More visiting

My mom was able to visit with us for 10 days.  If I had to do it over again it would not have been when I was having surgery.  My mom has both a bad back and a bad knee.  It is hard for her to get up and down repeatedly throughout the day as kids seem to require.  I’m normally up and doing something for the kids at least every 15 minutes of each day when Guy isn’t home.  Sure there are a couple stretches where this isn’t the case, but there are also stretches that are every 5 minutes.   This is especially true now with a third kiddo.  Since we haven’t lived near my mom the last 6 years since her back and knee issues have come on I didn’t realize she no longer runs circles around most people as she used to.

The good news…  We have a do over on spending some great time with her in October when we are headed out on a cruise!  It will be our first Carnival cruise on their Dream ship which is a newer ship with great and wonderful reviews.  So far my aunt and cousin are also booked to come along.   Just like when we went to Miami and Disney with my mom last Thanksgiving she will be renting a scooter for the cruise.  This should be really nice for her and allow her to go where ever she wants on the ship and at port without the horrible back pain she now gets from short walks.  We are already having a great time emailing back and forth between the five of us talking of details and plans.

We have all committed to losing between 20-40 pounds each for the cruise with the others joining Guy and I in using MyFitnessPal online.  Guy came up with our group name of Cruisers Losers.  It has a great ring to it.  I can’t wait to see how we all do.  We also put the elliptical machine back in our living room so we have the TV to help pass the time with.  Madison actually gets on there and uses it too.  Both kids play on it at other times and love to torture each other by ‘stealing’ it from the other one when they want to get on it.  They are each others biggest champions and worst enemies.

Our travel and cruise buddies were going to book too, but their new baby boy misses the 6 month old cut off by a measly 4 days!  Sheesh.  We feel so bad and wish we would have called them first and booked one a week later.  We’ll see if anyone else decides to come along over the next few months.

Even though I just had surgery I did a mini session for a friend who needed some images for a modeling application for her twins.  They are adorable!  My mom watched the kids on the front porch making it easier to keep the twins focused on the session instead of playing with their friends, my twins.  It was beautiful weather for hanging out.  We had a great spring.

The lack of easy sitting made it a lot more fun to get out and play  and photograph the twins outside.  Check out Madison’s pants.  They fit when I put them on her in the morning, but they had stretched out by afternoon.  Even rolling the waistband down to make them tighter didn’t work.  It was Crackajewia all the time.

My sexy little man.  Ha ha

Getting ready to launch it.

And there it goes towards grandma on the porch.  Uhm, I think she was aiming towards Blake over to the right of the frame.  See Crackajewia!

Capturing this kid in motion is so fun.  He has such animation to him and is almost always on the go.

It was the first time he had ever thrown this new toy and see how perfectly it is in the air as is his pose with the follow through very evident.  He is such a natural athlete.

Hanging on the porch.

Cuddling with grandma!

Sometimes I really wish we lived closer to family so the kids could spend more time with them.  Well, all of us really.

My mom is doing her favorite thing cuddling and feeding a baby.  Madison is giving her polite picture smile.

A favorite image.  My mom is sitting happily in the back and Madison is checking out Blake playing on the driveway.