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Mama crafting

When the twins were born they had these awesome personal quilts made by a friend at church.  She lovingly made quilts for all the new babies born at church she was unable to anymore.  It was an amazing gift that we love.  The twins used their blankets all the time leaving them looking well loved.  Now that they’ve outgrown that size of blanket we have saved them to give to them as a memento from their childhood.

{Maddie Mia sleeping with her quilt}

After Landon hit a year old, I realized that I was going to feel guilty if this kid didn’t get his own baby blanket.  He definitely wouldn’t be able to use a standard sized baby blanket as it would already be too short.  

Aware moment:    It’s often a good thing to be aware of your own talents and your desires in life.  A quilt would be fabulous.  The only issue is that while I may be ‘able’ to make a quilt, the patience, counter space and lack of portability would make it a forever incomplete project for me.  However, I can crochet pretty fast and there is little else to do when traveling long distances by car.  Guy says he feels like he’s sitting next to an old lady.  :-) Funny how age creeps up on some folks.  According to teens, my age makes me an old lady.

We headed out on a trip in December 2012.  Perfect time to make him a blanket.  So I found some yarn on sale and a pattern that intrigued me.  Unfortunately the pattern didn’t get sent to me in time so I was winging it when crocheting his blanket.  Eh, it may not exactly look like the pattern, but it is a great blanket anyway.

{The stash of yarn which ended up not being enough}

Madison holding up what I finished on the first leg of our drive.  This ended up being the softest and thickest blanket.   It has a zig zag or chevron pattern which is hard to see when it isn’t flat.

Landon loves his blanket.  Adores is probably a better word for it.  He likes to feel it, play with it and confirm it is on his bed.  The length will work for him until he’s about 7 years old too.  It was so great to make him a blanket!  Maddie Mia asked me to make her one too.  I think that is a fine idea!  Blake sleeps with one Nanny made on his bed so I think she feels left out.

One of Landon’s images from this week.  AND….

One of Blake at the same age. AND…

Maddie Mia also at the same age.  This is what they would look like if they were actually triplets!  {We get a lot of jokes about how they look like triplets}

Maddie Mia

My sweet girl has decided she wants to be called Maddie Mia.  It is adorable.

This girl is so sweet.  She loves to help mother Landon whenever she is needed and often does things to help him without asking.

She is learning so much and loves to go to school.  At school her main interest is art, but she’ll also do the other work.  She loves to sing and participate and get questions right often raising her hand to answer them.  Maddie Mia has overcome her intense natural shyness in many ways even participating as the daily helping hand when her turn comes up.  Last year she would not be the helping hand.

She loves church.  It is her favorite destination.  She asks me many mornings if it is a church day yet.  She even told me once she wished she could go to church as many days a week as she goes to school and school once a week.  I love all her questions about Jesus and Heavenly Father.  She asked me the other day why Jesus made the night time so long, because she would like it to be wake up time more.

Madison loves to ‘read’ to herself every night before bed.  She looks at the pictures and tells these fantastical stories filled with action, love and whimsy spoken out loud in different voices and tones.  We love to listen to her.  {Blake is starting to do this also!}

That is just a few little tid bits about our sweet baby girl.

Over the last week I was getting a little concerned about my recent ‘tinkling’.  My wonderful friend Heather creates lovely jewelry.  She created a neckless for me with three charms that each have a kids name on them.  Her store, HHP designs, is found on Etsy and Facebook.    Well, Maddie Mia corrected my thinking on that!  She told me several times this week how much she loved to hear my neckless tinkle and how it sounded like a wonderful tiny bell to her.  The tinkling isn’t often and is very quite, and she loves it.  I can hear the wonder in her voice as she gently reaches up to play with my neckless.