It’s my party and…

Pick my nose if I want to…

The twins had their birthday party a couple weeks late.  Grandma wanted to throw them a party since they were so sweet to throw one for her back in November when we met in Miami.  Grandma arrived Wednesday (May 4th) evening and we went out shopping for the supplies and gifts the next morning.  We arrived home at the same time the first guest arrived!  It was a bit of a hot mess getting it all together that quickly.  I created a Facebook event to invite friends.  We didn’t think many people would come since it was a weekday afternoon about the same time school gets out, before work gets done and during a time people cook dinner.  It was the only time we could have it with my mom here since my tailbone removal surgery was the next morning.


The kids all had a great time playing outside for most of the time with the new swing set getting a lot of use.

Grandma, the one in the hat, got to watch it all from her comfy rocker.  Guy put up the umbrella to protect her skin since she isn’t supposed to be outside due to the sun exposure with her skin cancer.

Landon got passed around to all the ladies dying to get a bit of cuddly baby time.

There were lots of fun toys and the kids all got on well together.

The kids all loved the typical party favors.

There were some water balloons which Blake thought mommy should be the target.

I convinced him there were more willing targets who wanted to be bombed.

Maddie was off doing her own thing most of the time.

At the store the kids had a heck of a time trying to pick out their cake.  After a while we got them to agree on these gender neutral cupcakes.  Poor kids will probably always have gender neutral stuff for their birthdays.  Either that or Madison will just need to be a big tomboy with two brothers basically sharing the same birthday.

Pinata’s are my fav!  I love them and getting all the action shots of the kids taking a whack at it.


Daddy put her hat on.


Blake loves to stick his tongue out when he is concentrating on doing something physical.


I love Blake ‘helping’ her in the background!  Madison actually knocked it open with her hits!

It is always funny to watch when some of the kids don’t get the candy grab.  One of mine is usually not picking up candy.  More often then not it is Blake who isn’t, or he is picking up and giving his candy to other kids.

Uh, I forgot to get bags for the kids…  lol  Ha, they still managed to get it up off the ground in short order.

Cutie Bryson!

Guy hooked the pinata back up so the other kids could get a whack at it too.

We did the normal age order starting with the youngest.

When the kids all had a shot he started dumping the rest of the candy in it out over their heads like rain.

Blake and the boys were having fun grabbing the rest of the candy.

Our smartie girl used her hat to hold her candy.

The big kids got to have fun destroying the pinnate.  All we could find for the kids to hit it with was a rubber mallet.


Kip used his shirt to carry around his candy.

The lid to the cupcake box  became Miles place to rest.  I love this shot!

And this one!

Madison holding court at the bar.

More presents!  They love them all.  Thanks again to everyone {especially grandma’s bounty} who gave the kids birthday gifts.

Lots of clothes from grandma.

Lisa was the last one who got some baby cuddle time with Landon.  He was super content and didn’t need to eat most of the party.  Wooo Hooo!  Uhm, I think those handprints on my mirror might actually still be there.


This evening I was sitting on the couch doing flash cards with Blake and Madison as Landon was lounging next to me working on a poop.  We were doing the site word flash cards.  As each card was held up I’d say the word, they would repeat it most of the time and then I’d say a sentence with the word.  The conversations these sentences start are so funny.  Here is one we just had:

Me – cat

Maddy & Blake – cat

Me – Madison likes kiddy cats.

Maddy – I like cats.  I like cats.  Blake likes dogs.

Me – Does Blake like dogs?

Maddy leaning over with her face in Blake’s – Do you like dogs?

Blake – I like dogs.  I like dogs.

short pause in conversation

Blake – I like dogs to go away from me.