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5 Years old

The twins 5th year feels like such a big change.  The communication is changing so much and so fast as this year goes by.

I’m constantly surprised by the thoughts the kids express.  They are starting to mature so much.  Blake is still our little lover.  He craves the comfort of love and affection constantly.  It gets quite annoying to most of the family.  I’m the one who doesn’t mind at all if he is overly wanting affection from me.  It will end Way. Tooo. Soon!  So keep on bringing on the random hugs, sweet kisses many “I love You’s” both by voice and sign language.   What age do boys stop wanting to be all cuddly and loving with their family members and you don’t buy him some gift for girls and boys?

Today you get a virtual hug from me if your boy no longer wants to be all lovey with you!!!


Hot boy’s hot hair

Here is Blake’s hair before we clippered it off.   I love the style pictured here and love to do a faux hawk quite often.  Buzzing him was a bit of a spur of the moment decision for me, but Guy told me he had thought of it a few days before he mentioned it to me.  The poor kid sweat really easily and heavily so we thought it would be a good way to help keep him cooler this summer.

While Guy was getting the clippers out and ready Blake took a moment to talk to his “Landon Buggy.”  The kids love him so much.

Just after Guy started but was too far into it to stop the clippers stopped functioning properly.  They began to pull Blake’s hair out and the vibration was slow.

Guy tried fiddling with them.

It got better, but Blake no longer trusted those clippers.  He cried through to the very end.

The neighbors were all fawning over Landon laying on the ground.

He was not happy with them giving Landon the attention.

Partway done.  The clippers had to be messed with again here.  We weren’t sure if we’d have to give up or not.

He was so sweaty from the hot humid air and being upset the clumps of hair were on him like a magnet on metal.

In between shots I would get the hair off his body and face.  Speaking of face…  This one is hilarious.

Meanwhile, Madison and Landon are over on the grass creating an idyllic scene.

Back to the sad boy!

When Guy would take a minute to work on the clippers to try and get them to function better he would bribe Blake into further cooperation with a tasty Powerade.

The hair partway through.  So glad we didn’t stop with this as a result!!!

There are two interesting things here.  You can really see the hairs clinging to him along with the water logged fingers as if he had just gotten out of the bath.  Yes, he really sweats this much!   I’ve also noticed recently that he crosses his fingers, not necessarily just the first two, whenever he is nervous.

Normally it would be Madison with the fingers in the mouth.  He will generally only do this when he is nervous in meeting other people only.   Mostly when he meets new people or gets the sudden attack of toddler shyness.

I wasn’t getting the hair off his face and eyes fast enough here.

The towel helped.

He’s saying with hope and excitement, “I’m done daddy!  I’m done?!?!”

One more quick clean up pass after removing the hair filled shirt.

Madison came over to give him some comfort.  Though they are often at odds they are also each others biggest champions.  Just tonight Madison was saying her bedtime prayers.  She mentioned each person individually until she got to Blake & Maddie who were grouped together.  They even see themselves as a pair.

Our neighbors were gracious enough to offer Blake a chance to ride on the 4 wheeler midway through his haircut to help him have something to look forward to when he was done.  Josh is the blond.  He is 6 days older then the twins.  As you can see, he was Thrilled to offer this ride to Blake.

This is one of my favorite expressions on Blake!

I think everyone but Josh is having a fantastic time here!   Even Landon is happily chilling in the background.

Blake got extra excited when he got to ride it by himself!

He got stuck so the girls ran over to push him.  Guy was getting ready to do one of his IPad videos to load onto Facebook.

They enjoyed pushing him so much they kept a hold on the back running all over the yard.

They got so into playing Maddie’s dress fell apart!

Blake was all excited to see his hair in the mirror.  When he actually saw it that night he wasn’t too impressed…  The next day my mom asked me how he liked it.  I asked him to look again to tell grandma how he likes it.  He got excited, looked in the mirror and said, “I don’t like.  It’s not my favorite.” ha ha

This image came up next in my folder then putting Blake’s haircut images into this post.  I love getting products for my customers in.  These metallic gallery wrapped canvases of baby Julian are adorable.  They are going up over the fireplace at home.

Gotta share an image of Landon too!  Not only does Landon love the outdoors, he also loves the water.  He happily sits in his chair with the water hitting his legs and belly for as long as it takes me to shower.  No problem.  Loves it!!!




