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Our baby is 15 months now

Oh wow, the time sure seems to be passing quickly with this kid!  We went to his 15 month checkup yesterday.  He weighed in at 33.5 pounds, is 35.25 inches tall and has a 50cm head.  This all puts him well above the charts per his normal {his head is just barely over}.

{Here’s Landon with his 2 yr old cousin who is on the big side}

On Sunday Guy and I both were thinking independently about Landon’s size.  We discovered out mutual thought tracks when we talked that evening.  Both of us are concerned he’ll be taller then 6’6″.  Wow, that would be so oversized for this world built around the 6′ and under crowd.  Monday morning the doctor asked if we have any concerns.  I jokingly said maybe him being tooo tall as an adult.  She said she feels like his end height will be more like 6′ 3″.  I mentioned that we do both have a family history of really tall people.  She said we’ll probably have a better idea of how big he’ll be when he turns two.   He is almost out of all his 2T shirts and shorts already.  I’m hoping they’ll last long enough to get us to cold weather.  We have a decent amount of 3T winter stuff for him.

{Here’s Landon with his cousin one week younger then he is who is also on the big side}

Unfortunately, there is a dismal lack of family records in our families as little ones.  Landon is much bigger then I was {Blake was in line with me and Madison bigger}.  My records were pretty decent up to age 2.  Guy was number 8 kiddo so no records on him.  No records for the other kids in Guy’s family.  My baby sister’s {6′ 2″} records burned with everything else in a house fire.  During our last visit my aunt got curious and looked up my cousins stats.  He was 34.75 inches and 28.5 pounds at 18 months old, and his adult height is 6’5″.  Landon is bigger then his 18 months at 14 months old.  My guess for Landon is still 6’6″ and hope he stops there!

{Landon and Blake shown in the same outfit}

How funny is it Landon has a bottle in his mouth in almost all of the above images!?!  Seriously, you’d think that is all he does.  Up until two weeks ago he did have 5 8-9 ounce bottles every 24 hours.  We have finally gotten him down to three as of this week!  Yay, us!!  His food consumption has gone way way up.  He eats something pretty much every 30 minutes he’s awake.  I’d say his total calorie intake with the milk exceeds that of the twins every 24 hours.

So enough about the whole size thing!

{Landon with his cousin Bradley}

Landon is a delight.

He is super busy and capable.

He is a crazy play guy so we can’t sit through our classes at church {3 months until he goes to nursery!}.

He can walk up and down steps without holding on, though most of the time he still holds on.

Landon can follow directions well.

He loves to clean up and be helpful.

He can throw a ball with force and accuracy.

He runs, walks backwards, and climbs.

Throws a mean fit.

Loves to make us laugh with his antics.

He can screw lids on and off, open doors, moves stools around the house to facilitate his explorations.

The boy LOVES to brush his teeth of which there are many {breaking the last four now before the 2 yr molars}.

He loves to talk and knows words like thank you, mama, dad, light, this, these, that and quite a few more.  Sometimes he’ll mimic some pretty complex 3-5 word statements.

He mostly sleeps through the night for about 9 hours and takes 2 naps during the day.

He still prefers to be outdoors over any other place.

He can swim around in the pool with his life vest swim suit.


Of course there is much more to this little guy.  These are just some snapshot bits of what he’s up to at the moment.  The twins love their brother as much as he loves them.

{Gotta throw in a twin shot}

Love this image of the three kids with Nanny and Poppy {Guy’s parents}!!

We love birthdays

Right now it is all about birthdays in our family.  The kids are anxiously awaiting theirs with active imaginings of how awesome it will be.  Landon isn’t in on this, but boy are Madison and Blake!  They also seem to have a fair amount of friends who have celebrated birthdays in the last couple months.  Then there is Guy’s family.  Hmmmm, there seem to be a lot of them with birthdays about now, I’d say his parents definitely have a good bit of the kids all born around the same time.  :-)

Today we went to Emma’s 3rd birthday party.

Madison was a bit shy off and on through the party.  Her feelings are far to easily hurt, but its one of the things that make her so very sweet and loving.  This is a cute shot of her and Guy.

