Landon Bug

Landon is hanging out with grammy on the back porch.

Landon Laird White already has quite a few nick names.  We LOVE nicknames in both of our families.  Some of them are:

Landon Bug

Landon Love

Mr. Butters {Guy only}


Landon Buggy {Blake only}

Mr. Laird {my mom}

Baby Landon

Landon had his two month check up and shots Thursday.   The doctor was very pleased with his social skills.  She also mentioned he has great tone and that he is very strong.  Everything looked and sounded good with him.  He weighed in at 15 lbs 7 oz and is 25 inches long.  Both of those measurements put him in the 100% category and his head came in around 75%.  Last time his head was in the 50% category making him look like a pin head compared to the rest of him.  He is definitely our kid.

He got two shots and one oral vaccine. The vaccines gave him a low fever off and on Friday along with a smaller appetite and made him super sleepy but he had trouble sleeping long.  This lack of a long sleep continued the following nights so I have been up with him more then normal.  The other thing he has had is some congestion and a slight runny nose since then.

Madison also had trouble sleeping Thursday night waking up with nightmares about spiders on her wall.  She woke up 4 times ending up in our bed about 5 am.  She is really funny when she wakes up most of the time.  She’ll wake up all upset and talking.  We’ll go in and ask her a question to which we’ll get some crazy answer or gibberish.  Then we’ll tell her good night and to lay down.  She’ll be back asleep before we leave the room.

My dad got a golf cart to get around at the lake, and now has it at the house.  The kids love to get on it even if they are only doing laps around the backyard.  In the next fe images Blake is giving Guy a run for his money be being the one controlling the gas pedal!  Blake is so excited and proud of himself.  Guy, on the other hand, got a little scared a couple times when Blake didn’t stop immediately when he told him to stop.  They were going a bit fast for turning on the grade.  

Mr Adventurous.

Little Miss Happy to Go Along For the Ride.

The funny thing about this image is….   He told me he didn’t want me to take his picture then gave me this perfect look.  :-)  Soooooo, as I am taking a break from writing this to change Landon’s diaper a few funny things just happened with Blake.  After getting Landon’s diaper off I realize the cloth diaper about to go on him needs to be resized since he’s grown so much.  As I go to resize it I say, “Don’t pee on me.”  Blake is standing right there and says, “OK.”  Then he looks down towards his weinie and says, “You hear that?”  Guy and I are busy cracking up over this when Blake leans down to Landon like he always does without looking.  The next thing he knows his mouth has touched Landon’s weinie.  He pops upright with his tongue between his teeth saying, “ehhhh ehhhh ehhhh ehhh ehhhh.”  He just keeps repeating it and is obviously afraid of putting his tongue back in his mouth.  We tell him he can wash his mouth so he runs to wash out his mouth in the bathroom  while still saying, “ehhhh ehhhh ehhhh.”  So funny.

More drama.   Madison has been afraid of dogs since about one year old.  We’ve been working with her, and she is more cautious now then afraid.  If a yippy, loudly barking and/or dog running at her is around she may still freak out.  Understandable.  I’m afraid of people who don’t behave so why not be afraid of a dog that doesn’t?  She made great friends with our/their dog Moose at Grammy & Grandpa’s house.  She was as affectionate with him as she is with Landon, which is to say way to affectionate to the point of smothering.  We were all hanging out in the living room when all of a sudden we hear an abbreviated bark.  Madison is crying and she has blood coming from her nose and mouth.  I saw it all with my peripheral vision.  My dad said he was watching the whole thing.  She was talking loving to Moose with her hands on both sides of his mouth and her face right up to his mouth probably kissing him.  My dad thought her fingers were in his mouth or right by Moose’s eyes.  Moose went to bark at her to back her off and ended up with a tooth in her nose.  At the same time she bit her tongue as she realized he was barking at her.  Moose is a really big dog so the abbreviated bark was him definitely stopping mid bark as he realized he was biting her.

This image shows where his tooth went into her nose.  {You can also see Guy’s poison whatever behind her}

She cuddled with Blake and daddy for a bit after we cleaned her up.  Daddy is generally her chosen cuddle person since Landon was born.

Moose was so upset about the whole thing he wouldn’t even look at me 20 minutes later.  By the evening she and Moose made up with each other.  If I had realized she was being so affectionate, especially kissing him in the mouth with her hands on his face she would have been told to stop and back off!  The next morning I caught her smothering him which really surprised me.  She has certainly conquered her fear and gotten right back in the preverbal saddle.

Grammy and Aunt Gracie held Landon a lot of the time we were there.  Grammy even said she’d like see if they can come see us in a week or two.  Landon has that affect on people!