It’s my party and…

Pick my nose if I want to…

The twins had their birthday party a couple weeks late.  Grandma wanted to throw them a party since they were so sweet to throw one for her back in November when we met in Miami.  Grandma arrived Wednesday (May 4th) evening and we went out shopping for the supplies and gifts the next morning.  We arrived home at the same time the first guest arrived!  It was a bit of a hot mess getting it all together that quickly.  I created a Facebook event to invite friends.  We didn’t think many people would come since it was a weekday afternoon about the same time school gets out, before work gets done and during a time people cook dinner.  It was the only time we could have it with my mom here since my tailbone removal surgery was the next morning.


The kids all had a great time playing outside for most of the time with the new swing set getting a lot of use.

Grandma, the one in the hat, got to watch it all from her comfy rocker.  Guy put up the umbrella to protect her skin since she isn’t supposed to be outside due to the sun exposure with her skin cancer.

Landon got passed around to all the ladies dying to get a bit of cuddly baby time.

There were lots of fun toys and the kids all got on well together.

The kids all loved the typical party favors.

There were some water balloons which Blake thought mommy should be the target.

I convinced him there were more willing targets who wanted to be bombed.

Maddie was off doing her own thing most of the time.

At the store the kids had a heck of a time trying to pick out their cake.  After a while we got them to agree on these gender neutral cupcakes.  Poor kids will probably always have gender neutral stuff for their birthdays.  Either that or Madison will just need to be a big tomboy with two brothers basically sharing the same birthday.

Pinata’s are my fav!  I love them and getting all the action shots of the kids taking a whack at it.


Daddy put her hat on.


Blake loves to stick his tongue out when he is concentrating on doing something physical.


I love Blake ‘helping’ her in the background!  Madison actually knocked it open with her hits!

It is always funny to watch when some of the kids don’t get the candy grab.  One of mine is usually not picking up candy.  More often then not it is Blake who isn’t, or he is picking up and giving his candy to other kids.

Uh, I forgot to get bags for the kids…  lol  Ha, they still managed to get it up off the ground in short order.

Cutie Bryson!

Guy hooked the pinata back up so the other kids could get a whack at it too.

We did the normal age order starting with the youngest.

When the kids all had a shot he started dumping the rest of the candy in it out over their heads like rain.

Blake and the boys were having fun grabbing the rest of the candy.

Our smartie girl used her hat to hold her candy.

The big kids got to have fun destroying the pinnate.  All we could find for the kids to hit it with was a rubber mallet.


Kip used his shirt to carry around his candy.

The lid to the cupcake box  became Miles place to rest.  I love this shot!

And this one!

Madison holding court at the bar.

More presents!  They love them all.  Thanks again to everyone {especially grandma’s bounty} who gave the kids birthday gifts.

Lots of clothes from grandma.

Lisa was the last one who got some baby cuddle time with Landon.  He was super content and didn’t need to eat most of the party.  Wooo Hooo!  Uhm, I think those handprints on my mirror might actually still be there.


This evening I was sitting on the couch doing flash cards with Blake and Madison as Landon was lounging next to me working on a poop.  We were doing the site word flash cards.  As each card was held up I’d say the word, they would repeat it most of the time and then I’d say a sentence with the word.  The conversations these sentences start are so funny.  Here is one we just had:

Me – cat

Maddy & Blake – cat

Me – Madison likes kiddy cats.

Maddy – I like cats.  I like cats.  Blake likes dogs.

Me – Does Blake like dogs?

Maddy leaning over with her face in Blake’s – Do you like dogs?

Blake – I like dogs.  I like dogs.

short pause in conversation

Blake – I like dogs to go away from me.


Our Update

Ahhhh, last night was the best nights sleep I’ve had in a few weeks.  I only woke up three times to wee and Madison was the only one who woke up last night to wee too.  Fortunately, Guy took her and I already had to go so it wasn’t an extra wake up.  They also played quietly in their room {evidenced by their toys being out and about} after they woke up letting me sleep in until 8:00 am exactly.  Generally they wake up anywhere from 6:30-7:45, but I don’t know what time they got up this morning since they were so quiet.

The kids each got a basket full of eggs with candy {after the hunt} and two stuffed animals each from a church that puts on a great Easter event for the police and fire departments of Garner each year.  We really appreciate their support in putting on such a fun event for us all.

We are still expecting baby boy White who’s due date is rapidly approaching in 6 days.  Monday would be a great day to have him so he will share his birthday with the twins.  Nope, it’s not about the party since it will always be close enough to have a group party.  It’s about sharing something special with his brother and sister.  Blake and Madison will always be a set, the twins, a pair built in from the start.  These two are super close.  Even when they are upset with each other they are about 2 feet from each other.  With a birthday on the same day as the twins he will automatically have something special with them, and we would present it to all of them as something special to help them grow up thinking it is a cool thing.  So no comments please from the peanut gallery to my kids, if it should happen, as they are growing up about it being a ‘bummer’ they ‘have’ to share a birthday!  I love ya family and friends, but sometimes presentation and attitude make or break things in life for us.


