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Hot boy’s hot hair

Here is Blake’s hair before we clippered it off.   I love the style pictured here and love to do a faux hawk quite often.  Buzzing him was a bit of a spur of the moment decision for me, but Guy told me he had thought of it a few days before he mentioned it to me.  The poor kid sweat really easily and heavily so we thought it would be a good way to help keep him cooler this summer.

While Guy was getting the clippers out and ready Blake took a moment to talk to his “Landon Buggy.”  The kids love him so much.

Just after Guy started but was too far into it to stop the clippers stopped functioning properly.  They began to pull Blake’s hair out and the vibration was slow.

Guy tried fiddling with them.

It got better, but Blake no longer trusted those clippers.  He cried through to the very end.

The neighbors were all fawning over Landon laying on the ground.

He was not happy with them giving Landon the attention.

Partway done.  The clippers had to be messed with again here.  We weren’t sure if we’d have to give up or not.

He was so sweaty from the hot humid air and being upset the clumps of hair were on him like a magnet on metal.

In between shots I would get the hair off his body and face.  Speaking of face…  This one is hilarious.

Meanwhile, Madison and Landon are over on the grass creating an idyllic scene.

Back to the sad boy!

When Guy would take a minute to work on the clippers to try and get them to function better he would bribe Blake into further cooperation with a tasty Powerade.

The hair partway through.  So glad we didn’t stop with this as a result!!!

There are two interesting things here.  You can really see the hairs clinging to him along with the water logged fingers as if he had just gotten out of the bath.  Yes, he really sweats this much!   I’ve also noticed recently that he crosses his fingers, not necessarily just the first two, whenever he is nervous.

Normally it would be Madison with the fingers in the mouth.  He will generally only do this when he is nervous in meeting other people only.   Mostly when he meets new people or gets the sudden attack of toddler shyness.

I wasn’t getting the hair off his face and eyes fast enough here.

The towel helped.

He’s saying with hope and excitement, “I’m done daddy!  I’m done?!?!”

One more quick clean up pass after removing the hair filled shirt.

Madison came over to give him some comfort.  Though they are often at odds they are also each others biggest champions.  Just tonight Madison was saying her bedtime prayers.  She mentioned each person individually until she got to Blake & Maddie who were grouped together.  They even see themselves as a pair.

Our neighbors were gracious enough to offer Blake a chance to ride on the 4 wheeler midway through his haircut to help him have something to look forward to when he was done.  Josh is the blond.  He is 6 days older then the twins.  As you can see, he was Thrilled to offer this ride to Blake.

This is one of my favorite expressions on Blake!

I think everyone but Josh is having a fantastic time here!   Even Landon is happily chilling in the background.

Blake got extra excited when he got to ride it by himself!

He got stuck so the girls ran over to push him.  Guy was getting ready to do one of his IPad videos to load onto Facebook.

They enjoyed pushing him so much they kept a hold on the back running all over the yard.

They got so into playing Maddie’s dress fell apart!

Blake was all excited to see his hair in the mirror.  When he actually saw it that night he wasn’t too impressed…  The next day my mom asked me how he liked it.  I asked him to look again to tell grandma how he likes it.  He got excited, looked in the mirror and said, “I don’t like.  It’s not my favorite.” ha ha

This image came up next in my folder then putting Blake’s haircut images into this post.  I love getting products for my customers in.  These metallic gallery wrapped canvases of baby Julian are adorable.  They are going up over the fireplace at home.

Gotta share an image of Landon too!  Not only does Landon love the outdoors, he also loves the water.  He happily sits in his chair with the water hitting his legs and belly for as long as it takes me to shower.  No problem.  Loves it!!!




Yummy stuff & getting fit

The other day I was over an hour into posting about Guy’s sisters who visited us in May.  Guy plugged his IPad into the computer and I hit the wrong key deleting everything. Edit Undo would not work so I tried to back out of the page before the every couple minute Auto Save feature saved nothing.  Well, with the IPad connecting and opening ITunes I couldn’t get the web page to navigate fast enough deleting everything!  When that has happened in the past the post never gets redone.  So, Michele, Corri and Frank…  If you never see a post about your visit you are still loved.  A lot!

