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More to love

When we moved into our home the day before the twins were born we noticed a balloon on the mailbox of our new next door neighbors proclaiming ‘It’s a Boy’.  We soon met them and the four kiddos.  The baby boy {now 3} is a whopping 6 days older then the twins.  They love to play with our neighbors kids.  Now that it is warmer again we are seeing them much more often.  Even on days when we don’t wander over there or they don’t wander our way the kids play along the fence line.  It’s pretty funny to watch.

It’s so fun to watch the kids explore and figure out the world around them.  This small branch kept Blake occupied for a while.

Then he wandered over to where Guy was hanging out with Landon on his lap.  Landon loves it when we have him outside.  Blake is seriously always talking or running and jumping about.  I don’t remember what he was saying here, but we were being entertained by him.

Landon was watching him closely as he was talking.

I could take at least 50-100 images a day of the twins getting this close to poor Landon to talk {almost yell in Blake’s case} to or kiss him.

Madison loves to love on this kid.

Hopefully he will love all this attention they give him as he gets older, and hopefully they will continue to want him to be a big part of their day.  I’m sure one day he will turn into the annoying little brother.

This is not what I want to see when I come back into a room.  Unfortunately it has become quite the common site no matter how often she gets into trouble over it.   I try to give her plenty of supervised time helping us transfer him from one of us to another.

Blake is showing him the golf club and explaining how to play with it.

This was funny.  The resulting french kiss was a bit groady.  :-)

Ah, such a tough life a three year old has…

He totally makes my heart feel all warm and melty when he gives me this look.

Here he is running to meet grandma at the airport.

They sprinted right past the security signs to get to her.  Happiness!

I took a break from breast feeding to let my mom get her first look at him.  I think he is longingly looking back at me wishing for the boob…  We are so glad she came to stay with us for 10 days.  I’m looking forward to our next visit that does Not involve me having surgery!

Oohs Ahhs and Uh Ohs

We just said goodbye to grandma on Saturday.  It was so strange saying goodbye to her at the house as a friend took her to the airport with Guy being assigned to guard Scotty McCreery from American Idol Friday evening to Sunday morning.  She made it home and Guy had a great experience with Scotty and the American Idol crew.  They were all great people and fun for him to work with.  They were able to keep him safe from all those fanatic girls keeping him on schedule.  Guy said he was amazed at the number of girls and women out there so excited to see Scotty.


Since Saturday morning we’ve had some great help around here.  I’m so thankful for the loving support of the sisters at church.  It has really helped me to not feel stressed and manage the three kids along with not overdoing it during the healing process.  I’ve noticed that Landon is getting more milk from me, needing less supplemental milk the last two days.  There are ladies from church that have signed up to help us this whole week while Guy is working.   I do feel that I could do it all by myself this week, but I also recognize that it would be a really stressful week since I’m moving slower then normal and spend a TON of time feeding Landon.  This baby is an eater.  He nurses most of the day with a good 2-4 hour nap in the afternoon, a morning nap on and off after nursing and a great 5-6 hour sleep from 12-ish to 6-ish.   The last couple days he does seem to be a bit more alert and effective as he is sucking me dry.  Hopefully, this is a sign he will get faster and more effective at nursing as we move forward, and my milk will become enough for him.


We went to church when Landon was only 5 days old.  He met what may be his future girlfriend while we were there.  Brooke is the most adorable chubby 6 month old.  She thought he looked rather tasty.

As Landon was in Bonnie’s arms I picked Brooke up when she got fussy.  That did not go over so well.  Normally I have the baby touch, but I have yet to pick up Brooke when she doesn’t start complaining vigorously.   She’s so cute and cuddly though!!


We all got involved in giving Landon his first bath.   It was on his first Sunday afternoon.  Madison was already in her jammies while the rest of us were still in our church clothes.


Blake was splashing the water on him.


Landon was so relaxed and happy in the bath.  He has been anytime we’ve put him in the water since too.

