Oohs Ahhs and Uh Ohs

We just said goodbye to grandma on Saturday.  It was so strange saying goodbye to her at the house as a friend took her to the airport with Guy being assigned to guard Scotty McCreery from American Idol Friday evening to Sunday morning.  She made it home and Guy had a great experience with Scotty and the American Idol crew.  They were all great people and fun for him to work with.  They were able to keep him safe from all those fanatic girls keeping him on schedule.  Guy said he was amazed at the number of girls and women out there so excited to see Scotty.


Since Saturday morning we’ve had some great help around here.  I’m so thankful for the loving support of the sisters at church.  It has really helped me to not feel stressed and manage the three kids along with not overdoing it during the healing process.  I’ve noticed that Landon is getting more milk from me, needing less supplemental milk the last two days.  There are ladies from church that have signed up to help us this whole week while Guy is working.   I do feel that I could do it all by myself this week, but I also recognize that it would be a really stressful week since I’m moving slower then normal and spend a TON of time feeding Landon.  This baby is an eater.  He nurses most of the day with a good 2-4 hour nap in the afternoon, a morning nap on and off after nursing and a great 5-6 hour sleep from 12-ish to 6-ish.   The last couple days he does seem to be a bit more alert and effective as he is sucking me dry.  Hopefully, this is a sign he will get faster and more effective at nursing as we move forward, and my milk will become enough for him.


We went to church when Landon was only 5 days old.  He met what may be his future girlfriend while we were there.  Brooke is the most adorable chubby 6 month old.  She thought he looked rather tasty.

As Landon was in Bonnie’s arms I picked Brooke up when she got fussy.  That did not go over so well.  Normally I have the baby touch, but I have yet to pick up Brooke when she doesn’t start complaining vigorously.   She’s so cute and cuddly though!!


We all got involved in giving Landon his first bath.   It was on his first Sunday afternoon.  Madison was already in her jammies while the rest of us were still in our church clothes.


Blake was splashing the water on him.


Landon was so relaxed and happy in the bath.  He has been anytime we’ve put him in the water since too.

Blake thinks everything Landon does is amazing.

All warm and snuggled after his bath.


Landon taking a catnap on our bed.

We were all hanging out on the front porch one evening after Guy got home from work.  Maddy gave me her no pictures pouty face.  In the last week the kids have both been very very emotional.  Madison has been especially weepy at the slightest issue, fight, trouble or basically anything.  A sympathetic ear really gets her crying too.  It is definitely about adjusting to life with Landon, but thankfully they both LOVE Landon.  They love everything about him and every move he makes wanting to spend as much time as possible with him.

This face and pose cracked me up.  He is Mr entertainment.


Madison loving on Landon who is Obviously so excited to have her love on him…  lol


This is about where she gets a good look at Landon’s umbilical cord…  She pulls it off.

Picks it up from where she dropped it on his diaper, hands it to me, and says, “Mom, I don’t like this.” with a disgusted look on her face.

Landon was crying before she pulled it off from where it was barely hanging on.  After the shock of being handed the stump wore off I rescued Landon from his sister just after this shot was taken.

Madison figured out how to be a hooded monster during this play session chasing Blake all around who was giggling in delight.