My dad asked me to give him my salsa recipe.  Many people over the years have wanted my salsa recipe.  What an amazing feeling to have people really enjoy and want to replicate something I do.  Back in the day, while on my church mission to Nebraska, my fellow missionaries would give me some of their monthly allotment to cover the cost of ingredients and make them some salsa on our preparation day {day off}.  Over the years I’ve changed it a bit to accommodate my tastes at the time, but it’s still basically the same.  Today is your lucky day if you like salsa And want to take the time to make your own.  Here is my recipe.  I’d be happy to email you a Pages or Word copy of it if you’d like.

Salsa Recipe

This is my salsa recipe.  It’s important to note that the fresh ingredients vary in both size and strength of flavor {especially spicy peppers} which means each time you make salsa it will be a little different.  If you are the type of cook that can ‘cook on the fly’ or in other words not have to follow a recipe precisely this is the recipe for you.  For me the texture of the salsa is just as important as the ingredients.  I recommend a salsa maker {manual food processor} or hand chopping main ingredients over a food processor or blender.  A glass bowl is preferred as plastic will forever smell of salsa and metal changes the salsa due to the acids making it gross.  I use the Pampered Chef classic batter bowl, because it is convenient to mix and store as it has a lid.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Yeild:  2 Quarts



10 Roma tomatoes – really ripe ones are best

1/2 bunch Green onions – I like to use the thin ones more then the thick ones

1 can Green chilis – get diced & roasted, if fresh roasted use one pepper diced

1-2 Jalapeno peppers

1-3 Serrano peppers

1/3 cup Fresh cilantro

2 cans Petit diced tomatoes

1 Fresh lemon

1 Fresh lime

1 tsp Garlic salt



Heat Tips:

Serrano’s are not available all the time so use 1 1/2 jalapenos for 1 serrano.  Both small and large jalapeno peppers tend to give the exact same heat so size doesn’t matter.  In the winter is when peppers are generally the most mild.

Mild – 1 jalapeno

Medium – 1 jalapeno & 1 serrano

Yummy spicy! – 2 jalapenos & 2 serranos


Add the green chilis, cans of tomatoes and squeeze both the lemon and lime juice into the bowl.  Rinse the remaining fresh ingredients well.  Next chop the green onions finely using mostly the green stems with only a little of the white bulb used.  {Note: Do not try putting the green onions into the processor.}  Add the garlic salt and give everything a stir so the flavors start to combine.  In the salsa maker I chop the remaining ingredients in two batches.  Quarter half the tomatoes lengthwise, slice 1/2 the peppers in approximately 1/4 inch increments and 1/2 the cilantro.  Place into the salsa maker and process until the pieces are small but not pureed.  Combine the processed ingredients in your bowl and stir.  Repeat with the remaining half of fresh ingredients.


Enjoy right away or refrigerate.  The salsa is best the first two days.  To freshen your salsa on days 3-4 add one finely chopped pepper of your choice.  It will probably still be edible on days 5-6, but it isn’t my personal preference.



Cumin powder – A little goes a long way so a tiny pinch to add a more robust earthy flavor

White or red onion – 1/2 is all I’d use and can be done in the processor

Fresh garlic  & salt – Can be used in place of the garlic salt and gives a stronger garlic flavor


The other day we were talking with the kids about some things we like to do.  The topic of the beach came up so Guy mentioned we would be going to the beach on our upcoming cruise.   Madison said, “Yeah, and we will go to a beach with dolphins who I will kiss.”  lol  Nope, we have Never talked about going to see dolphins in person.  Not sure where that came from.  I’m also pretty sure that is a very expensive activity to do, and unless I get a LOT of really great clients between now and Halloween it will not happen for her.  Blake also thought it would be a great thing to do.  He wants to pet them and let them kiss him.

