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The 2 1/2 year stats

The kids had their 2 1/2 year appointments the other day.  We went to our pediatricians nice new office that is just down the street from our house {for where we live}.  We got in pretty quickly and had an interesting start to the measurements.  Blake measured 1/4 inch taller then Madison.  It just didn’t seem right since I look at them all the time.  When she remeasured he was an inch shorter then her which was more believable.

The nurse asked us the basic Q’s they always ask and left to get a helper to take their blood by finger prick to test their cholesterol.  WOW, that is a sad commentary on the state of modern parenthood that testing for cholesterol is now done at TWO AND A HALF YEARS OLD!  Our kids tested fine with Blake {the future vegetarian} coming in with a much lower number then Madison.  She definitely likes the more fattening foods.  I think this is where many of our food battles come from.  She and I {and Guy when he’s here} battle over most of her lunches and dinners.  She is so stubborn about eating meals.  She would prefer to skip most of them unless it is something unhealthy and eat snack foods instead.  So she and I battle to get her to eat her actual meals.  The crazy thing is she tells me she likes the food at least 80% of the time she is fighting me.  I also found out quickly that threatening her with a nap or bed doesn’t work.  She’ll happily go to bed, and wake up like an angry bear with her blood sugar nice and low.  We will continue to battle on…

Their stats put them firmly where they should be on the growth chart with their genes from our families.  Madison is just over the 100% mark on both height and weight with a perfect body mass index.  Blake is finally up in the 90’s with his height and weight and a body mass index a little tall for his weight.  He had trouble gaining weight as a newborn and has steadily made his way from the 5th percentile to now in the 90’s where he should be.  The twins were born 4 weeks early and Blake lost about a full pound the first week or so putting him at the 5 pound mark.   I was very happy with their stats.

Madison got a super clean bill of health.

Blake was not quite as lucky.  Since he is showing such sensitivity to the cold with his asthma the doc suggested we do a daily nebulized treatment to help him get through the winter.  Hopefully, this will make it so he doesn’t really get sick this winter.   In the last three days we’ve been doing the treatments he went from needing mommy to hold him and crying in anticipation, to the next day asking to hold the mask while on my lap and making sure he was breathing as much as he could in, and this evening he sat on the couch by himself with the mask strap on enjoying his alone time with his treatment.   Love this kid!  Madison is very attentive to him during his treatments and comes over to hold his hand when he lets her.

I almost forgot the doctors office drama!  Blake worked himself up for the shots and had a good cry in anticipation until we distracted him with games.  He cried through his finger stick.  Then he had me hold him while the doc checked him out.  He then cried through his shot.  After it was done his tears dried up almost immediately and he was back to normal.  The anticipation was killing him!  Someone is like his father in that way.  Madison wanted to be held while he was in his drama modes then wanted me to hold her while the doc checked her out since that’s what Blake did.  Next time, we’re either asking for the shots right when we get in the room or making her go first so he watches how calm and happy she is.

Somehow I missed the images from the doctors office when I got them off my memory card so I’ll share those later.

Here are a few from around the house the other day.  Madison is playing with a lego toy here.

Blake was asking for me to take his picture so he could check them out.

Little girl was having quite a drama that turned into a starter pee in her pants.  When she is really upset she pees her pants a little.  She looked so tall in her bootcut jeans and cowboy boots.

The boy trying to touch my fingers.

I don’t even remember why she was so upset.  I love how grown up she looks in this image and it’s the only standing one I got of her in this outfit.

Talking to grandma in her clean underpants helped her to cheer up!

Then the kids got to practice taking images of each other with my camera.  They are finally starting to look through the viewfinder!  My new camera has the option of turning on the LCD screen, but I’m not sure I want them to learn to use it.  I think overall they would do better learning how to see through the viewfinder though I’m sure they would ‘get it’ faster using the LCD screen.

The phone and Maddie’s pink Converse.

I love this shot of Blake’s body language.  She definitely nailed the focus part more then he did.

The most in focus Blake got which is still out of focus.  It’s still a great image for a 2 year old.

One of her in the studio area where they love to play photographer with the dolls.

I think my lot in life is to have no one be able to focus if I’m in the image.  So wish this one was in focus.  Here is my 20 1/2 week belly.  So much smaller then the twin belly at the same time.

Another of Blake & I.  Oh yeah, and Madison is the photographer here with no adult help.

Guy came home and snapped a few images.  Still slightly out of focus, but cute.

I love my boys and having studio backgrounds up for impromptu shots when my family lets me take them.

Guy helped Madison take this one.  It’s almost in focus and almost shows my face…  lol   Actually, I really love the framing on this!

21 weeks down and about 19 to go until we meet baby boy White.  It’s all coming together.

Miami – We heart you!

We have made it to Miami!  Oh my, it is just as great as it was the last two times we’ve been here this year.  I’ve already talked to friends, felt the local vibe and seen wonderful vistas.  If it wasn’t so stinkin expensive to live here, we would love to.