Blake thinks everything Landon does is amazing.

All warm and snuggled after his bath.


Landon taking a catnap on our bed.

We were all hanging out on the front porch one evening after Guy got home from work.  Maddy gave me her no pictures pouty face.  In the last week the kids have both been very very emotional.  Madison has been especially weepy at the slightest issue, fight, trouble or basically anything.  A sympathetic ear really gets her crying too.  It is definitely about adjusting to life with Landon, but thankfully they both LOVE Landon.  They love everything about him and every move he makes wanting to spend as much time as possible with him.

This face and pose cracked me up.  He is Mr entertainment.


Madison loving on Landon who is Obviously so excited to have her love on him…  lol


This is about where she gets a good look at Landon’s umbilical cord…  She pulls it off.

Picks it up from where she dropped it on his diaper, hands it to me, and says, “Mom, I don’t like this.” with a disgusted look on her face.

Landon was crying before she pulled it off from where it was barely hanging on.  After the shock of being handed the stump wore off I rescued Landon from his sister just after this shot was taken.

Madison figured out how to be a hooded monster during this play session chasing Blake all around who was giggling in delight.


Image Dump 2

Here are some more images to finish out a look at our April.  I think they should all be new images to you since I just edited them last night.:-) Little Landon is busy sleeping in my lap while I’m doing my best to sit on one hip/cheek.  My sweet mom is putting the kids down for a nap.  I can’t figure out which of the two of us is in more consistent pain…  lol   Between my mom and I we kind of make one whole person in taking care of the kids, the house and ourselves.  We’ve been getting a lot of fast food and take out the last week.  Guy has been scheduled to work all weeknights but one since last Thursday in addition to his daytime hours.  If Scotty makes it through tonight on American Idol, Guy found out he will be working all awake hours from Friday afternoon to Sunday  around noon guarding Scotty.   I think it will be a great experience for him, but it is definitely bad timing.   I’ll need to ask for help with my mom leaving on Saturday at noon including getting her to the airport since I can’t drive.

Last night the sad state of our basic groceries required a trip to the grocery store.  I didn’t want all three kids at home with me, and my mom cannot buckle the twins into their car seats with her bad knee and back.  So we all went while Guy was working last night at the high school girls soccer game playoffs which went into triple overtime!  I forgot to ask him who eventually won when he got home.  The way I made the trip to the grocery was to recline the front passenger seat more then half way, lounge sideways and put the seatbelt on.  It worked.    We got the needed basics.

The kids are definitely tired of being home all the time.  This morning they asked me to please have some of their friends come over to play with them.  Too cute.  Lucky for them a couple of their friends are coming over tomorrow.  I’m sure they will be very very happy to see them.

This progression of images shown first cracks me up.  Madison is so funny.  She likes to hold Landon anytime.  She isn’t bothered at all by him crying and I secretly think she likes it better when she is able to talk to him in a calming voice to try and sooth him.

Post Surgery Image Dump

I have very limited time in front of the computer at the moment as I am recovering from my successful tailbone surgery.  It went really well.  I was able to come home the same day to the comforts of my own home and bed.  Guy had to work at the movie theater that night so my dear friend Denise came over to help as well.  This way my mom didn’t become too taxed with all four of us needing things.  I managed to sit lounged on my side/hip that night which was WAY better then I had expected.  Sitting lounged on my hip is definitely what I would consider sitting, and the doctor and other experiences I read all indicated it would be at least two weeks before I could sit.  YAY for good fast healing!   Sitting on my side is one of the ways I managed my sore tailbone for the last eight years so it isn’t a new experience for me.  The difference is how long it is currently taking me to get up and to change positions which is quite a bit of effort and time.  :-) The ibuprofen helps a lot with pain management.  As usual, I didn’t take any narcotics other then what the anesthesia given to me during surgery.

So now onto the image dump.  Here are some images from April.  I’ll post some from the last week of April next time.  Hope you enjoy!