Hot boy’s hot hair

Here is Blake’s hair before we clippered it off.   I love the style pictured here and love to do a faux hawk quite often.  Buzzing him was a bit of a spur of the moment decision for me, but Guy told me he had thought of it a few days before he mentioned it to me.  The poor kid sweat really easily and heavily so we thought it would be a good way to help keep him cooler this summer.

While Guy was getting the clippers out and ready Blake took a moment to talk to his “Landon Buggy.”  The kids love him so much.

Just after Guy started but was too far into it to stop the clippers stopped functioning properly.  They began to pull Blake’s hair out and the vibration was slow.

Guy tried fiddling with them.

It got better, but Blake no longer trusted those clippers.  He cried through to the very end.

The neighbors were all fawning over Landon laying on the ground.

He was not happy with them giving Landon the attention.

Partway done.  The clippers had to be messed with again here.  We weren’t sure if we’d have to give up or not.

He was so sweaty from the hot humid air and being upset the clumps of hair were on him like a magnet on metal.

In between shots I would get the hair off his body and face.  Speaking of face…  This one is hilarious.

Meanwhile, Madison and Landon are over on the grass creating an idyllic scene.

Back to the sad boy!

When Guy would take a minute to work on the clippers to try and get them to function better he would bribe Blake into further cooperation with a tasty Powerade.

The hair partway through.  So glad we didn’t stop with this as a result!!!

There are two interesting things here.  You can really see the hairs clinging to him along with the water logged fingers as if he had just gotten out of the bath.  Yes, he really sweats this much!   I’ve also noticed recently that he crosses his fingers, not necessarily just the first two, whenever he is nervous.

Normally it would be Madison with the fingers in the mouth.  He will generally only do this when he is nervous in meeting other people only.   Mostly when he meets new people or gets the sudden attack of toddler shyness.

I wasn’t getting the hair off his face and eyes fast enough here.

The towel helped.

He’s saying with hope and excitement, “I’m done daddy!  I’m done?!?!”

One more quick clean up pass after removing the hair filled shirt.

Madison came over to give him some comfort.  Though they are often at odds they are also each others biggest champions.  Just tonight Madison was saying her bedtime prayers.  She mentioned each person individually until she got to Blake & Maddie who were grouped together.  They even see themselves as a pair.

Our neighbors were gracious enough to offer Blake a chance to ride on the 4 wheeler midway through his haircut to help him have something to look forward to when he was done.  Josh is the blond.  He is 6 days older then the twins.  As you can see, he was Thrilled to offer this ride to Blake.

This is one of my favorite expressions on Blake!

I think everyone but Josh is having a fantastic time here!   Even Landon is happily chilling in the background.

Blake got extra excited when he got to ride it by himself!

He got stuck so the girls ran over to push him.  Guy was getting ready to do one of his IPad videos to load onto Facebook.

They enjoyed pushing him so much they kept a hold on the back running all over the yard.

They got so into playing Maddie’s dress fell apart!

Blake was all excited to see his hair in the mirror.  When he actually saw it that night he wasn’t too impressed…  The next day my mom asked me how he liked it.  I asked him to look again to tell grandma how he likes it.  He got excited, looked in the mirror and said, “I don’t like.  It’s not my favorite.” ha ha

This image came up next in my folder then putting Blake’s haircut images into this post.  I love getting products for my customers in.  These metallic gallery wrapped canvases of baby Julian are adorable.  They are going up over the fireplace at home.

Gotta share an image of Landon too!  Not only does Landon love the outdoors, he also loves the water.  He happily sits in his chair with the water hitting his legs and belly for as long as it takes me to shower.  No problem.  Loves it!!!