Blake on the other hand, is as social as a bee collecting and spreading pollen.  He has as much energy as a worker bee too.

Sweet Emma.

Madison decided to give her grab bag stamp a workout on the way home.  I looked back to find her happily stamping away up and down her body.  It’s a good thing too, because she might have started on the car if she hadn’t been caught.  Guy looked back at her when I told him to look and quickly looked away.  He wasn’t quick enough because Maddie saw his amusement and knew what she did was cute.  So here she is posing it up with her tattoo art.

There is no telling where Blake came up with the crazy poses he’s been doing lately.  It cracks me up each and every time he gets in front of the camera.  Some of his poses look positively like they would be more suitable for a boudoir session.  No joke.

The kids conned our neighbor into pushing them on the swing this week.  She is a super cute and sweet girl.  Landon seems to have a bit of a daredevil outlook.  He also loves loves loves spicy!  Yay, me!  He gets out the bottle of Franks Red Hot whenever the fridge is open and sucks on the lid.  Guy even tested him the other day and put a drop on his tongue which Landon loved.  He did it again to make sure and Landon still loved the hot sauce.   Finally, someone who likes spicy as much as I do.

This smile lights up my life!

As does seeing all three of them playing together like this.  We have great times.

He loved being pushed higher and higher.   Madison was sick on Sunday/Monday for the third time in as many weeks.  She had better be over all this gunk.

Even sick she gave me this awesome pose and expression as she stared up at the sky.  It has been so fun the last week or so laying in the backyard with the kids and watching the clouds {saying what they look like} and birds as we feel the great fresh air and breezes.

Little outdoor man doesn’t mind any temperature or condition.  He’s just happy to be outside.

The dandelions have been a particular favorite of all three kids this week.  Landon gets these big gut laughs in short spurts of voice with his deep little voice whenever the kids blow, shake or squish a dandelion.

There really is something cool about them!

Yesterday we got the electric Jeep out and the battery wasn’t charged enough.  They were totally bummed but tried pushing it around as an alternative.  Landon was completely distracted but still very hungry.

When the big kids gave up he decided he NEEDED to be in the Jeep.  It was just a little too difficult for him so after several failed attempts he went back to walking around and drinking his bottle.  He really thinks he’s 2, but he still has a lot of growing and learning to do.

I’m thinking we need to seriously consider what do to about Landon’s sleeping arrangement.  He is in the crib with the mattress at the lowest level.  The problem..  He is a climber.  The kid is getting really good at it.  Several times when I’ve come in to get him, his leg is cocked up on the cross bar at the top of the slats trying to hoist himself up.  The twins we’re his height at 18 months and were mature enough to switch to toddler beds when they showed signs of wanting to climb out.  I don’t think he’s mentally ready to be in a toddler bed yet, but I don’t want him falling out and breaking his neck.  What do we do?  No, I don’t want to get a net over the top.  What else?

Landon’s newborn images

Does anyone else’s kids ‘accidentally’ throw away things?  We didn’t notice the kids were getting a little confused when throwing away yogurt cups or excess food on their plates and putting dishes into the sink until we were down to 5 teaspoons from 10!  Ooooops.

Our little Landon just turned 5 months this week.   Enjoy the images my awesome friend Andie from Andie Lane Photography took when Landon was 10 days old with some commentary on how Landon is currently doing…

He continually amazes us with his freak of nature size and physical skills {which I talk about constantly and totally love!}.  I was joking with my mom the other day that he’d better walk by the time he is 9 months old or else people will think ‘why isn’t that 1 1/2 year old walking yet.’  She said, “Nope.  They will be thinking why isn’t that 2 year old not walking yet.”  lol  And how!  My friend, Maren, was watching the kids the other day and told me how she kept wanting to sit him down on the floor but had to stop herself.  It seems like he should be crawling around with his size, but he is a pretty normal baby and is just learning to balance while sitting.

He had a plastic donut looking ring {like the ones that stack from big to small} he was banging on his leg Bam Bam style.  I accidentally got my hand in the way and it really hurt!  Really?  Why doesn’t he have bruises on his legs?

He can sit up great as of today.  He’s even started to be able to turn his head around and look up without falling over.