Madison is busy smothering him here.

And he’s starting to laugh more for her instead of get so scared when she comes at him.  She’s lucky he tolerates her so well.

On Fathers Day, Guy ended up waking up early with the kids since I was up so long with Landon in the middle of the night.  All five of us stayed in the guest room together.  There is a queen bed, next to that in front of the dresser was a queen blow up bed.  At the foot of that bed was the pack and play for Landon.  Normally the room is used by my step mom as a dressing and craft room.  Her desk was put into their room to make room for the blow up bed.  We actually fit in there rather well.  The kids ended up going to bed much later then normal.  Madison also got up and stayed up with me the first two nights for Landon’s feeding.  Then she got to exhausted and slept through the feedings the rest of the trip.  Based on that I think they’ll do fine when we move Landon into their room in a few months when he starts sleeping longer at night.

Grandpa got in the pool for the first time in years!  We were all thrilled to have him join us on our pool adventure.  {By the way.  My dad was the only person who volunteered to watch both twins when they were babies by himself!  I am still impressed by that.  Happy Fathers Day again dad!!!!}

He got Landon in the pool.

Who wasn’t too thrilled by the shock of the cooler water.  Uhm, yeah, he loves a nice warm/hot bath.

Landon decided any water was still pretty cool after a minute.  Then about 3-5 minutes later he fell asleep in the float.

I got to get this cool shot of Blake after I put Landon and his float on the chair to sleep in undisturbed peace.

Awe, so cute.  I only took 10 images of him in exactly this same pose.  lol

We all played in the pool while Landon slept for an hour.

Both of the twins are doing great at learning how to swim.  This was only their second time swimming this summer.

His goggles cracked me up.  How did he see anything through that fog?

She loved getting splashed by my dad.

The kids love love it when family members get out and play with them.

A little freeze action.

I was singing her the nursery rhyme my aunt and mom always used to sing to us kids as they held our hands and bounced us on their knees.  It goes:

Take a ride to Boston

Take a ride to Lynn

Watch out little {kids name}

You don’t fall in.

{let the kid ‘fall’ between their legs}

She loved me bouncing her on my feet and dropping her into the water.

Landon woke up to the urge to load up his swim diaper with poo.  I brought the wipes and another swim diaper but didn’t think to bring a regular diaper.  After cleaning him up the burp rag became the shield and we headed up to the house.  The kids and my dad were not ready to go so they and Guy stayed behind.

Before we left Landon spent some time talking and smiling for me.

We had a family dinner with some yummy pulled pork BBQ from a yummy BBQ joint, some BBQ chicken breasts that were cooked perfectly, steamed cabbage, fingerling potatoes, true southern green bean casserole & some great desserts.  I saw my dad cutting up the chicken breasts when he was grilling them and thought they would get way overdone.  Nope, the man skillfully cooked them breasts up just right.

The kids had a hard time eating since they wanted hot dogs and nothing else on the menu.   Sometimes they just have crappy food days where they don’t want anything good for them.  After dinner my sister, Erin {cousin}, the kids and I went outside to play until the onslaught of bug bites chased us inside.

Maddie is looking up at Gracie.

Gracie was getting Blake out of his funk.  He gets all emotional when play time doesn’t go his way right now.

This is the way he postures his body when he is upset or being shy.  So tense with those fingers around or in his mouth.

This week Guy was watching the TV show Cops with the kids.  Blake told him that he would like to be a policeman when he grows up.  So Guy decided to ask Madison if she would like to be a policeman like daddy or a photographer like mommy.  She says, “I want to be a princess when I grow up.”  He put that on his Facebook status.  One person said we’ll have to find her a prince when she grows up.  lol

I’m all into the detail shots at the moment.  I think it is because I’m dreaming so much of getting a macro lens since it has been since my film camera days.

Our last day in Atlanta we went to Six Flags water park.  This is one of the only images we took as the camera stayed in the SUV.  Are you shocked?  lol  I kind of am.  It was fun to just go go go without worrying about what to do with the camera when all of us went on a ride or in the water together.  We had a lot of fun, and I told Guy we really need a water camera…  lol

Mary Lee - June 26, 2011 - 10:45 pm

Beautiful images! All of them… I think my favorite though is Madison in the golf cart. Love that shot! Is that YOU in the last picture?? If it is you look like you’re 19 years old! Very cute!

Corriann - June 27, 2011 - 10:10 am

I didn’t think the kids could get any cuter but they still do!!!

sonja - June 28, 2011 - 7:14 am

Landon is getting so big! I can’t believe he is only 2 lbs or so lighter than my 13 month old Sophie! Way to go, mama! Love the pics of the kids swimming!