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Personally, I’ve always found build a bear a bit of a rip off.   Yes, I am the same person who will pay crazy money to go to an amusement park for the day where you get nothing…  We saw that they have build a bear time on the cruise and asked my mom if that was something she was interested in doing with the kids.  She said she was so we planned on it.  Wouldn’t you know we found a fantastic deal!   Here’s Blake proudly cuddling his prize.


When we arrived there was a table full of stuffed animals on display with a price on each that does not include the outfit.  Most of them were $20 plus $6-$10 for an outfit.  In her introduction one of the staff mentioned that Fun Ship Freddie was only $10 and came with an outfit {that must be cost and is probably written off as advertising}.  AWESOME!  As the kids were looking at everything they both came to the decision they would like Fun Ship Freddie since they had several great encounters with him so far on the cruise.  AWESOME!!  Then I hear the family behind us asking if they had any $10 lions left?  Really?!?!?  She mentioned there were two and only one of the three kids in the group wanted one.  YAY   We got one for Landon too and my mom saved money!!   The lion is great too and came with a Carnival t-shirt.


At dinner I missed some action and came into the fun at the end {bathroom trip maybe?}.  Anyway, as they are all giggling they tell me Landon has learned to make a fish face?  What?  At 6 months old, not likely.  Well, he has and it is adorably funny.  Here ya go!


He is showing signs of being as expressive as Blake is.  Love it.


Smarty pants, Amber, introduced the quite game one night at dinner.  Who knew our super talker would be absolutely fantastic at remaining silent to win a game.  He is also so funny as he tries to get you to smile and refuses to be led astray from the game by our antics.  This image is of him giving Amber the stare down that included some funny faces.


Aunt Maddie




Mom {grandma} cuddling big baby as he sleeps.  We all miss her so much already!   We’re looking forward to when she retires and can spend some more time with us.  Landon looks so big here {my mom is 5’8″}.  He did great overall other then ending up sleeping between Guy and I each night.


We know from our last cruise that medical emergencies happen {Blake got staples in his chin}.  This cruise didn’t have any for us, but we had some major ones that required rescue and diversion.  Through the gossip mill we heard both were stroke/cardiac related.  On our last sea day we ended up diverting to Nassau.  While I am soooo sad and hope all is well for the family involved it was a neat experience to come into a port at the time we did.  We watched the ship come in until we had to head into dinner.  The middle ship pictured here is the newest Disney one with the cool waterslide ride.  It looked awesome.


This is a shot of the famous Sandals resort on Nassau with the amazing all inclusive amenities.  I would love to go there and stay sometime.  All we saw when we were there was the casino.  Rides and fun time will always beat out the not so sweet allure of a casino to me.  They hold no appeal.


Love this lighthouse.  It was so weird to be so far above it which made it look tinnie winnie.   Lighthouses are just cool anyway!


Well, I have about 800 more images and tons more stories from our cruise.  Knowing me though, this will be my last post on our cruise fun.  Today Guy’s parents come to visit for a week.  We are really excited!  This will be their first real live look at Landon.

sonja - November 15, 2011 - 6:12 am

Love the new pics! I have been following along, but have been a bad commenter lately. So exhausted by the end of the day these days. Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Oh, and love the fish face pic!!