More cruise fun


Weeds are always interesting to me.  Love the texture in these!  This shot is when our driver had to stop and top off the bus with gas so I hoofed it back to a few cool buildings I saw a few blocks back.  :-) My favorite thing is to walk and explore places we visit.  There are always so many interesting things to see when you actually get out and experience a location and culture.  Hopefully our kids love the same things as they get older.  I can’t wait to explore places with them!


We really had the perfect van as we traveled around St. Maarten.  It fit my moms scooter and stroller without dismantling the scooter or folding up the stroller.  We also had a great variety of seats with three rows of one and four rows of two seats separated by an aisle.  Madison found the little ‘jump seat’ like airline flight attendants use just behind the front seats.  As you can see here she loved cuddling with her dads arm and holding court as we drove around the island.


Have you ever seen the videos or images of airplanes landing right over a beach and road?  We went there!!!  Oh yeah!  For aviation buffs like us it was a treat.   With the mountains not far from the end of the runway jets have to really get the jets going before they take off.  This can lift a man right off their feet especially with a large aircraft who is right at the end of the runway.  Apparently a week before we were there a teen was trying to hang onto the fence and was thrown into the rocks.  Yikes!


See how close that is..  Awesome!!


We did miss getting right under the only big jet that landed while we were there as we booked it with two kids and my camera to make it over there in time.  I also only had my 85 mm and 20 mm lenses with us.  This means I either had a short view or a super duper wide view.  There wasn’t enough time to run over and switch lenses to the wide one when the jet landed.  Oh well.  It really was quite awesomely close to us as it came in.


That’s Guy holding the twins and the wheels of the jet as it passed over us.


We had lunch at the bar just off to the side.


Don’t you just want to be out sailing on that boat instead of doing what you are doing today?


The other image of all of us.  There is Amber, Aunt Maddie, my mom Kris holding Maddie, Guy holding Blake, me and Landon in the stroller.  Our ship, the Carnival Dream, is hanging out in the background.  I loved vacationing with family and hope to do it again.  Family rocks!!


This is definitely one of the larger cruise ships out there.  While it wasn’t my favorite ship or cruise line, it was definitely worth the money and a great vacation!!


My cute girl hanging onto her kitty with its own little travel bag.  She is such a diva yet a little clumsy as you can see from her leg bruises.