All alone

I am so upset at the moment! I had five paragraphs all written out. Then when trying to format them to show the paragraph breaks it erased everything! There is no undo. Uggggggg…..

So here’s the much condensed summary unless I get back into the post.

Guy left for Phoenix with our friend Armando (Mando) on Sunday very early in the morning. Mando is moving out there to start with the Gilbert police department. His wife and kids (Aleesha & two boys Ethan & Jaxson) are still here waiting for their house to sell. Mando will stay with his brother in the meantime. The two fellas make excellent time and arrived on Monday evening in time to watch the end of the LSU football game.

The dog has missed Guy and was depressed by Monday. He didn’t even eat his food that day. Yesterday was better. He actually has liked the kennel in the past. I’ll bring him to work on Friday then drop him at the kennel. Aleesha is going to take me to the airport for my flight to Phoenix. Only two more days!!!!

The house has seemed really empty and boring. Since Sunday I have had quite a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions with three painful ones. So it has meant camping out on the couch when not at work. In a few more months I’ll be wishing for the boredom annoying me now.. The babies are also starting to move a bit more and more noticeably. Guy is hoping they will be able to be felt by the time I get to Phoenix this weekend. I don’t think so since it’s already Wednesday.

It has been really warm the past few days enabling short sleeves. Nice. However, all of my maternity tops are becoming rapidly too short as my belly pokes out farther. Now what? This may be the only time I actually wish I was shorter.

This isn’t near as good as the first post and the information is different, but oh well. Ta ta for now!