My sister in law, Melia, could use some prayers.  Her poor body has not been nice to her since having her last child.  It’s been a failing of body parts one after another and lots of kidney stones.  She just found out she has to have a hysterectomy this next week and it is very enlarged so she will have to have a 4 inch incision.

The new computer location for a few months.  The wires are now hidden by a dark garbage can which I needed handy anyway.

This week we have reorganized the office to put the computer into the living room, one of the desks in the garage, and moved the other pieces around to make room for the queen bed in preparation for company.  The kids know that grandma {my mom} is going to be the first person to visit after the baby is born.  We mentioned to them that someone else may need to sleep in there first when we go to the hospital, but they are focused on grandma.  In fact, we realized later that Madison really thought she would be here that night or yesterday morning.  She kept talking about the room and grandma even coloring her a picture.  The first thing she said as she came into my room yesterday morning clutching her bear and Barney is, “Where is my grandma?  Is she here yet?”  Nope, baby she will not be here for a couple more weeks.

Madison with grandma just about to be cleaned up from getting into my moms bingo daubers.

During the entire month of March either the kids or I felt like this image of Madison!

We were so sick.  It sucked.  I didn’t accomplish pretty much anything that month.  The great side of it?  When we got better we all felt GREAT!  For the heavily pregnant lady my abilities and energy are awesome compared to how I thought the end of pregnancy would feel.  Shooting the wedding the first day of April was just a great day and not a hard day.  There was even a daycare shoot, Busy Bees, where I photographed 23 kids under 5 with 6 of them under a year old last Friday.  It was three hours of body contortion and winning over the little ones.  Last night I put on my Facebook status how I gave the kids a horsey ride into their bedroom last night.  Two kids 36-40 pounds each and the baby weight of about 35 pounds I’ve gained all weighing on my midsection as I crawled on all fours into their bedroom.  It took a while and must have looked hilarious.   Guy did not get an image of it since he was already in their room relaxing on the floor waiting for us to begin the singing and prayers of our night time routine.

We went to the doctor for an asthma specific appointment for Blakey.  They don’t really do any specific testing for it until he is 4-5 years old.  She gave us a cool inhaler tool for the rescue inhaler and explained a little more to us then we previously knew about asthma.  From all she said about the two causes and ways it manifests itself, I think he only has reactive airways and not the airways blocked by mucus.  My mom has asthma too.  I was telling her about our appointment and what my thoughts were and she told me that she has reactive airways and not the other.  Ahhh, I sure hope if he doesn’t grow out of the childhood asthma {my main hope!} that his will only be reactive airways too.  They asked us to keep up on using the preventative nebulizer medicine daily until June and to use his inhaler before he goes out to play or gets roudy in an effort to prevent the barkie cough and restricted breathing.  This way we are proactive instead of reactive.  They feel it has more to do with helping them grow out of childhood asthma when it is treated this way.  We’ll do our best.  The kid shows all kinds of signs of being a natural athlete which makes me happy!  I love sports and playing them so sharing that love with Blake will be a pleasure.

Madison has picked up a second dirty habit in addition to the nose picking and eating.  It is nail biting.  Really?!?!?  Come on.  How is my little princess diva in training who is soooooo girly also the bearer of such nasty habits?  OK, so the nose picking doesn’t bother me that much as there is a study out there that kids who eat their boogers get sick less frequently then kids who do not.  lol  Isn’t there a study to back you on anything?  Now, the nail biting really bothers me.  She doesn’t have the prettiest nail shape and nail biting completely ruins nail beds.  It eventually moves the ‘quick’ back so the white part of the nail starts way to early.  She is also getting a lot of hang nails from it too.  We’re working with her on asking her to stop anytime we see it and talking to her about why it isn’t a good thing to do.  The next step is all the nasty crap that tastes bad to help her stop if the rational stuff doesn’t work.

We gave the kids their big present early!  It’s a playset for the backyard.  Oh, talk about love.  Blake even prayed for the delivery man the night he brought the big box to our house.  It took Guy a total of 7 hours over two evenings and a Saturday morning to get it put together {the power tool set we got 3 months ago has gotten a ton of use of late!}.   He put the different components together in the garage.  Luckily our neighbors were leaving to run out just as he needed 5 minutes of help taking the large piece to the backyard so he helped him carry the big fort piece to the backyard.  We all love it.  I went down the slide the first afternoon it was up and killed myself.  The slide has two large humps in it which are not nice to the old tailbone.  So far they already have spend hours and hours on there.  Blake can almost do the monkey bars by himself!  Madison is doing great at swinging on her own and keeping it going.  She volunteers to help Blake learn how to do it too.  I love listening to them instruct each other when one can do something the other can’t.

