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Ants are us

Guy filled the sandbox under the play set with sand last week.  The kids were given some sand toys and explicit instructions which included leaving the sand IN the sandbox.

This week I caught Maddie Mia and Landon with buckets of sand and shovels by the house.  After interrogating them they let me know they were feeding the ants.  Really?!?!  Last year we had a huge ant problem.  It was crazy how many ants were around our house and our neighbors.  We talked about not feeding the ants, and how they had not followed the rules by putting sand where the ants are.  I also told them they would be in huge trouble if they did it again.  Oh, and they couldn’t play in the sand anymore that day.

Today Guy was home for just over two hours between work and work.  One of those hours was me doing a photo shoot in the studio.  About 30 minutes remained when he suddenly yelled for the kids to come to him.  We all trekked out to the backyard where I saw two large piles of sand with hundreds of ants crawling in and out.Those large piles were not there when I got onto the kids.

Ahhhhh, so now they have lost all of their lovely sand toys.  Madison loves to play in the sand more then any kid I’ve ever seen.  This is a huge blow to her.

While we were gathering the sand toys we found two colonies of ants in the sandbox.  Guy asked her if she brought them in and Blake chimed in that she had moved ants over.  Silly girl!

We were doing our chase each other around the backyard in these next few images.  So fun!

Landon loves to take down Blake when he can…

Another wonderful thing about having such a big kid.  He learned how to get on the swings this week and has been a swinging fool ever since!  Landon turned 23 months this week too.

Our funny little toddler also had an awesome time learning to use the big bouncy ball!   Oh, I forgot to mention his banged up face.  It’s from the face plant he did 20 minutes after Blake broke his arm.  :-)

Blake’s temporary cast didn’t slow him down much at all.  Now that he has the permanent one on he is unstoppable!

His new nickname he gave himself is Blake Austin White Aussie Aussie!

Hair Fun

My sweet baby girl is getting better hair!  It has starting to thicken up a bit with less scragglies.

A couple days ago I cut off four inches which has gone a long way to improving the appearance of her hair.  My girl loves to have her hair done, as long as it doesn’t take me too long or cause her any moments of pain.  She looks adorable when it is done, though it is rarely tidy.

Generally, by the end of the day she’s also removed part to all of her hair ties, bands, flowers or other accessories.  :-)  She likes to fiddle with things which is just like her mama. 

The hairdo featured in these images was fun to do and this is several hours later showing her normal fly aways.

Our Friday with Blake

Blake is so energetic and funny!  He is constantly on the go most of his waking hours.

We had a great time on Friday after picking the twins up from school.  After lunch he played a few games on the iPad which included educational games for 10 minutes before any other games.  He and I played around the studio, and he was cracking me up with his new tongue sound shown here.

Blake thought this pose was especially funny and asked me to take a picture.  When daddy got home all the kids were excited to go with him to get gas for the lawn mower!  When they got back everyone sat down to eat the yummy pizza they brought home.  After dinner the kids were playing around the backyard while Guy mowed the lawn.

All of a sudden I hear Blake crying.  Normally, I wait a minute to see what is wrong.  This time I jumped up and ran outside to meet him on his way to the porch.  I could just tell he was really in pain.  He wasn’t moving his arm as he came toward me.  We hugged as he got control of himself and dealt with the pain.  I lifted his sleeve to look at his arm, but couldn’t see anything.  He could move everything but was unwilling to lift his arm.   Guy got around the yard stopping right in front of us giving me a look of “What IS wrong with him.”  He cut off the engine.

After we both looked him over we decided to wait a while to see how he feels.  Blake and I sat in the recliner watching TV, Maddie Mia and Landon came in with us, and Guy went to finish mowing the lawn.  Landon headed out the studio door not listening to me calling him back in.  A couple minutes later Guy comes in with him all banged up.  He had done a header on the deck trying to get through the small bottom screen door panel he was heading out of after busting it.

Blake didn’t seem any better so we decided to take him to the ER {Why do these things always happen on a weekend/evening?!?!}.  It was also voted that only he and I would go.  Based on our last experience, I was going much more prepared this time!  It took about 15 minutes to gather up snacks, iPads, my camera, a phone, jammies for him.   We decided not to give him any food or drink in case he needed to go under for any reason, but I wanted stuff on hand for him when they gave us the plan and for me if needed.  :-) Guy lovingly tucked his boy into the car seat then gave me a hard time for documenting us leaving.

We did make sure to grab Blake’s favorite teddy.

He was pretty upset about the thought of getting a shot at the doctors.   We also put him in the sling from when he broke his arm less then 12 months ago.  Yep, same arm!!  

On the drive he had control of his emotions most of the time, but he would get a bit upset from time to time. Once we arrived at Wake Med Childrens emergency entrance, I couldn’t believe how few parking places there were for the emergency department!  We circled for at least 10 minutes and looked across the street to no avail.  Once we finally secured a space Blake asked me to carry him in.  So I hooked on my handbag, my camera, the backpack and held the keys and my water cup as I had him stand in the doorframe for me to wrap my arm around his bum to pick him up.  By the time we made it up the stairs and incline his 49 pounds of adorableness were giving me quite the workout.

Inside the colorful lobby we talked to two really nice ladies at reception who helped us get checked in and assessed quickly.  The wait was about 20-30 minutes in the lobby.  Another lady wouldn’t let me take any pictures in the lobby.  Well, once we were in our room I could!!  lol

At home we had given him some children’s pain medication so he was doing pretty good managing his pain.  In fact, he wanted to play with some other kids jumping around a cool light show feature in the lobby.  In his exam room the nurse informed us they had already ordered an x-ray and did a quick assessment of him.   This was followed by a nice doctor a few minutes later.  Blake started off by watching some gold shows on TV then got all excited when I gave him an iPad.    I passed the time with a 20 minute workout {thankfully was already wearing my workout clothes when he got hurt}.

