spent almost every moment possible working on editing images I had lost the edits for about 6 months ago.  It included images from as far back as December 2009.  What a great trip down memory lane!  I feel like I got to relive most of the last year.

Two things that were especially funny for me were watching the evolution of Madison’s hair length while keeping those annoying natural bangs and  seeing how tall they got in the last year.

November 2009

Their arms and legs look so short to me.  Those cheeks!  Such chubby cheeks!

December 2009

March 2010

May 2010

June 2010

August 2010

October 2010

December 2010

The kids hanging out with some of the kids at church.

January 2011


I’m a bad mom.

Because it is easier and faster to get my kids clean by shower they are normally cleaned in the shower.   As you can see by this image they LOVE the bath.  The next couple days I’m concentrating on getting ALL waiting personal images edited including all the edits I lost from a Lightroom Catalogue that became corrupt {5 months worth}.  This image came up and immediately made my day!   Those are my sweet babies who are right now napping peacefully in their room.

My baby sister, Gracie, took an image of me that I love even with my ratty looking hair.  Is it bad to love an image of yourself?  Of course, I want all my clients to feel this way about images I take of them, but it just feels weird to love an image of yourself.  This is what I feel like I look like to others.  Most of the images of me seem to have an odd face shape and wide features.

Those are my two confessions.  I don’t plan on making a habit of any kind of confessions type posts.  These two images just got me thinking.

A day is a day is a day

I’m sitting here with an adorable two year old in my lap.  He has a flashlight, on, which has become a constant companion of late.  He also has a stuffed monkey in his arms that should be in his bed where it belongs.  This little stinker tells me, “We’re going to the airport yesterday.”  I think he meant to say tomorrow or today.  We had a little tickle time where I repeatedly told him we are Not going to the airport which made him giggle in pure happiness.  He is also helping me pick out images for my 365 and 52 projects.  I couldn’t decide what image to pick for yesterday.  This week seems to be all about images of Madison.

This series of images are some of my favorites.  I love the super soft look of them.

This girl has the strangest tongue.  She must rest it against her teeth or bit it all the time to get those red indentions near the front.

Some images from our Home Depot trip on Saturday.  Madison is holding a soap dish for the shower.  Yay!

Many times we use two carts for when we are out and about unless the trip is a short one.  They have definitely reached the crazy two year old stage where they don’t like to listen or stay near mom and dad.  It is pretty frustrating for us and those around us when they are loud or we are trying to get them back under control.  Carts are great for containment as is having two parents on any shopping trip.  My hats off to moms who go grocery shopping by themselves with multiple children.  You ROCK!

It is cool to have two parents who try to think about things.  By this I mean try to figure out the what, why, where and how before situations arise.  An example of this came up the other day.  Madison let us know she liked the Blue SUV better.  She didn’t say why. It stuck with Guy though since we use the green SUV most of the time to try and even out the mileage.  He saw a two pack of these little lights that strap onto your forehead and his internal light bulb went off.  Even though Madison has much better leg room in the green SUV she likes the blue one better as it has individual reading lights verses only a main dome light in the green SUV.  They love their new head lamps for reading in the car.

Here we are eating some popcorn and watching a movie.

Yesterday I got a sweet new chair to use for photo shoots from a fellow Freecycler.  As we were out and about we got gas, stopped by the store for a few pantry items and made a last minute decision to eat at CiCi’s pizza.  Did you know you can have them make you a fresh pizza with whatever ingredients you want?  We do that and have always gotten a tasty hot pizza that hasn’t been sitting under the hot lights for a while.  Only $10.79 to feed all four of us makes us happy.

As we walked into CiCi’s to pay Guy confirmed to the guy it was the four of us dining.  The total came up more then usual so we asked him if the kids were still free.  He said he put one of them on but not the other.  We let him know they were twins and both two years old.  He gave us that look.  You know the one I’m talking about.  The look that says we are eating at a totally cheap place and trying to take advantage of them as our kids were certainly not under the age of three.  He took off the additional meal, but I swear he was giving us funny looks the whole time we were eating.  Maybe I’ll start keeping their passports in my bag to prove their age.  Sheesh.  This is a common issue in my family, especially when kids are at the 10-12 age range for kids meals at restaurants, movie tickets and other venues with age related charges.

The girl who loves snow.  Even though she wasn’t feeling well the snow had her utterly delighted.

Blake just turned to me again to taunt me with his airport dreams in an obvious ploy to get another tickle session.  He got what he wanted.  Madison found her flashlight and is pointing it out the window at the birds trying to find food in the grass.  Rechargeable batteries are awesome!

Blake also wasn’t feeling well and it shows!

Yes, that is pizza sauce on the corner of his mouth.  The kids LOVE pizza and both only ate a little bit and almost no carrots or tomatoes which are normally gone ASAP.

Continuing where I left off this afternoon…

Guy had a few frantic moments today and tonight over the condition of our house.  Toys was a big concern as was the large spot of marker on the carpet in the office.   We ended up going through the kids toy box and storage containers to sort all the toys that have become jumbled together since the last time I organized them.  We took out the baby ones to put with the new babies stuff, tossed some stuff into the garbage and reorganized the rest.  A while back I had tried to use some clear plastic containers with lids, but the kids stood on them until one by one we lost all but the one holding the ABC blocks.  This time we have a few whicker cubes, a whicker basket, the big trunk and a few tote bags dividing up their stuff.   This probably will not work permanently either, but we are using the stuff we have on hand.