Speaking of my tailbone…  I’ve definitely decided to get the surgery.  There are just too many years left to live and have to deal with or work around daily booty pain.  I have no idea how painful or how easy/bad the recovery will be.  It will require an incision starting just above my anus vertically along the spinal line approximately 3 inches long.  He will have to break off, saw off or whatever to get the tailbone {coccyx} removed.  It sounds traumatic to my body to me.  I do need to ask which of the 5-6 methods he will be using to remove it will be for my mental preparation and all that.   Some of the research I’ve done indicates short recoveries with 2-3 weeks of being unable to sit and high pain.  Some of the research says people still can’t sit even with a donut cushion for 6  months or more.  I’m thinking I’ll be on the shorter side of that as long as the doctor does a good job, having a positive attitude about it and my last surgery for my gall bladder removal went great!  The c/s wasn’t fun with pain for a good 2-3 weeks, but I did manage to photograph a wedding 8 days after having the surgery.


The kids first taste of birthday goodness. Blake & I had about 2-3 bites each with Maddy and Guy polishing off the rest of both treats.

The baby seeming to camp out in my uterus which is stressing me out a bit about getting this surgery scheduled.  I know there is nothing I can do about it so I need to just let it all happen as it’s going to happen.  If he isn’t born vaginally by Wednesday then I won’t be able to schedule the surgery for right when my mom gets here so I have help during recovery.  She will be here May 4-14th {due to her work schedule only time she could schedule}.  With Guys schedule at the school he can’t take off until school is out, but the insurance year ends before that.  We can’t afford the surgery unless it is done this insurance year.  My sister in law Michele will be coming out for five days the end of May to help out so there is a few days covered if this baby does show up late rather then by Wednesday.  The ladies at church are also awesome and will help out, but I’d just really like the main recovery to be when my mom is here.  She was my rock when I recovered from the tonsillectomy that almost killed me years ago.  Oh, I can’t be induced to go into labor since I’m trying for a VBAC {vaginal birth after a c/s}.  Electing for a c/s means a longer recovery before I could have another surgery missing when my mom is here anyway.  Oh, stinky timing issues.  lol

Some unexpected images at our impromptu picnic one day.

I look a bit dumb, but Maddie looks cute and I like how she put her hand on my belly.

We have a lot two of fun events planned for the next couple days.  Tonight we are going to the rodeo!  Tomorrow {it got moved to Sunday afternoon due to weather} morning we are going to the Eggstravaganza at the park!  Tomorrow {It’s next Saturday!} night we scored tickets to the circus!!!  With all that fun stuff I really want to do this baby is sure to come now.  Regardless of what we end up doing it will be a great weekend!  {Guy called to correct me on our schedule of events after this was published… }

Enjoy some random images from the last month and a half.

Blake watching TV with all his friends.

Maddie snuggling up to my arm on the porch while we were watching daddy come home.

Blake resting on the bench at the Chick Fil A playground.

Going down the slide with friends.


Randomly holding hands while out shopping.

I love watching kids sleep!

A nice day one Sunday afternoon.

At the doctors.  I think I’m going to skip their next well check up appointment as unnecessary!  We are also off schedule needing to delay most appointments or insurance will not cover them by at least a month so this will get us back on track for the normal appointments.  There aren’t any shots scheduled for the three year check up.

The doctor who warmed the kids up to him the fastest!  He had them both happy and giggling despite feeling so sick.

Random hugs.

They love to help carry the mail and newspaper for us.

Maddie girl!

The girl taking forever to eat as usual.

Even though she doesn’t look good here it is still a cute moment.

Helping take the trash to the curb.

Learning about shadows.

I’m going to miss the dining area being empty.  I think the kids will miss it even more.

They love the bouncy balls and the bean bag.

Our new chore chart.  It’s not filled in so we can change up the list as they grow and mature.

Chick Fil A did a free breakfast item per person every Tuesday in March.  We made it there twice!

Playing in the dining area.

They are finally big enough to ride these tricycles I thought would be the right size for them two Christmas’s ago!

Love this shot.

We went out for a bike ride one day.  Wish we had started doing it regularly, but we haven’t.

At the park with friends.