This kid is definitely a joy.  He almost always wakes up smiling a huge Goofy grin.

Blake and Madison love to help with him and will generally drop everything to get something Landon needs.  It can be as simple as a diaper or as difficult as trying to cheer him up when he’s upset.

He eats a tremendous amount of food already.  The average baby eats about 30 oz of milk in a 24 hour period.  His average is 43 and he’s been as high as 50 oz when going through a growth spurt.  Starting at 4 months he showed all signs of wanting to eat food like we do.

I started him out with little bits once a day for a few weeks and even skipped a day here and there.  Starting this week he has been a bit bunch cranky unless he gets food twice a day.  So far he has had rice cereal, sweet potato, jicama and some apple sweet potato.  Tomorrow he tries carrot for the first time.  The twins didn’t start any solid foods and didn’t show signs of being ready until they were almost 6 months old.

He sleeps well for the most part.  He was sleeping pretty much through the night.  Right now he is on a kick where he wakes up 1-2 times for a bottle between 11-5 am.  Oh well.  The twins didn’t even come close to sleeping through the night until at least 11 months old.

The stinker now fits comfortably in all of his jammies, shirts, shorts and rompers in the 18 month size.  The pants are about 1 inch too long still.  What does this mean?  I have even pulled out a couple 24 month rompers which are only roomy and not too big on him.  At some point I hope he stops growing at such a quick rate.

If Landon stays on his current growth path he’ll be 33 inches and 31 pounds at his 12 month check up.  That is the size of an average 21 month old and a large 18 month old.   Also, if he stays where he is chart wise then the height predictors put him between 6′ 6″ and 6′ 9″ at his final height.  Does this mean he’ll wear a shoe size 15-17 like Guy’s cousin or my uncles?  Those are some expensive shoes to buy…

Holding a big baby is delightful!  He is still all soft and cuddly like his age suggests, but he is a solid warm body that fills my arms up.  He loves to lay his head on my shoulder with me cradling his bum when standing or resting his knees on my lap when sitting.

Everyone in our family now sleeps with ocean sounds.  The kids have all been sharing a room since Landon turned two months.  The sound machine comes across the baby monitor clearly to us as well.  I like it.

The poor little fella definitely has my ears…  lol  Though his that really sticks out is on the right and not the left like mine.

His hair is starting to come in and is a nice medium to light blond color.


Landon can now grab things he wants accurately and hang on to them.  He’s starting to help with his bottle too.


Blake can almost always get Landon to smile and laugh.  Blake had him gut laughing today with a clucking sound.   He gives him kisses pretty much every single time he passes him.  Since Blake is a busy active fella that is quite often.  He’s pretty gentle most of the time.

Madison goes around the house with a variety of her babies most days playing mom.  She loves to take care of them as she does Landon.  He still isn’t that trusting or tolerant of her which really makes her feel sad.  She will sit on the couch with him watching a cartoon with him cuddled up against her side {sooooo cute}.  The trouble comes in when she starts loving on him repeatedly with squeezes and kisses.  I bet he’ll come around and start loving all the attention in a few months.  By then she’ll probably lose interest too…  :-)

This baby has really grown the love in our family.  He helps us take time to savor the moments and serve each other.  He rewards us with smiles, cuddles, kisses, giggles, funny faces and adorable sounds.  Each of us falls more in love with him and his quirky ways every day.

Thanks, Andie, for helping us to be in images with our Landon Bug!!

The birth story

Landon Laird White has joined our family!

April 20, 2011

6:40 am

10 pounds 12 ounces

23 1/4 inches long

He came faster then anticipated arriving at our home instead of the hospital.

I know there are quite a few people who  have wanted more details then the newspaper article gave {I’ll link to it at the end}.  Oh, yeah, for those of you who are not on Facebook, we made the local newspaper.  It was a really nice article which had an image and blurb on the front page and was one of the feature articles on the Local section with two images.  It also showed up on the main page online for the day.  We were so surprised by the prominence of the piece.  Then it was picked up by the smaller local paper for the two towns we live between yesterday.

