Cruise tidbits

If you have never been on a cruise this next part is an inside look for you.  Each cruise line has a lot of planned activities to tease you out of your shell or let you make a complete fool of yourself!  We had a great time putting ourselves out there in the hopes of winning the ‘coveted’ prizes.  Little fake gold ships or metals on a ribbon.   All in all I think we cleaned up with three ships and a medal!  Here is my Aunt Maddie showing off one we one doing a scavenger hunt!  I earned one with my dancing efforts at the kids kick off family dance party.  It was Landon who earned me the prize as the judge was impressed that I held him and danced the whole time.  The other ship and medal, umm, can’t remember who or how we won those.

Camp Carnival had face painting just before the halloween festivities took place.  Lucky us!  
Blake was able to compliment his spider man costume with some cool face paint.  Madison got some very princess looking adornments.   Guy just may have been way more excited about the spiderman face then Blake was.

Landon wasn’t exactly sure what to think about Blake.

Landon chilled on the table, ate and napped the entire time we visited Megan’s Bay in Nassau.  My mom spent most of the time with him then my aunt spent some with him while my mom got in the water.  Awesome!   Love this look he is giving me.

Megan’s Bay definitely deserves its top ten status of the best beach in the world.  There was just the perfect little ripple of waves, soft white sand, rocky around the edges with lots of wildlife to explore and the temperature was perfect.  The lifeguard was also entertaining with his knowledge of wildlife when Amber and I chatted with him.

My mom rarely gets an opportunity like this.  She is not supposed to be in the sun longer then it takes to get from a car to a building back to a car again.  She took a few minutes to get in and enjoy the water like she did in the old days which Madison especially loved.

Amber and I walked out  along the rocky edges for quite a long way.  The sand waist to chest high up to the rocks as far as we went out and probably much further.  The birds let us get so close before they flew which was really cool.  There were some huge ones!

A dead crab came really close to Amber so she held it up for a picture.

Another cool bird.

A little colorful image to remember Megan’s Bay.

We wanted to go our on the boats, but it just didn’t work out for anyone.  Instead a colorful image!

Maddie wanted this ugly little cat in one of the shops.  To distract her I had her come into the next shop to look around with me.  She loved looking at all the pretty colorful dresses.  When she saw a white one she told me it could be my wedding dress.  I told her I was already married to her daddy.  Hmmmm she says and seemed satisfied.  As I went outside she stops and hold the hand of this ‘lady’.

The ‘lady was a mannequin which made me giggle.  She thought my reaction was fantastic and kept playing it up.  Just after that Guy comes over to tell me Blake saw a cabinet of locked sunglasses.  He found a key in the drawer and tries to unlock it.  Crazy 3 year old!  lol

We went to the pool to swim, but the end of the movie ‘Mars Needs Moms’ was on.  It captivated Blake and Maddie snuggled up to grandma as she watched the movie.  It’s amazing how much she loves her grandma.  She always gets excited anytime she talks about her, talks with her or gets to see her.

Amber and Aunt Maddie chillin by the pool.

This was the absolutely beautiful view we had as we came into St. Thomas.  The far off rain around the islands was so cool.