Landon’s 9 months old

Our little miracle surprise baby is 9 months old.  We took him in for his nine month appointment at Raleigh Pediatrics on his 9 month birthday.  The nurse that brought us back said he sure is a big boy and will undoubtedly be as tall as her sons.  She mentioned they are both over 6′ 6″.  We went through the height, weight, head measurements and answered the questions about his overall health and practices.


As usual we have no concerns about our little freak of nature.  He’s so abnormally capable & genetically blessed.  He’s also sweet and happy and loving.


The doctor walks in.  You know you have a big baby when your doctor walks in announcing that your baby is Just So Big.  lol  We had a great time visiting with her and reviewing Landon’s size, abilities and skills.  She gave him a passing grade, one shot and we were off.  He handled the shot well with only a small whimper quickly quieted by a hug from mommy.


You’re probably curious as to what his stats were.

Height: 32 3/4 inches = 150th percentile or 50% over the chart

Weight: 27 pds 14 oz = 145th percentile or 45% over the chart

Head: can’t remember but 130th percentile or 30% over the chart

The consensus?  He is perfectly proportional.

LandO is now doing awesome things like climbing up and down stairs, standing, taking up to 5 steps alone, reaching up on the kitchen counter, climbing in the fridge, eating three meals a day, will only eat homemade or ‘real’ foods, drinks 45 ounces of formula every 24 hours, gives great hugs, tries to bite us when he’s tired, climbs on anything with a 10″ or less rise, steps off the couch when holding onto the side or us, wants to be cuddled to sleep every single time, follows the kids wherever they go, stays up late at night, gets up once at night for an 8 ounce bottle, tries to use a spoon to feed himself from a bowl, pins Blake when wrestling & generally makes us laugh, get frustrated and gives us warm fuzzy loving feelings.    Last night he reached up to the pantry door handle and tried to turn it. lol  He likes food and knows it’s in there.

Landon loves us to sing “Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam” lifting him into the air on every beam during the song.

Madison captured the next two images of Landon and I playing in the kids room.

We have been so excited he’s been wearing 18 month pants for almost 3 months!  They are almost done though so we have some great 2T ones ready for him.  He’s been in 24-2T tops for 2 months.  They are still fitting ok but with his long arms and torso he my be into 3T before the projected age of 17-18 months.  Summer clothes we don’t so much of though and with this warm winter, I’m thinking we’ll definitely need them.

We thought he might walk at 9 months and he’s showing all signs of accomplishing that very soon.  He’s sporting his size 7 double wide shoes. lol

For right now he’ll only take steps when he sees something to grab onto pretty close to him.

This week he started off taking 2-3 steps and now he’s up to 5 steps.  He also lets go of things and stands on his own more.  {Check out the floating timer!  I was holding it to get him to come get it and had to drop it to stabilize the camera for this shot.}


Guy and I will have him walk back and forth to us, and he’s even started pivoting around to go back on his own.  Love the Frankenstein look!

mary - February 4, 2012 - 2:03 pm

Why don’t we want to miss Monday’s post??? what’s going on? hmmm… lol He is so cute Shannon! Those stats are amazing. 7WW shoe – lol – Jessica and Nicole are a 9. I thought the timer in the picture was part of your logo! That is crazy!