I really want to lose 20 pounds.  If anyone would like to join me on this quest I will be forming a group on  It’s a great program to track your food and exercise.  It works together to let you know how many calories you need to keep within to lose your goal weight.  I was trying to lose 1 pound a week, but now I’m going for 2 until the end of August.  Go join and either request to be my friend or let me know your screen name to find you.  My screen name is: PicsGirl

Just like I think Madison’s bikini undies are adorable so are Blake’s boxer briefs.  A week or so ago I had the thought of photographing him in just his undies.  Well, one day I was taking some images of my summer intern, Emily, and had put her in Guy’s tie.  The tie didn’t give me exactly what I was envisioning, but then I saw it the next day and thought of those adorable undies again.  The next few images are the result.  At first Blake wasn’t on board, but we got to giggling after a couple minutes.  I love them all, even the sad ones!  I’ll be touching up the background if I do anything else with them.

Madison popped my hat on for a couple images.   She’s just so pretty.  I love how her sweet personality shines through in images.

The other day Maddie was rummaging around my props to deck herself out.  When she put these baby legs on her arms she said they made her into a dancer.  The hat was on for a few minutes, but the arm warmers were on for a few hours.  She loved them.  We might have to get some more so she’ll have her own fashion items this winter.

Will the Real Happy Baby Please Step Forward.. Please Step Forward.. Please Step Forward..

I can get images like this All day long.

He is such a happy easy baby.

He brings us all joy.

And maybe a little ‘Poo Poo Platter’!  This oriental baby image cracks us all up and totally is my new favorite image of him.  How can you not smile when you see this face?!?!

Still funny!

Blake asked for a few images with Landon.

And then wouldn’t look at the camera…  lol  Isn’t it supposed to be the 2 month old that isn’t looking at the camera?

Well, it isn’t possible to get everything, but I really don’t care.  They are super cute when they look at the camera and when they don’t.

More of happy baby!


We just decided to shave Blake’s head.  I’m off….  Stay tuned to see how it comes out.

More help give me

The week between my mom being here and Guy’s sister coming in May was filled with visitors at our house helping me with the kids while Guy worked.   It was such an amazing gift of service the sisters from church provided to our family.  For any of you reading this:  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  Oh, and THANKS AGAIN!!


Landon wanted to nurse a lot in addition to his supplemental bottles.  I was able to lounge sideways on the couch mostly sitting on one hip.  What I wasn’t able to do well was adjust positions like a person naturally does when they sit somewhere.  Add holding a baby to that as well as looking after the twins and it makes for some really tough days without help.  So while I could have made it through the week, I realize it would have been an unhappy week with mom grumpy by noon & needing the already overworked Guy to jump through hoops after work each day.

Blake was pretty happy go lucky the whole week giving us little trouble any way you look at it.  His issues since Landon was born manifest in a more fatalistic approach when a task is new or hard along with more sudden angry actions when he is frustrated.

Madison had her days when she was a complete basket case that week.  By mid week I realized something about Madison as she interacted with the different ladies who were over.   She requires a certain amount of attention and sympathy when she gets upset or hurt.  Too little and she is more drama queen, too much and she is a sobbing heaping mess, and just right she gets over it pretty quickly.  She is definitely an emotional girly girl.

She loves to mother Landon.  She’s willing to do pretty much anything other then change a poppy diaper. Last night we showed her how to put a disposable diaper on.  I was helping her do it and Guy was sitting above us on the couch coaching her.  She jumps up when we finished and says, “Hey Bate {Blake}, I changed Landon’s diaper all by myself with mommy’s help!”

