A name is a name is a name


This morning we had a conversation with the kids on the way to church.   Guy decided to announce to everyone how he feels.  He said:

“I love Blake.”

“I love Madison”

“I love Landon.”

“I love Shannon.”

Blake tells him in his ‘I know you’re being silly voice’, “No, that’s not right.  Her name is Mommy Rowen White!”  We all got a good giggle and talked more about our names.  Guy even teased them by saying, “Son Austin White & Daughter Amelia White.”  They quickly corrected him.

All this talk of names reminded me of an experience we had back in January.  The kids and I flew to Arizona to visit my family and for a few photography sessions.  At the airport in Phoenix we had to get past TSA and security.  The three of us pull up to her station and I hand her our passports.

She looks mine over then moves on to the kids.  After looking them over she looks Madison in the eye and asks her, “Who is this?” while gesturing at me.  Madison keeps her eyes glued to her and says, “Shannon White.”  The lady looks completely flabbergasted.  She looks at me all confused and I tell her we taught the kids our names so they know them if there is an emergency.  She looks back at the kids with her eyes scanning back and forth between Blake and Madison and asks the kids again who I am.  Madison confidently replies, “Shannon Rowen White!”

I decided not to jump in since the lady obviously needs to get this information out of them on her own.  She finally asks Madison, “Is this your mommy?”  Madison and Blake both nod their heads and say yes to her.  The lady looked very relieved as she handed me back the passports.  I love my kids…

For anyone wondering why the three kids are pretty much never in an image together let me show you why…

I’m usually alone with just three kids and the camera.  While Landon looks like he should be able to sit up, he is still yet to master that skill at 4 months old.  The two three year olds have very short attention spans.  Plus, if Blake is near Landon he generally wants to be kissing him and otherwise mauling him instead of looking towards a camera.  This group of images was taken during our hurricane Irene outing after Guy dropped us off at the entrance while he went to park.  Madison was much more concerned about where her dad was then in looking at the camera.  Landon had just been woken up to put him in the stroller.


Now for a few adorable images!!

OK, not so much me, but Landon wanted to be held and we needed to move items into our Brand New Shed!  So excited about having a shed.

Scored this awesome backpack for $25 at Buttons and Bows in Garner.

Guy was pressure washing the garage and gave the kids a chance to help.  They Loved it!

A shot of Landon hanging out after church today.   The exersaucer is already at the middle hight setting.

Maddie eating some ice.

Blake came over only to love on Landon and did not want to be in any images.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend!!!!

Happy Birthday DAD!!!  Love you lots!!