The x-ray room was really cool with the walls painted as deep space.  Blake was really digging the colorful planets and sparkly stars.  The actual x-ray process was pretty painful for him.  She let us look at the digital film as they came up.  Even to my untrained eye the nub end of his humorous bone was clearly cracked on the inside of the nub.  It almost looked to me like a small v shaped chunk was out of it.

The doctor came back to tell us he was having ortho look at the film and would let us know.  The nurse came in a short time later to give Blake some meds in case he needed surgery.  Then he came back a while later to say the plan is to soft cast him and follow up with an ortho doctor next week.  YAY!!  Two techs came in very soon after to cast him up.  Blake entertained them with his Atomic Fart app on the iPad.  They all got to giggling.  As they got him all bandaged up I was feeding my hungry little guy some yogurt and oranges.  He was feeling so pampered and happy.  

Once he was all fixed up and sporting the very oversized shirt the hospital gave him he posed for a few pictures.  

The ladies had asked him to do a karate chop with his good arm as part of fitting him for his soft cast.  So he incorporated that into his posing for me.  lol

The other new thing he learned was the rock on hand symbol.  

We left the hospital right after this shot at 9:00pm.  He got hurt right around 5:00pm and we got the hospital right around 6:00pm.  Not bad for an ER visit in my experience.  Blake entertained me all the way home with funny comments and observations.  What a trooper!  He also woke up the next morning with no desire for pain medication.  I did end up giving him some Saturday afternoon when he fell down on his arm though.  Since then he hasn’t wanted any more.  When they had asked him a pain level in the hospital he surprised me with his answer.  Much like me he tends to have a smile on his face more often then not.  Using the 1-10 and happy faces he put his pain at a 5-6 level though you wouldn’t know it by looking at him.  Good to know.

Growing up

Growing up.

At different times of my life these two words have had vastly different meanings.   The last few months I feel like I personally have grown up a lot.  Until someone in your own immediate circle like a similarly aged family member or very close friend has a life threatening event or dies I think we mistakenly feel like life is definitely going to be long.  When something happens so very close to you with someone you have spend important parts of your life with this outlook suddenly changes.  My ‘baby’ cousin was diagnosed with breast cancer around Christmas time.  We are only four years apart.  It seems like her outlook is good and the course of action will kick cancers butt.  There was still that initial reaction, plus the lack of guarantee her treatments will work for sure.  I have faith and hope the outcome will be wonderful.  I envision us doing our annual cruise together next year with the warm sun all around us as we tackle some fun new adventure or just explore along a beach.

{Amber with her youngest of 3 daughters}

But still…

Now I make more time for snuggling with the kids, and have made sure to cut off work to spend time with the family on days Guy is home.  We have always valued our family time.  We love to spend time together.  Playing with the kids making funny noises, chasing and tickles is a daily part of our life.  Hopefully, it is a daily tradition we can continue long after the normal age where kids do not like to be around their parents.


They are growing up.  Each of our children has gained much maturity of late.  The big kids carry on thoughtful conversations as they continually map out their world around them and how all of the pieces of life come together.  Our baby is losing his little baby face morphing into the cheeky toddler.

Madison still wishes to be a princess and marry a prince, but now she also wants to be a photographer as she is starting to recognize the value of work in life.  She is much more helpful around the house with less complaining too.  Every day she comes up with an outfit to wear based on her mood.  Sometimes I let the whacky tacky look be her suit of armor for the day.  Other times I coach her into a more pleasing match or weather appropriate outfit.  This girl is an artist who will draw image after image one after another for over an hour.  Each scene will have it’s own story or plot.  She loves to show of her work looking for glowing approval at her brilliance.

Blake is our responsible man in the making with a very emotional side.  He looks forward to waking early enough to crawl into bed with me and snuggle.  He offers to do the 30 second back scratch as a way to make mommy extra happy.  He’s also hoping mommy will rub his back for a while basking in the individual attention.  We lost him at Disney world in January.  We had Karissa watch the other kids as we each headed out in search of him.  Around the 15 minute mark our friend, Molly, found him happily chatting with a Disney employee.  He knew who to find once he couldn’t find us.  This was a fantastic moment for him to really show us how smart our little 4 year old is!   Blake is looking forward with single minded ness to being just like his daddy and tries to do everything the way he does.

Landon bug is a happy bug.   He has no interest in potty training much to my disappointment.  He will have no choice in July though!  :-)   The kid thinks babysitters are his own personal bonuses in life as he most often eagerly heads off with them.  This week he has been boinging around the house much like a little joey kangaroo.  Working with electronics must be his calling in life as I’ve never seen a kid so in love with anything phone, notepad, TV, movie or other electronic.  His brain is a homing device eagerly noticing and claiming the nearest electronic.  So far he has figured out how to work any electronic not password protected of ours plus any friend or clients have.  It’s quite amazing to watch him intuitively poke around devices as he gets the type of program he wants working.  We have ALL of ours password protected, but he still figures out how to get onto my emergency calling so he can activate the numbers screen.  The Wiggles are his very favorite show too.   Me thinks we are in trouble.

Its all the little and big moments in our lives.  Spending time with those that matter to us most is how we make life so very worth while.  Growing up isn’t so bad after all.  I know we’ll encounter more sorrow, more disappointment, more love, more laughter and more spiritual moments.  Each step of the way our lives will be enriched as will our compassion, knowledge, skills and love.