As I am sitting down to finally write this blog post the kids are playing.  Their imaginations are developing quite nicely.  They received wheeled backpacks for their birthday last week.  The backpacks are a super hit {yay me for picking the right gift for them yet again…  lol}.  Right now they are wheeling them around on their way to the airport.  Once there they informed me they will be taking a plane to go see Nanny and Poppy.  Madison just popped her head in the front door to tell me they need some plane tickets.  I gave her an envelope with a receipt and a note to be their tickets.  Love it.

When the twins were born we had quite an interesting birth experience.  My uterus had been full term size and taxed since about 30 weeks pregnant.  I had very painful contractions very often which ended up being the same pain level as my actual contractions up to the last 20 minutes of labor when they got more intense.  My water was popped by Blake at 2:35 am and he was born at 4:57 which included about 15 minutes of not pushing as we moved to an OR {safety net for twin delivery}.  Madison came 20 minutes later via c-section.  I’m going into this as it is important to Landon’s birth story.

After the quick time {just over 2 hours} between my water breaking and delivery I often joked with people if we ever had another kid I’d have to stay at the Ronald McDonald house in order to make it to the hospital on time.  But as time went on in this pregnancy and few painful contractions appeared I convinced myself I must have been in real labor the day before when I was loosing my mucas plug.  Oh, and I had been partially dilated for at least 5 days prior to the twins being born.  So while I picked a closer hospital and a practice that supports VBAC’s I was no longer concerned with having a fast labor.

Starting at 36 weeks pregnant I went in for weekly appointments and the OB’s would  check to see if I was dilated and effaced.  At each appointment they let me know all was closed and it was apparent they were having a hard time reaching my cervix which was far back.  My last appointment was on Tuesday the 19th, and she had me schedule a repeat c-section since they would not induce me.  Oh, I was bummed from that, and my ‘deadline’ for having him born vaginally, in time to schedule my surgery to coincide with my moms visit, was the next day on Wednesday the 20th.

On Tuesday night Guy gave me a priesthood blessing. He holds the priesthood in our church.  He was inspired to say that our baby would be born vaginally with us both healthy and my body would know what to do.  We took comfort in the blessing and went to bed.  I awoke to a painful contraction about 4:45 in the morning.  After trying to go back to sleep and being woken back up by another painful one and about this time Blake woke up as well.  Blake was settled back into bed, and I grabbed my IPhone to play Sudoku, on the expert level, while I waited to see what would happen with Blake & the contractions.  Each time I finished a game a painful contraction came along {about 9-10 minutes apart}.  About this time I decided it would be a long day and went in to take a bath with my IPhone and a book to distract me.

Once I got in the bath the contractions became a little closer together and the pain was intense for each one.  That IPhone & book were put on the rug as I just wanted to try and get over each contraction.  I was thinking to myself that those contractions were way more painful then I remembered and groaned thru a few of them.  Guy sensed {heard} my angst, and came in.  He talked to me for a few minutes then asked if he should stay awake or go back to sleep.  After looking at him for a moment he said he would jump in the shower.  Smart man.

While he was in the shower I explained that while the contractions were 4-5 minutes apart and super painful they were only lasting 20-30 seconds.  It wasn’t indicating it was time to go to the hospital.  I really didn’t want to get there and have no dilation and have to walk those halls for hours.  He felt differently and talked me into going to the hospital when he got out of the shower.  I agreed to go and got in the shower after him to wash my hair while he called our friend to come over and the doctors office to let them know we were coming.

In the time it took to wash my hair I had to get on my hands and knees to make it through three contractions.  I sat on the toilet when I got out to put my shirt on and Guy was coming back into the bathroom obviously on the phone with the doctors office.  Upon standing up to finish dressing my water broke with a huge pop and I felt the head slam down.  Hardly any ‘water’ came out.  I told him to let them know that my water just broke and that last time I transitioned {finished dilating} really fast.  He got off the phone and went into the closet to get my ‘birth’ skirt that I wore to the hospital with the twins after the water broke.  I took two more steps to the bathroom door grabbing a towel and the skirt he brought me.

