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Yay friends!


I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I love having photographer friends!  For so many years after graduating high school and finishing work at a photography studio I had NO friends who were photographers.  Oh sad.  I didn’t think so at the time, but now that I have a great network of friends who are photographers it has changed me.  Lately I’ve met up with my two friends who co-own a local photographers group with me.  One had the idea to photograph a boy in suspenders and other fun clothes so she wanted to borrow Blake.  We met at a local lake and I even managed to get a few shots of all three kids with her help as well as some very cool images of Landon and a few of the not so picture happy Madison.  My other friend and I met up at her house for some learning, a prop trade and she used the kids on a backdrop she needed some shots on.  It was so fun to watch the kids be so excited to be the center of attention for the other photographers.


Here’s Blake in one of the outfits Andie had him in.  The lake was open, but not the bathroom so he peed just off the path next to a tree. Boy did he think that was cool.  ha ha


Landon got to be the first kiddo to try out my new photo prop.  It is my grandmothers old sewing case that held family photos after it quit the sewing business.


Landon loves to be outdoors and exploring.  Since learning to crawl he is even happier and has started to thin down a little.  In this shot you can see the two fingers stuck together on his left hand.  We haven’t taken anymore steps to finding a doctor to separate his fingers.


Blake was all about what Andie told him to do and all silly pants with me.


Madison was against being in any images completely, but she finally consented to be in some for me.


A little bribery with the lips on a stick went a long way to getting those few shots of her.  I love it!

Andie was dancing around like crazy getting my hooligans to smile.  YAY, thanks Andie!!

I love every detail of the kids in this image.

This pose is kind of fun and cute except for the unruly hair.  

This one completely cracks me up!  Its like Landon is completely bored with the twins uncooperative behavior.  Three is definitely a tough age to parent.

Today is Thanksgiving.  It has been a great day.  I spent the morning with a friend doing a family session for her.  Her family is so sweet and it was fun to get to know her kids and husband.  The kids helped me prepare some snacks to take over to our friends house for Thanksgiving dinner.  Landon even blessed us with a nice long nap before we left.  About 2 miles into our drive we had to go back home.  Uhm yeah, we forgot we were going to drive separately.  lol  Guy was planning to come home early for a nap before work tonight.  He volunteered to work off duty at the WalMart.  We spent a lovely afternoon with great company at our friends, the Rentz’s, house.  Guy got a 2-3 hour nap before work tonight.  The kids and I spend a great evening together cuddling on the couch watching movies while Guy napped.


Love to see the kids doing their thing and playing around.
At one point tonight as we watched the movie Surf’s Up all three kids were in my lap.  It won’t be much longer all three of them will fit on my lap together.  That will be sad.

Nanny and Poppy stayed with us last week.  We all miss them a lot already!  I have some images to share of them for the next blog post.  Landon turned 7 months last weekend too.  He now officially wears 24 month tops and jammies and 18 month pants.  While they were here Landon learned to crawl and pull himself up standing!  He’s also now walking across furniture but not regularly yet.  He’s so cute following me from room to room around the house.  This boy luuuuuves his mama!

Miami – We heart you!

We have made it to Miami!  Oh my, it is just as great as it was the last two times we’ve been here this year.  I’ve already talked to friends, felt the local vibe and seen wonderful vistas.  If it wasn’t so stinkin expensive to live here, we would love to.

I said I would never get those little DVD players to put in our vehicles.  Wrong!  When you are looking at a total of 12 hours of just driving one way without stops and two 2 year olds the potential crazy factor changes a mind quite quickly!  We spent just at $200 getting a dual monitor system that buckles onto the front headrests along with cushy earphones designed for kids.  Then we spent an additional $100 on classic Disney movies we didn’t own, but I wished we did to show the kids.  They worked quite well.  The Lion King was definitely not a good choice to show 2 year olds for the first time without parents sitting next to them to help them through the dramatic scenes.  Lesson learned.  Toy Story and Cinderella, however, were super well received.  Finding Nemo was well loved by Blake and Maddie got bored {I think with movie time in general} about a third a way through.

All in all the drive down was great for such a long long drive.  Guy did much of the drive though I felt we got to spend some good quality time together all the way down.  We chatted, listened to talk radio, listened to music and helped the kids together.  With him driving I was able to work my fingers to get some crochet work done to figure out how to adapt a couple patterns to my crochet gauge {so not the same as the pattern maker!}.  I was able to complete a hat & scarf for Blake along with a hat and diaper cover for the photography business.  Not bad.

We are all looking forward to seeing my mom when she flies in tomorrow!  Madison has been talking about it most of all.  She is so excited to see her grandma, dance with her, have a party and whatever else her mind has decided on.  We decided to give in to the party suggestion since Madison has been convinced her grandma is having a party we give her for a couple weeks.  We bought a few party novelties and a cake to surprise her with tomorrow.  I can write about this since she will definitely not read it before her flight tomorrow morning!  It’s about bedtime for her and an early flight to boot.

I’ll save our other surprises for when we have current images of those events to share.  Let’s just say the kids will not be getting anything but hand me downs for Christmas with what we have spontaneously decided to spend on this trip!  We are going to have so much fun!!!!

We had our big anatomy ultrasound this week as well.  We confirmed our belief we are having a boy.  There was no mistaking his little boy part!  All of us are very happy.  He measured right where he is supposed to and showed all normal function and form to all the organs, bones and systems they checked.  Great news!  Now it’s onto figuring out a list of top names to choose from when we meet him.  Oh, and don’t forget to pray for him to be born nice and healthy on April 18th!  lol   Yes, I’m crazy and want all my kids to have the same birthday.  His due date is April 21st so it’s a reasonable request.  All is well sitting here with a small baby bump at 18 weeks pregnant.

Some recent images to share:

She pushed herself to go faster.

They loved pumping the water out.

Just after this Guy sprained his ankle badly falling the last couple steps down the stairs helping one of them slide down the banister.  It still hurts him over a week later.

Pointing out a tiny squirrel in the trees.

Blake is taking a pretzel out each time he passes the bowl as he is going back and forth.

Watching TV…

Some pretzel antics.

She thinks she’s funny…

The ankle swelling.

My handiwork on the hat and neck wrap.  Not sure why she is sooooo serious.

But then she smiled!  Love my new backdrop!

Goofy boy.