It must be just me.. Nah, but it feels like it.

I am sick.  The last time I felt like this was one of my last weeks as a flight attendant.  That sickness convinced me to change jobs at the airline it was so bad.

That day started out fine.  It was a three day schedule on the 2nd day.  We took off from somewhere in California went to Phoenix then somewhere else, back to Phoenix and ended in Flagstaff.  It was the end of winter so we were in mostly moderate western climates until we got to Flagstaff.  It was cold.  It was soooo cold.  I started feeling bad when we arrived.  Upon entering the hotel room that was around 50 degrees inside misery set in.  With the heater cranked up I thought maybe a bath would help me get warmer faster.  Then the checked out brain of sickness manifested.

Before the bath had filled more then 2 inches in I went.  Yep, the tub itself was still pretty much frozen like the rest of the hotel room.  Keep in mind I was pretty young back then so it would not have crossed my mind to ask if there was a room not the temperature of a refrigerator!  The rest of the night and next day continued to be utterly miserable as I went ahead with my duties starting before sunrise in a metal & plastic plane not heated until after we got the engines running.  Since it was a large prop plane that wasn’t until after our passengers were in it…

So yesterday I didn’t move on my couch except three times of absolute necessity in taking care of the kids.  They ate mostly self sufficient meals like dry cereal, yogurt, crackers, chips, cookies, fruit or anything else not requiring my help.    Any time I moved it was with exploding pain in my head and every muscle felt like the day after a car accident.

There are two awesome things to be thankful for.

1.  My tonsils were removed so I could still painfully talk and swallow.  With them, both would have been impossible.

2.  My kids didn’t take 100% advantage of my illness, keeping it at about 50%.

Of course, as mentioned at some point prior, Guy can never ‘let’ me be the sick or needy one.  He hurt himself at work requiring x-rays to see if his foot was broken {thankfully Not!} and then came down with my sickness last night too.

Poor Guy!

Since there can’t be a post without a picture.  Here’s one of the boys having a sick day a while back.  Blake was comforting his very sick brother.

Remember how I said Blake is super affectionate.  Here they are a little later on Landon’s sick day.