Change is upon us

Our kids are continually cracking us up.  They are imaginative, playful and sweet with a desire to see us giggle.  I love their funny faces, crazy talk and goofy doings.  Blake is especially creative in doing his best to make us laugh often.

Landon thinks he’s pretty funny too.


We are not people who allow our kids to keep saying badly pronounced words, bad grammer or odd sentences just because it sounds cute, until recently.   We’ve often heard over the last couple months that one of our children has ‘beet up’ the other one.  This is said with pride and the one who said it is often congratulated by the other twin.  It all started one day when we didn’t immediately correct the first one who said it when they finished their meal first.  Now that I’m trying to teach them the proper terminology it is falling on deaf ears.  Lesson learned, next time correct it right away.


This is Madison’s favorite way to sit with Landon.  He’s also the most tolerant of her repeated hugs and kisses when she does it from behind.  Maybe it’s because he isn’t going cross eyed from having her right up against his face.

I would just like to say how incredibly happy I am that September 2011 is over.  Hopefully, there is never another full month so stressful and crazy ever again.  This is surely a hope that will not come true, but a girl can wish.


Maddie got her own room last week which will double as our guest room whenever someone comes to visit.  She isn’t fully settled into it as much of my business stuff is still in there.  However, she is in love with having a big ol’ queen bed all to herself.  I wonder how much cooler she is going to think it is when it’s almost all of her stuff in there?  My guess is pretty darn happy.  Here they are flapping the sheet which had Landon laughing hysterically.

She even picked out a bunch of random pictures in random frames we found to put on the shelf above her bed.  She loves the images and the mismatched frames.  Uhmmm, too bad they also enjoyed jumping on the bed the first couple days it was up.  This lovely activity ended the life of the shelf when they decided to use it as a balancing base, pushing down on it as they jumped.  They pushed it down pulling the whole thing right out of the wall and had all the images landing on them.  They didn’t get hurt which might actually be a bad thing since they didn’t learn a lesson from it.  Guy’s going to try and put it back up next week after he’s done working so much overtime and working on a project.

OK, don’t hate me for mentioning the boy’s size yet again, but he is wearing a 24 month jumper in this image.  Yep, it is a bit baggy, but it is not tooo big!  This is pure craziness.  He had better not be into 2T before February.  We might not be able to leave the house as he will have nothing to wear…  The 2T’s we have are all summer clothes.  We also bought him a pair of shoes.  Size 5.  They were a little big so he’ll have room to grow.

My awesome friend Heather of Heather’s Hodgepodge made Landon an amber neckless.  It is supposed to be soothing while they are teething.  Even if it doesn’t work, controversy around it of course, it sure looks super cute!  She sells them for $23.  It is made very well with perfectly spaced beads and a child friendly clasp.  There is no metal in it so no worries about allergies.  They are not listed on her Etsy site, but you can contact her directly to order one.  What she does have available in her shop are awesome jewelry pieces that make women happy.  Here is a link to her Etsy shop:


Landon doesn’t match in the above image, because we were out that day and the pants he had on didn’t fit once he went into a cloth diaper…  Also, the top of the socks were not showing when he had pants on.  Should I have explained?  Probably not, but ya got an explanation anyway…  :-)