At the doorway, I just felt like there was no way we would make it to the hospital as it felt like he was about to come out.  I ended up on all fours in bad pain.  Guy asked if he should just call 911 and I don’t think I answered for one or two contractions.  I then told Guy I wasn’t going anywhere and he picked up the phone to call 911 for an ambulance.  The operator asked him to look for a head.  Yeah, no!  I was in the middle of a bad contraction and made them wait.  :-) When I laid down to let Guy look he confirmed the head was right there.  The operator told him to have me try not to push if possible.

I tried the quick puffing breaths they had me do when I had to wait with the twins.  I still ended up pushing partway through each one.  I felt down below to feel the head myself {Guy later said I pushed his hand out of the way} which is something that I never would have thought I’d do.  The not trying to push pushing lasted about 10 minutes.   I would be on my side and sometimes on my back through these contractions.  A few times I remember saying that I couldn’t believe we were having a baby on our bathroom floor.  Guy told me it would be OK.  I told him that I knew it would be OK, but I just couldn’t believe it was happening on the bathroom floor.

Finally it was just time to push him out.    I definitely felt what people describe as the ring of fire when his head was emerging.  It was a big relief to get that head out.  I asked Guy if his cord was around his neck {so I could not push and have him pull it off}.  He told me it wasn’t.  Liar.  He just didn’t want to scare me and was super smart enough to pull it off {yanked it off as he later told the doctor}.  I pushed the shoulders out and Landon was crying vigorously.  Guy was asking if he should wait for the rest of the body to come out.  I told him to pull him out as I wasn’t going to push him out.  I’d had enough of pushing.

He was pretty clean and had no mucus in his nose or throat.  Guy reached into the closet for a towel with Landon in his arms stretching the umbilical cord.  I had to hurry and scoot closer to Guy to give the cord some slack.  We both giggled at Guy forgetting I was still tethered to the baby.  The paramedics walked in about 2 minutes after he came out.  Chris {one of my photography clients} hooked up an IV in my right arm.  The other guy clamped the cord having Guy cut it.   By this time I was hyper aware of the pain in my tailbone and tried to alleviate it by raising my left hip off the ground so it wouldn’t contact the hardwood floor anymore.

I didn’t feel like moving and wondered also when the placenta would be ready to be delivered.  Guy went off into the other room with Landon who I hadn’t seen yet.  The one paramedic told me to push out the placenta if I felt like it.  Um, shouldn’t someone be ‘down there’ to make sure all was OK?  I asked him that to which he repeated to push it out if I felt like it.  So, I guess this meant he wasn’t headed ‘down there’…   We changed topics and he mentioned the baby was cute.  I told him I hadn’t seen him yet and he jumped up to tell Guy he had better show mom the baby.  lol  I was handed Landon and my first thought was that he looked just like my dad.  I looked at him and noticed his two fingers were stuck together.  When I looked closer they are actually fused together which didn’t concern me as they looked perfectly formed to me meaning an easy fix.

All in all I laid there on the floor in the gook for about 15 minutes as the paramedics did the IV, I held the baby and we waited for the placenta to come out.  I also think the idea of moving at all from my position with my tailbone hurting so bad was keeping me lying there.  They asked if I could walk thru the bedroom to the gurney.  I let them help me up and had them give me something in case any gook was to drip on the way as I didn’t want any blood or anything on our carpet.  I never even looked back at the bathroom as I didn’t want to see it.

Once on the gurney I again raised my left side so my tailbone would not contact the mattress. Guy was sitting on our bed talking on the phone as I got settled.  I heard him tell my mom we were on the way to the hospital.  After a pause for her reply he then tells her he is holding our baby boy.  She screamed.  lol  It was a great way to let her know we had a home birth.  They wheeled me through the house and out to the ambulance.  Guy and the baby climbed in.  We talked for a minute and decided he would drive the car so we wouldn’t have to worry about that later.  Sometimes I am way to practical.

It was a long painful drive to the hospital.  I had a heavy baby on my belly, couldn’t bend my right arm when trying to hold him or maneuver him, had my hip elevated and my belly was what could best be described as rumbling since the placenta wasn’t out yet.  The one paramedic was still completely uninterested in looking or helping me in any way deliver the placenta.  I finally asked Chris {paramedic with my IV bag} to hold Landon so it would be a tad more comfortable.  The one paramedic mentioned for the 3rd or 4th time how big Landon’s hands were and said he really wanted to know how much he weighed since he looked big.

