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Landon’s newborn images

Does anyone else’s kids ‘accidentally’ throw away things?  We didn’t notice the kids were getting a little confused when throwing away yogurt cups or excess food on their plates and putting dishes into the sink until we were down to 5 teaspoons from 10!  Ooooops.

Our little Landon just turned 5 months this week.   Enjoy the images my awesome friend Andie from Andie Lane Photography took when Landon was 10 days old with some commentary on how Landon is currently doing…

He continually amazes us with his freak of nature size and physical skills {which I talk about constantly and totally love!}.  I was joking with my mom the other day that he’d better walk by the time he is 9 months old or else people will think ‘why isn’t that 1 1/2 year old walking yet.’  She said, “Nope.  They will be thinking why isn’t that 2 year old not walking yet.”  lol  And how!  My friend, Maren, was watching the kids the other day and told me how she kept wanting to sit him down on the floor but had to stop herself.  It seems like he should be crawling around with his size, but he is a pretty normal baby and is just learning to balance while sitting.

He had a plastic donut looking ring {like the ones that stack from big to small} he was banging on his leg Bam Bam style.  I accidentally got my hand in the way and it really hurt!  Really?  Why doesn’t he have bruises on his legs?

He can sit up great as of today.  He’s even started to be able to turn his head around and look up without falling over.

This kid is definitely a joy.  He almost always wakes up smiling a huge Goofy grin.

Blake and Madison love to help with him and will generally drop everything to get something Landon needs.  It can be as simple as a diaper or as difficult as trying to cheer him up when he’s upset.

He eats a tremendous amount of food already.  The average baby eats about 30 oz of milk in a 24 hour period.  His average is 43 and he’s been as high as 50 oz when going through a growth spurt.  Starting at 4 months he showed all signs of wanting to eat food like we do.

I started him out with little bits once a day for a few weeks and even skipped a day here and there.  Starting this week he has been a bit bunch cranky unless he gets food twice a day.  So far he has had rice cereal, sweet potato, jicama and some apple sweet potato.  Tomorrow he tries carrot for the first time.  The twins didn’t start any solid foods and didn’t show signs of being ready until they were almost 6 months old.

He sleeps well for the most part.  He was sleeping pretty much through the night.  Right now he is on a kick where he wakes up 1-2 times for a bottle between 11-5 am.  Oh well.  The twins didn’t even come close to sleeping through the night until at least 11 months old.

The stinker now fits comfortably in all of his jammies, shirts, shorts and rompers in the 18 month size.  The pants are about 1 inch too long still.  What does this mean?  I have even pulled out a couple 24 month rompers which are only roomy and not too big on him.  At some point I hope he stops growing at such a quick rate.

If Landon stays on his current growth path he’ll be 33 inches and 31 pounds at his 12 month check up.  That is the size of an average 21 month old and a large 18 month old.   Also, if he stays where he is chart wise then the height predictors put him between 6′ 6″ and 6′ 9″ at his final height.  Does this mean he’ll wear a shoe size 15-17 like Guy’s cousin or my uncles?  Those are some expensive shoes to buy…

Holding a big baby is delightful!  He is still all soft and cuddly like his age suggests, but he is a solid warm body that fills my arms up.  He loves to lay his head on my shoulder with me cradling his bum when standing or resting his knees on my lap when sitting.

Everyone in our family now sleeps with ocean sounds.  The kids have all been sharing a room since Landon turned two months.  The sound machine comes across the baby monitor clearly to us as well.  I like it.

The poor little fella definitely has my ears…  lol  Though his that really sticks out is on the right and not the left like mine.

His hair is starting to come in and is a nice medium to light blond color.


Landon can now grab things he wants accurately and hang on to them.  He’s starting to help with his bottle too.


Blake can almost always get Landon to smile and laugh.  Blake had him gut laughing today with a clucking sound.   He gives him kisses pretty much every single time he passes him.  Since Blake is a busy active fella that is quite often.  He’s pretty gentle most of the time.

Madison goes around the house with a variety of her babies most days playing mom.  She loves to take care of them as she does Landon.  He still isn’t that trusting or tolerant of her which really makes her feel sad.  She will sit on the couch with him watching a cartoon with him cuddled up against her side {sooooo cute}.  The trouble comes in when she starts loving on him repeatedly with squeezes and kisses.  I bet he’ll come around and start loving all the attention in a few months.  By then she’ll probably lose interest too…  :-)

This baby has really grown the love in our family.  He helps us take time to savor the moments and serve each other.  He rewards us with smiles, cuddles, kisses, giggles, funny faces and adorable sounds.  Each of us falls more in love with him and his quirky ways every day.

Thanks, Andie, for helping us to be in images with our Landon Bug!!

A name is a name is a name


This morning we had a conversation with the kids on the way to church.   Guy decided to announce to everyone how he feels.  He said:

“I love Blake.”

“I love Madison”

“I love Landon.”

“I love Shannon.”

Blake tells him in his ‘I know you’re being silly voice’, “No, that’s not right.  Her name is Mommy Rowen White!”  We all got a good giggle and talked more about our names.  Guy even teased them by saying, “Son Austin White & Daughter Amelia White.”  They quickly corrected him.

All this talk of names reminded me of an experience we had back in January.  The kids and I flew to Arizona to visit my family and for a few photography sessions.  At the airport in Phoenix we had to get past TSA and security.  The three of us pull up to her station and I hand her our passports.

She looks mine over then moves on to the kids.  After looking them over she looks Madison in the eye and asks her, “Who is this?” while gesturing at me.  Madison keeps her eyes glued to her and says, “Shannon White.”  The lady looks completely flabbergasted.  She looks at me all confused and I tell her we taught the kids our names so they know them if there is an emergency.  She looks back at the kids with her eyes scanning back and forth between Blake and Madison and asks the kids again who I am.  Madison confidently replies, “Shannon Rowen White!”

I decided not to jump in since the lady obviously needs to get this information out of them on her own.  She finally asks Madison, “Is this your mommy?”  Madison and Blake both nod their heads and say yes to her.  The lady looked very relieved as she handed me back the passports.  I love my kids…

For anyone wondering why the three kids are pretty much never in an image together let me show you why…

I’m usually alone with just three kids and the camera.  While Landon looks like he should be able to sit up, he is still yet to master that skill at 4 months old.  The two three year olds have very short attention spans.  Plus, if Blake is near Landon he generally wants to be kissing him and otherwise mauling him instead of looking towards a camera.  This group of images was taken during our hurricane Irene outing after Guy dropped us off at the entrance while he went to park.  Madison was much more concerned about where her dad was then in looking at the camera.  Landon had just been woken up to put him in the stroller.


Now for a few adorable images!!

OK, not so much me, but Landon wanted to be held and we needed to move items into our Brand New Shed!  So excited about having a shed.

Scored this awesome backpack for $25 at Buttons and Bows in Garner.

Guy was pressure washing the garage and gave the kids a chance to help.  They Loved it!

A shot of Landon hanging out after church today.   The exersaucer is already at the middle hight setting.

Maddie eating some ice.

Blake came over only to love on Landon and did not want to be in any images.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!!

Happy Birthday DAD!!!  Love you lots!!