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Fab time | End of summer vacation

We just got back from a 10 day vacation to Disneyworld followed by a Carnival cruise out of Charleston!  I took a conservative 1300 images…  lol  Wonder when I’ll get to looking at them all?  There was a ton of great food on the cruise.  I tried several different things that were fantastic.

My 40th birthday also just passed.  It was great and without much fanfare which is totally my preference.  However, I’m hoping to have a big party bash for my birthday, house warming and new studio space once we get settled into our new house.  Guy just looks and me with amusement every time I mention it.  :-)

Here’s a cute image of Landon just after my birthday dinner!

My kids and camera fun

My kids love to take pictures.  Love it.  Not be in front of the camera necessarily but behind it pushing the buttons.  They use their point and shoot camera {about an $80 camera), the iPad cameras, our phone cameras and very very occasionally my cameras.  The last few weeks they have been all about taking pictures, doing setups and having a great time with it all.

Do I feel comfortable handing over my $2300 camera to five year olds?  Not exactly.  I’m a bit of a nervous nelly.    

This image makes me laugh.  The kids also Adore playing family!  Just today I peeked into the playroom to see how they were.  Madison announced they were playing barbies and then pointed to a random assortment of small animals and people figures saying they were the kids.  Blake piped in saying all of their parents were dead.  Maddie says the barbies are their new parents.  My kids like to be adoptive parents to a motley crew.  :-) But I digress.  In the image below we had just all gotten up from the ‘bed’ on the floor behind me {notice the messy hair}.

It all started that day with them asking me to take some pictures of them playing family which turned into a giggle and face making fest!

Landon joined in for a minute, but decided he was in NEEED of some milk stat.  Boy was he not thrilled when it was not time for him to have some.  Thankfully, we got this one cute one of the three of them before…

This face came to stay for a while!

Mad and Blake asked me to join then so we got this.

Maddie took a turn with the camera {check out Landon Dying in the background}

Then it was Blake’s turn.  

Maybe they are ready for me to begin actually teaching them to use my cameras.  Maybe.  Ughhh.  Maybe.