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Maddie & the cuddle bug

My sweet and funny five year old has been all about wanting to cuddle with me each day in the last month or so.  We got off on a bit of a rocky start to this, because she would Say she wanted to cuddle.  Then through the course of the day she would sleep past when I get out of bed, happily play elsewhere when my bum was occasionally parked on the couch, ignore my invites to cuddle and cried as if her heart was personally ripped out by me when it was past time for her to be in bed with no cuddles for the day.  I made it a point to remind her to she wanted to cuddle with me and needed to make time to cuddle with me.  

For the last 5 days she has realized that she has the power when it comes to getting in those cuddles each day.  She has taken her opportunities and carved out time to spend with her mama for one on one cuddles.

You know what?

Her attitude has improved.  Her willingness to help has grown.  She is happier.  She whines less.

Mama cuddles are good for her.

This little development makes me really really really happy.  I love that my love and affection can make such a noticeable difference in her life.  It is amazing to watch her work through what is temporary and what is permanent as she gains maturity.  She is really starting to understand the power of choice.

Choose to be happy.  Choose cuddles.

What a moment!

We were eating our awesome Easter dinner sitting Japanese style around the coffee table.  {Yes, this is our usual place to partake of food.}  Madison and I were both enjoying our corn on the cob.  I had her giggling with all the funny faces I was making as the yummy corn kernels popped off the cob into my mouth.  All of a sudden she looks at me with complete panic and yelps in pain.  Her bottom front tooth is bleeding, and all of the corn kernels look like broken teeth.  After determining her teeth are all there with the bottom of her tooth is bleeding my own panic {imagining a razor blade or some other foreign object has hurt my kid!} subsides with the realization she has her very first loose tooth!  She is still kind of panic crying and my excitement makes her laugh.  Then.  She panics again as she realizes it will likely cause her more pain as it comes out.  For the next few minutes she goes back and forth between excitement and panic as the thoughts of all that loosing her first tooth means.

She’s excited to beat Blake at something.

She really wants daddy to hold her hand when it comes out.

She is soooo much closer to being a big kid.

She does NOT want it to be pulled out.

She’s excited.

She’s scared.





The girl cannot decide what she feels.  We loved every moment of it.  It was seriously one of the cutest moments we’ve had with her.

Hair Fun

My sweet baby girl is getting better hair!  It has starting to thicken up a bit with less scragglies.

A couple days ago I cut off four inches which has gone a long way to improving the appearance of her hair.  My girl loves to have her hair done, as long as it doesn’t take me too long or cause her any moments of pain.  She looks adorable when it is done, though it is rarely tidy.

Generally, by the end of the day she’s also removed part to all of her hair ties, bands, flowers or other accessories.  :-)  She likes to fiddle with things which is just like her mama. 

The hairdo featured in these images was fun to do and this is several hours later showing her normal fly aways.

Maddie Mia

My sweet girl has decided she wants to be called Maddie Mia.  It is adorable.

This girl is so sweet.  She loves to help mother Landon whenever she is needed and often does things to help him without asking.

She is learning so much and loves to go to school.  At school her main interest is art, but she’ll also do the other work.  She loves to sing and participate and get questions right often raising her hand to answer them.  Maddie Mia has overcome her intense natural shyness in many ways even participating as the daily helping hand when her turn comes up.  Last year she would not be the helping hand.

She loves church.  It is her favorite destination.  She asks me many mornings if it is a church day yet.  She even told me once she wished she could go to church as many days a week as she goes to school and school once a week.  I love all her questions about Jesus and Heavenly Father.  She asked me the other day why Jesus made the night time so long, because she would like it to be wake up time more.

Madison loves to ‘read’ to herself every night before bed.  She looks at the pictures and tells these fantastical stories filled with action, love and whimsy spoken out loud in different voices and tones.  We love to listen to her.  {Blake is starting to do this also!}

That is just a few little tid bits about our sweet baby girl.

Over the last week I was getting a little concerned about my recent ‘tinkling’.  My wonderful friend Heather creates lovely jewelry.  She created a neckless for me with three charms that each have a kids name on them.  Her store, HHP designs, is found on Etsy and Facebook.    Well, Maddie Mia corrected my thinking on that!  She told me several times this week how much she loved to hear my neckless tinkle and how it sounded like a wonderful tiny bell to her.  The tinkling isn’t often and is very quite, and she loves it.  I can hear the wonder in her voice as she gently reaches up to play with my neckless.

Who can resist?

Check out my adorable princess.   She is learning so much all the time.  I think her brain is in a hyperdrive mode to cover as much as possible in a short amount of time.  She asks questions nonstop.

Love this girl!!