I said I would never get those little DVD players to put in our vehicles.  Wrong!  When you are looking at a total of 12 hours of just driving one way without stops and two 2 year olds the potential crazy factor changes a mind quite quickly!  We spent just at $200 getting a dual monitor system that buckles onto the front headrests along with cushy earphones designed for kids.  Then we spent an additional $100 on classic Disney movies we didn’t own, but I wished we did to show the kids.  They worked quite well.  The Lion King was definitely not a good choice to show 2 year olds for the first time without parents sitting next to them to help them through the dramatic scenes.  Lesson learned.  Toy Story and Cinderella, however, were super well received.  Finding Nemo was well loved by Blake and Maddie got bored {I think with movie time in general} about a third a way through.

All in all the drive down was great for such a long long drive.  Guy did much of the drive though I felt we got to spend some good quality time together all the way down.  We chatted, listened to talk radio, listened to music and helped the kids together.  With him driving I was able to work my fingers to get some crochet work done to figure out how to adapt a couple patterns to my crochet gauge {so not the same as the pattern maker!}.  I was able to complete a hat & scarf for Blake along with a hat and diaper cover for the photography business.  Not bad.

We are all looking forward to seeing my mom when she flies in tomorrow!  Madison has been talking about it most of all.  She is so excited to see her grandma, dance with her, have a party and whatever else her mind has decided on.  We decided to give in to the party suggestion since Madison has been convinced her grandma is having a party we give her for a couple weeks.  We bought a few party novelties and a cake to surprise her with tomorrow.  I can write about this since she will definitely not read it before her flight tomorrow morning!  It’s about bedtime for her and an early flight to boot.

I’ll save our other surprises for when we have current images of those events to share.  Let’s just say the kids will not be getting anything but hand me downs for Christmas with what we have spontaneously decided to spend on this trip!  We are going to have so much fun!!!!

We had our big anatomy ultrasound this week as well.  We confirmed our belief we are having a boy.  There was no mistaking his little boy part!  All of us are very happy.  He measured right where he is supposed to and showed all normal function and form to all the organs, bones and systems they checked.  Great news!  Now it’s onto figuring out a list of top names to choose from when we meet him.  Oh, and don’t forget to pray for him to be born nice and healthy on April 18th!  lol   Yes, I’m crazy and want all my kids to have the same birthday.  His due date is April 21st so it’s a reasonable request.  All is well sitting here with a small baby bump at 18 weeks pregnant.

Some recent images to share:

She pushed herself to go faster.

They loved pumping the water out.

Just after this Guy sprained his ankle badly falling the last couple steps down the stairs helping one of them slide down the banister.  It still hurts him over a week later.

Pointing out a tiny squirrel in the trees.

Blake is taking a pretzel out each time he passes the bowl as he is going back and forth.

Watching TV…

Some pretzel antics.

She thinks she’s funny…

The ankle swelling.

My handiwork on the hat and neck wrap.  Not sure why she is sooooo serious.

But then she smiled!  Love my new backdrop!

Goofy boy.

New blog and first OB appointment!

I’m so excited to share my new blog with you all!  It’s in a format that is super easy to maintain, make design changes and create posts.  There will be a few more features like the products we like and recommend coming soon as I get those little bits together.   I’m also thinking it would be great to come up with a cool graphic logo for White House III.  We’ll see.  I’m also planning on doing some regular features that include photography tips and crafts now that the kids are getting old enough to have some crafty fun with.  Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see included in this blog other then more images with Guy in them.  I say fat chance on that happening in the next little bit.  One of these days he’ll be brow beaten into loving himself in images.

Now onto the news many are anxiously waiting for.  We Finally had out first OB appointment which we were so lucky and grateful to be able to get insurance coverage for.  We first met with a really nice nurse who happens to be an identical twin!  She also disproved my identical twin theory.  Every identical twin I’ve met since reading an article saying, they generally do not have any self confidence issues with their looks, has confirmed that both they and their twin are happy with their looks.  Our nurse said both her and her sister have some doubts and always think the other looks much better or skinnier even when the same weight.  Sorry for the sidetrack, but I know a lot of moms who read my blog with identical twins!    After a while we then went to get my labs done.  Nuf said.  She took us into the doctors office.  It was sooooo full of stuff and so much of it was breakable.  The kids were not in the mood to be calm or hands off in the small office.  He came in after knocking and calling through the door if it was safe…  lol  He mentioned it sounded very loud when he came in.  We talked to him for a couple minutes.  He mentioned I’m a great candidate for a VBAC {vaginal birth after cesarean}, and baring no issues at the end of the pregnancy I should be able to labor for a vaginal delivery.  Nice.  He also said we’ll definitely do an ultra sound {u/s} to confirm my due date.