At the hospital they wheeled me into a triage room where the doctor and nurses were gracious enough to work quickly to get that stinkin placenta out {2 small pushes} and me stitched up from some tearing.  He agreed the whole first part of my labor would not have indicated to come to the hospital right away.  Both the doctor and Guy mentioned within a couple minutes of each other about the insurance giving us the money for the delivery.  They brought a scale in and we got a weight on our, at the time, nameless baby.  He tipped the scale at a whooping 10 pounds and 12 ounces.

It was amazing to experience to just a vaginal delivery and not both a vaginal and c-section like last time. The stitches for the tear are way better then the stitches from the large episiotomy last time.  The biggest deal is just how euphoric the whole experience has left me .  I’ve had a happy disposition pretty much since the delivery.  If it wasn’t for the constant tailbone pain {way worse then normal since the delivery} I would feel pretty awesome about now instead of just good.  A vaginal birth is definitely preferable to a c-section, though I’m still a fan of them if one is needed.  Living in the modern age has lots of benefits!

Landon is quite the smiler already giving us at least 2-3 a day.  He tolerates the noise Blake and Madison make really well most of the time.  We are looking forward to all the new adventures he will bring into our lives.

The first 5 days after he was born the pediatricians wanted to see him each day.  Since it was a long holiday weekend for Easter this meant that every morning at 8:30 am we had to drive 40 minutes to their office in North Raleigh instead of the Garner office right up the street.  My general thoughts on getting through the first sleepless newborn stage is to loll about in bed until a sufficient amount of sleep has been achieved even if it takes till noon.  Those first few days definitely left us seriously lacking in that department.  He ended up losing 1 pound 5 ounces so the docs had me supplement him with some formula. Finally on Tuesday he showed enough weight gain they released us to come back when he is one month old.

Breastfeeding isn’t going so well.  There could be a ton of blog posts just on this issue so far.  We are really hoping that it will be much more successful then last time and these issues and trials will work out very soon. You know when you want to start taking care of your child in normal circumstances, changing diapers, give your newborn a bath, etc.  He is a very hungry boy and isn’t getting enough milk from me.  I’d love to take the herbal supplement Fenugreek (there’s also a well-known Fenugreek extract testosterone, quite a wide used thing), but I have to wait until after my surgery.  It can cause bleeding issues during surgery.  Hopefully, my supply will increase on it’s own.  I feed the little bug on demand, and we end up with a supplemental bottle afterwards about 5 feedings a day.

Here is the link to the newspaper article:


Weird Guy

Since my lovely husband made a Facebook announcement I thought I’d post something on the blog which feeds to Facebook.  Oddly enough our 3% chance one cycle a month actually happened.  What happened, you say?  Oh, pregnancy!  Really?!?!  We had counted out that measly 3% chance one cycle a year as not something that would ever happen to us.  We were totally fine with our two kiddos.  Now we get a curveball.

It’s still super early so a m/c can happen which is why we are not exactly jumping for joy like last time.  That and both of us turned into immediate stress balls about money.  Since my chance of getting pregnant was so low we cancelled the $350 a month maternity rider on my insurance policy as we were really stressed out trying to pay $600 a month just for my insurance.  The joke is on us though as it will cost way more then the $4000 those extra premiums would have cost to have a baby paying the doctor & hospital.

Off the negative stuff!  Madison has been obsessed with the book “I’m a big Sister now” for the last month.  Anytime I ask them to choose a book it is the one she brings me.  She took the book to Guy last night before bed.  He refused to read it to her knowing I’d be taking a pregnancy test in the morning.  :-) He knew then it was inevitable we would having another child next year.  The second set of multiples jokes have already begun too.  Statistically it is more common for a woman over 35 {me 37} to have twins as the ovaries tend to have last hurrahs in the declining years.  One would be just fine of either sex and hopefully super healthy.

We’ll be able to take more funny images like this one when visiting with friends!  Love it!
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