The pregnancy continues to go well.  The baby moves all the time now.  He is as crazy as Madison was in my belly doing full body flips quite often.  Saturday through Monday he was only on the right side of my belly button.  It was so weird to have my belly only have baby on one side and it pushed my uterus up higher then my rib cage on the right side.   It was crazy painful and I thought I was going into preterm labor until I figured out what was happening.  My weight….  Not so well!   As of this morning I am only 3 pounds away from the weight I decided not to go over during this pregnancy.  There is a ton of fat I’m able to pinch over my belly and other places so I know it can be repositioned from here on out.  The only problem is that I know it is unlikely to maintain especially when I will not be dieting.  The last pregnancy I was busy trying to gain weight with two babies using up everything I put in, but this pregnancy is all about fighting the urge to eat eat eat way more then is recommended each day.

The kids definitely caught my cold.  Poor babies.  They are handling it pretty well though we were up on and off with an almost unconsolable Madison last night.  When mommy and daddy cuddles didn’t make it better she started asking for her grandma.   They also didn’t want to eat much at all today.  Madison actually went to sleep before Blake tonight who has been crying on and off for the last 40 minutes having me go in to hug him each time.  I think he finally went to sleep though so with that, I am off to bed myself.

Christmas Eve and now

This last week I was not feeling well.  It wasn’t like I was at deaths door or anything so dramatic, but I WAS snot with a bit of a cough and lack of energy on top.  So it was pretty much a week of non activity for no good reason.  It could have had more activity, but it just didn’t.  Though I am excited to say Christmas was put away, a Phoenix trip was booked {2 sessions still available}, a list of home improvements was created, a little grocery shopping, my 365 project images were organized and edited, the kids were cared for {even if most days were jammy days} and the most exciting thing, for me, was to Freecycle and give a bunch of stuff away!

I’ve talked about Freecycle before and my love for it.  This week the clear out for what will become ‘our’ home began.  Some burgundy painted wood frames purchased 10+ years ago that are still mostly great went to a friend with a decorating palate to match.  Along with those went a couple chenille throw blankets, some throw pillows in various colors and fabrics and a few other odds and ends.  Hopefully, she loves them, but she said she will pass on whatever she doesn’t want.  On the local Yahoo Groups Wake Freecycle we gave away a large kitchen bag of my size 10 shoes, a king bed set in a tan suede fabric, a ton of towels, a crochet throw {pretty but I used rough yarn}, Sketchers work shoes in a hard to find mens 13, and mens work pants.   A few weeks ago, Guy also got rid of all the shirts, sweaters and hoodies he had purchased that did not fit again after the first wash & dry made them too short which filled two kitchen garbage bags.

When Guy and I were talking a couple weeks ago, the topic came up of how we tend to only improve our homes to sell and just live in them without really making them ours.  The last house we had was the most personalized of the four with paint and a few pieces of furniture, but we worked with any existing decorative pieces we had picked up over the years.  The docorative items were mostly from people in our families that were getting rid of stuff or what we received as wedding gifts.  It is time to start making our mark on our home here, and any future home, with items that make us feel most at home and reflect our personality.   One big thing that has changed over the years is the use of candles.  We got a lot of decorative candle pieces over the years, but we lost interest in burning candles at least 3 years ago.  It is time for all of them to go!  A couple of the holders will survive the cute which will be converted into holding something else.

Saturday we went to Home Depot to check out some prices on our project wish list items.  We have great kitchen cabinets and Guy put in a nice bamboo floor in there.  What we don’t have is a great counter top.  There is a good deal going on for granite at Home Depot right now.  They also have a beautiful selection of the little glass tiles to use as a backsplash.  We checked out carpet choices that have a fuller but not shag look to them using variegated colors.  There are so many choices.  With the carpet taken out Guy should also be able to tackle some of the creaky noise spots we still have left before the new carpet is laid.  When we were house hunting all of the houses got nicknames to help us remember them by.  This one was a tie between the mass of creaky floors and being called the Playboy house as the old owner had a basket of them in the bathroom.

My closet has become about 1/2 photography props/supplies and 1/2 Shannon’s wardrobe.  As part of my need for a wardrobe clean up I started using the same closet and drawer system I do with the kids stuff.  Everything washed or new is hung the farthest away or put in the drawer on the right.  When I get dressed I use all of the items closest to me or on the left side of the drawer first {not including out of season stuff even farther back}.  If an item of clothing gets skipped a lot then it goes into the giveaway pile at the bottom of that closet.  Once a good pile is created the items are given away.  It is a great system that feels good for our family.  About 1/2 of my personal stuff in the closet is now gone since I started using this system back in July.  There are obviously a few things, mostly shirts & dresses} that haven’t been tested yet since I am pregnant.

There is still so much to go through and get rid of!  I can’t wait to get to it in the next few weeks as we prepare to make slow decorative changes, some big structural changes {counter top/carpet} and continue to prepare for baby boy White arriving sometime in April.

Here are a few images from our Christmas Eve morning gift opening when Santa visited us early knowing we were going on a trip!