All in all he was really nice and we both liked him.  After waiting a little bit, it was our turn in the exam and u/s room.  In no time he was telling the kids the baby would look like a gummy bear on the TV.  He started the u/s.  My first thought was, “hmmmmmmmmm.”  He immediately says, that is certainly not a gummy bear on the screen as he is moving the u/s around.  As he is taking a measurement he says, “It looks like there is only one in there.”  Ha ha to all those wishing more twins or even trips on us.  We would have done it, but wow that first year is a ton of work.  So he gets done with the head to rump measurement and says I’m 11 weeks 1 day along!!!  My due date is April 21st just 3 days after the kids birthday.  That means I just totally “lost” almost two weeks of my pregnancy thinking we were in the 9th week and finding out it was the 11th week!  Bye-bye May 1st due date!!!  I’m so excited to fe further along then we thought.  At my first OB appointment I find out we are basically done with the first trimester.  Love it!

This isn’t a steller image of the baby, but it shows the rump on the left then back and the head disappears to the right.  He was nice enough to print off three copies so the kids could each have a picture of their baby.

Ultrasound 11wks 1 day Oct01 2010

We played in the rain several days this week.  The kids loved it as much as I remember loving it.  In this shot I was moving the camera with Blake to grab the action.

The kids thought the dolls needed some water!  Still laughing at this one.

Guy really has gotten onto me this week for not taking before images.  Duh!  Next time we do something drastic I promise to.  This area was completely grown together where we had to contort and move bushes aside to get to the spigot to the left of the electrical box.

I love all the lines of toys that appear in random places around here.  It seems like everyone else with kids about this age is experiencing the same thing.

It seriously rained most of this week.  I loved every minute of it.  In fact, after being so disconnected from the outside the last few hot humid months it feels like nature and I are totally one again.  Stopping to listen through the open windows to the breeze move the tree leaves has sidetracked me a lot this week.  Here is a shot of one of our cars with the new Lifelong Impressions advertising.  I love it.  It’s a product called window perf which you can see through from the inside.

Another example of the kids happily playing in the rain with their ‘bats.’

Madison enjoyed licking the water off the fallen leaves.

Then Blake asked to try it.  Check out the spider bite by his eye.  This is after the swelling mostly went away.

He thought licking it was pretty cool too.

I often let the kids play on the front porch where I can see and hear them.  It’s huge.  We love it.  Well, one morning this week I asked them to come in and Blake exclaimed how he wanted to go play in the rain.  I informed him it wasn’t even raining so he couldn’t.  Later after their nap I went into the kitchen while they were on the front porch again to do a few dishes.  The next thing I see and hear is Blake over by the garage {right in front of the sink window} yelling at the top of his voice how it is raining and he is playing in it.  I guess he thought my earlier explanation was permission to go play in the rain when it began again.

I used the kids as models during a private photography lesson this week.  Madison was thinking up some devious way to be silly or something here.

She has  the sweetest expressions sometimes.

They’ll always hug.

This little guy is all about quick movements and little moments of laughter and connection.

He’ll actually listen to instruction every once in a while too!  I love this soft natural look with no agenda.

He’s showing us how well he sweeps and can wield a broom.

Madison is just chillin with Guy in the next three shots.  I love to watch the kids cuddle up to their dad.

So love this one.

She started acting silly as I was talking to her.

The kids are obsessed with vitamins.  Really, truly obsessed.  They ask for one at breakfast plus at least 2 more times each day.  They get half a Flintstones or generic equivalent.  Sometimes we give them half of a vitamin C like they are holding here.

The really weird part is how they eat them.  They savor them and lick them as they hold onto it with two fingers.  Blake does this with any candy, popsicle or other treat whenever he can.  He even did it with a dried apricot this weekend!

Sometimes we just have to tell them, him especially, to just bite and eat whatever it is.

This was the first project we started on Friday!  Guy got the absolutely brilliant idea to cut a hole in our detached garage’s ceiling for the attic stair installation as well as put some boards down to allow us to utilize the space.  We didn’t know, but thought there would be some great space up there.  Just prior to this shot he stuck his head up there and was able to confirm we had LOTS of space.  YIPEEE!

Here is a shot from the front showing how tall the pitch is.  When we were loading it up I was able to stand up in the exact middle.

Here’s Blake with his 3D glasses from watching the Owl movie currently out.  Great movie.  I think he looks so funny in these glasses.

And here is Madison featuring some of our mess that went up into the attic behind her.  There was three times as much on the other side of the garage since we park an SUV where she is standing.

The kids were helping Guy get the trim for around the access door.

That’s all for now.  I’ll have lots of after pictures from all our projects this weekend.  Right now I need to go be with the family!

Welcome to White House III

It was super easy to get our own domain & have it hosted with the business domain!   I love the way WordPress works with images and having images ‘stuck’ in a post without linking to another site.  Yay!  It will also be nice to have both websites in the same platform for ease of use.

An image of Maddie and I my friend Sabrina took.