Babies = Love

We really enjoyed my moms visit.  Blake took an opportunity to participate my moms favorite past-time.  Cuddling!  This kid loves to give love and shares his love on a regular basis, but he is not a cuddler.   He will only occasionally connect to cuddle.  I was actually the recipient of such a cuddle this week while watching a TV show.  Yay, me and Yay, grandma!

Before Landon was born we would often talk about all the things the kids would be able to do and teach their baby brother as he grows up.  Taking a bath with him was always one of Blake’s favorite.  I’m so glad we have this cool bath sling which allows them to all bathe together already.  Oh, and for Guy’s perfectly placed hands to preserve our kids modesty for the wide world of internet sharing.

Grandma and the kids picked out a nice pot of random plants to bring home to me.  It made for a cool image.  Yeah, I’m so good with planted things it is good and dead now…


Blake loves taking the electric monster truck grandma got for him out for a spin.  Madison loves chasing after it.  It especially cracks us up when we watch him chase after the truck to catch it while he has his finger on the trigger making it go.  It makes for quite a while of entertainment watching the two of them.

My mom.  I sure wish I was good with plants since having the one in the background looks great.

I have no idea why he was crying, but ya gotta have some good cry images of your kids.  It just all isn’t an easy walk in the park with kids.  Though I must say he is a really good baby.  He only cries when he needs food, wants a diaper change and occasionally when he has to go potty or needs sleep.  Yesterday, Judy {step mom visiting in Atlanta} and I went shopping with him.  He suddenly decided he needed some food and needed it ASAP.  I had made sure the diaper bag was ready with everything we needed.  Um, well, I missed the fact that the can of formula was missing.  Luckily we were in Wal-Mart and picked up a can.  As I was standing there next to the wall of formula putting scoops of it into his bottle a worker walked up to us.  He politely talked to us about the baby as I was getting the bottle ready.  When I put the can into the cart, I commented that somehow I missed that we didn’t have it in the bag, and buying a can was not on our shopping list.  Later, Judy and I laughed at having a worker come up to us to make sure we bought it instead of putting it back on the shelf.  Do people really do that?  Of course I planned on buying it.

Some of our lovely local blooming plant life kicked my moms asthma into gear.  She got to use Blake’s adorable fish mask and some of his medicine {adults and kids get the same dosage} to help her feel better.  Fish masks make it all better…  Tee Hee

Daddy loves his baby Blake!  Here they are sharing a moment as Guy puts his socks and shoes on.  I love moments like this.

Our girl is such a booboo magnet.  My philosophy regarding bandages is to only put them on if they are really necessary.  Little scratches and other small cuts, bumps and blisters do not need them.  This beauty was put on by a someone who is a lot more sympathetic then mommy.  Madison is actually very pain tolerant, but loves to drama up the small stuff.

Blake is finally starting to eat popsicles faster which is highly upsetting to Maddie.  She is used to getting his half eaten cast offs that are about to melt which she happily devours.

Our sweet Landon is wearing a family heirloom.  Shortly before my grandmothers death she gave me three infant shirts that she said my father wore as a baby.  They are all delicate with some hand embroidery around the collar and/or down the front.  The buttons are all yellowed with age.  They were probably used with all the kids and then again for my cousin Jolene who they raised.   I printed this first image for my father for Father’s Day.

I love these eyes.  He has the most expressive eyes.  He is generally frowning though.  Maybe the frown is his concentrating face.

The recessed chin that babies have is always funny to me.  His ears look Just Like Mine…

Kinda smiling.

I love his perfect little frowny face.

Now that we are off my slow/low flow boobs this baby is an absolute dream baby.  He only cries if he is hungry or has a soggy bottom.  Sometimes he’ll fuss a little if he can’t sooth himself to sleep.  I can’t believe we are so lucky to have such a calm and loving baby.   It totally melts my heart on a daily basis.

He’ll do an Elvis raised lip and a Rock raised eyebrow.  Ha ha.  We love it.

Madison has been especially into babies since Landon came home.  Don’t the twins look so big compared to Landon at their feet?

I just might have to print this one large for their bedroom.  It’s so cute.

Do all kids HAVE to crawl up slides?  lol

This one makes me think of peaceful lazy days enjoying the spring outdoors.

Blake came over to check Landon out.  Landon was perfectly willing to return the favor.

It looks like Landon is trying to talk here.  Probably he was getting hungry though he never seems to get bored of laying out in the outdoors.

Hold me up Maddie!

Such a sweet sister held on tight….  For a second

She’s proud of herself.

Check out the size of his hands!  Next week I need to look into making an appointment for a hand surgeon to look at his fingers.  We’ve decided we’ll get them separated and want to figure out when the right time would be to do it.

Love this foot shot.

My mom posed for a few shots with the kids when we came back into the house.

Landon was a little tired from his excursions in laying around outside!

It’s a good thing babies look absolutely adorable when they are sleeping!

Grandma with Maddie and Landon

Mr. Serious Busybody consenting to momentarily pose with grandma.

My favorite!!  Her favorite thing in the world is cuddling with a baby.

Corriann - June 21, 2011 - 10:59 pm

I miss my kiddos! I love looking at their pictures! Love you all!! and yes people really do open things use them and put them back on the shelf! I have seen many opened packages of diapers with one missing, open socks with one pair missing and yes formula opened and used. People are pretty bad now days!