Madison loved playing with the leaf and Blake enjoyed throwing the football.  This week he started learning to throw it correctly {using a bigger ball with two hands since he can’t palm it} and more then half the time gets a spiral going.

They used the grass to fish for ants.

Girly girl.

Love love love their random hugs!

My little natural athlete in his size Eleven {yes 11} shoes.

The welcome sign for the kids at a tumbling trial class.

The kids in the trial class.


Our first picnic.  We stopped to grab some food and saw this table under a blooming tree and stopped to eat instead of continuing on home.  Great decision!

Our friend, Riley’s, birthday party.  They love attending parties!

And pinatas!  They are finally getting the concept of picking up the candy for themselves.

A nice hit!

Love the light here as they are playing tea party.

This girl loves the frosting and cake.  Blake is more like me and likes the cake with only a touch of frosting or will just skip it altogether.

Surprisingly, he did eat a little this day though.

Where I hang my backdrops.

My pretty girl in the window light.

They love to play in the cars.  We must have been moving car seats or loading up gear for a photo shoot.

The horrible increasing of gas prices.

The man peering out the car window.

Doing a handstand at another tumbling class we tried.  This is the one we’ll go with.  The girls teaching were awesome by being in control, confident and a bit fearless keeping safety in mind.  The kids love to practice the skills they learned that day.

The twins new bunk beds with stairs on one end and some dresser drawers under the stairs.  This was their first fort!  This bed configuration leaves room to put the babies crib in here too without crowding the room.

They loved the fort so much and even asked to keep it up until daddy got home to show him.

The dining table before Guy refinished it.  He had the yellow pine stain sanded off at this point.

And the table after it was refinished with a dark stain.  Love it!!!

Yummy hot chocolate eon a chilly day.  I’ve had a fair bit this pregnancy.  Madison also loves it.  It’s too much trouble for Blake.  He’d rather just drink water when he is thirsty.

Our friends got some chickens for eggs.  We headed over their after getting our free breakfast at Chick Fil A to play and check out the chickens.

They also had lots of slides and a big trampoline.

3? something weeks pregnant.  Maybe 36 or 37?

Blake only went for eggs with a bluish tone to them.   Then he finally conceded and picked up a yellow one.

Madison took the smarter approach and picked up anything close to her.  Blake got more exercise and she got more eggs.

I just like this.

We had a dog start camping out on our front porch this week.  He didn’t appear to be getting fed and the young dog has some aggressive breed in him so he should be getting consistent care and training to avoid becoming aggressive.  He had a rabies collar but no phone or address on.  We had animal care come get him to make sure he would be properly taken care of.  Obviously the owners stopped.  He is really young still and of good temperament so someone will definitely adopt him if they don’t give him back to the owners.

Taking medicine became a month long event between us all.

The kids love to cuddle with their dad especially now that I’m not comfortable to cuddle with.  This belly so gets in the way.

Met a friend at the park.

They shared some Easter candy.

They also got to run and play!

My little man with his sleeping bear.  He hugs it to him as he sleeps.

A little peek a boo fun!


Our weird crop circles in the yard.  There are quite a few of them in various sizes.

A little Blake love

My little imp is so much fun.   We get such a kick out of our little guy who is a bundle of energy.  This post will be all about Blake with a series of images I took of him the other morning.


Yesterday he walked out of his room still mostly asleep looking after his nap and says as he is climbing into my lap to cuddle, “Mom, I’m hungry.”   He just might give me a run for my money when it comes to how much a child can pack away each day.

This kid loves sports.  If he sees one once he’ll recognize the right sport months later.  It is amazing.  He also shows some great signs of being a natural athlete though the kid has little in the way of balance right now.  He immediately loses his balance when I ask him to lift one foot or leg.  And check out that lovely tuck job.  It’s the style benefit from him going to the bathroom by himself.

He says, “Hey mom, you wanna take my picture?”  Silly question, kid.

Madison was taking forever to eat her breakfast, as usual.

TV show or ball or mom?  I think the TV is winning here.

Or maybe the TV and the ball…

But he loves to spend one on one time with mommy so I won in the end.

Madison loves jewelry and anything girly!  The other day as I cleaned out the bathroom drawers I found some wrist bands to support CF {Cystic Fibrosis}.  These made perfect ‘boy’ bracelets for Blake.  He’s been toting them around with him for days now.

He’s checking to see if they fit on his ankles.

I love watching him concentrate on tasks.

This kid is so sweet.  He randomly comes up to me many times a day for a hug, kiss and “I love you mom.”

And he loves to tease and be tickled.  Enjoy the rest of the images…  I gotta run feed the hunger monsters.  All three of us are about to perish from no food.