I’ve probably mentioned this before on the blog, but Guy ended up working a ton of off duty during the American Idol season.   He works for the police department and is currently assigned as the high school resource officer at the high school Scotty McCreery attended.  He was assigned to work all of the weekly viewing parties at the high school.  Then during the last couple weeks of the season he worked additional hours with all of the live American Idol coverage.  When Scotty did his hometown tour, Guy and the other officer he works with at the school were assigned to be Scotty’s body guards.  This meant he was basically working starting after his normal shift on Friday evening until Sunday midday when the plane left.  He was able to come home and sleep.  My church Relief Society president and friend who watched the kids when we had Landon picked up Blake and Madison for church that Sunday.

Since I had to get out the kids car seats out of the SUV to put in their van, we waited outside.   They goofed around with Landon who was doing his outdoor happy thing.

Madison has their bag of snacks.  These two can’t seem to make it from breakfast to snack time in nursery without some grub.  Oh, and they also eat a bit of something on the way home from church.  lol  It is a 20 minute drive to church, the Sacrament meeting is from 9:00-10:10, Sunday school is from 10:15-11:00, and the separate meetings are from 11:05-12:00.  The kids nursery class is during both of the last hours.  They start with general playtime, have a lesson, snack time, singing time and more playtime at the end.  Both kids love it.  In January they will go into the kids Primary program.  In Primary they will have class time and sharing time which is when all the younger kids between 3-8 are together for singing and a lesson or Sunday appropriate activity.  They move up in January instead of at their 3rd birthday.

He was so skinny here!  Today I weighed him in at 16.4 pounds.  In this image he was about 11.

These next two images crack me up.  I can just imagine going to a drive in movie with them using these seats as chairs.

They are pretending to drive a car.   I’m a big fan of shorts under dresses and skirts for obvious reasons…

Love the curled up newborn pics!

The kids are starting to learn how to play my favorite sport.  Maybe they’ll be rock stars when they get older.

Blake with his fabulous follow through!

Not sure what she’s looking at but love the face.

They quickly tired of bumping the ball and went onto chasing mommy with the ball!  I may not have been able to sit and move well, but I could run around with them when Landon wasn’t attached to me!

Not sure which one of them enjoyed it more.  Probably Madison!

One of our awesome friends and helpers!

One of her drama moments.

The boy.  So his new thing, which is uber annoying, is to say he isn’t or didn’t do something that Madison is in trouble for.  Guy told him tonight he is the perfect child all the while rolling his eyes…

So I promise Landon doesn’t cry every time these two try and hold him.  It was mostly during the early days when Madison was a little to vigorous with him making him very leery of her.  He was also rescued from them quite quickly each time.

Her feet do not look like little kid feet to me?  They certainly will not look little when she gets to be around 9  years old.  At about that age I was wearing my moms size 9 shoes.  :-)

We so rarely get lovely sunsets around here.  It was greta to look up to a perfectly cloudy sky this night and enjoy the light show as the sun dipped lower in the sky.

A little backyard play time.  We really did have a ton of absolutely gorgeous days this spring.

This is one of those shots taken holding Landon in one arm and my super heavy camera out to the side with my other.  This was the most focused of the shots.

A visit to the doctors for Landon’s one month check up.  Our helper that day was the most awesome and helpful Jennifer our Relief Society president at church.  She really helped us out so much coming over when Landon was born {cleaning up the bathroom!!!!!}, taking the kids to church and coming over for the day.

Madison is so doing so well at riding her tricycle!  Blake continues to walk his around most of the time.

I love how she looks in pigtails.

A bit of wildlife.

She is so excited to feed him as often as she can.

A little pre summertime fun with yummy popsicles.  I wonder if they matched their outfits on purpose?  Popsicles are not my territory in this family since melting dripping messes are not my thing.  I also do not like popsicles so liking them to help them not drip or liking my fingers after touching them is pretty gross to me.   Guy does a great job of helping them eat their sweet frozen goodness.

Uhhhh Ohhhh  Today we ended up missing church.  We didn’t get much sleep last night.  Guy also had food poisoning.  I probably would have taken the twins, at least, but after my last get up around 5 am Guy was up with the kids and I slept through all the noise until it was nice and late this morning.    It’s so funny there are so many crying images of Landon.  He hardly ever cries!