Welcome to Summer

First…  How do you like the New Look of the blog?  I did a quick and fast update to give it more of a fresh vibe.

In the process of updating some things around the blog, I finally came up with a little something to brand US.  lol  It sounds funny to brand your personal images and family story, but in this day and age it is important to put a copyright on your public images.  There are lots of individuals out there who take images for their own use which is why I feel it is important.  How do you like it?

We were thrown into such a frenzy of extra activities with the news we needed to up our timeframe of buying a new house and selling ours.  We got our house on the market a few weeks ago.  After an average of 3.5 showings a day keeping us out of our house 4-5 hours every day, we went under contract with a cash buyer the end of the 5th day.  Wowser!  We have picked out our temporary housing apartment and can begin moving in next Saturday.  The closing on our house is scheduled for the 28th.  My mom’s house is not getting a lot of showings.  We’re all hoping the right buyer will find her home sometime this summer.  The new home will be ready sometime between the end of September and the end of November.

In all the busyness we didn’t get our annual family photos taken.  Once I realized it, my wonderful friend stepped in and did a little something for us at our home.  It will be a great reminder for the kids of their first home.  The kids were NOT in the mood for a session that day.  Or really, it was probably the barely two year old who is in the very stubborn-push every boundary-go my own way stage!  They are still adorable even if they weren’t cooperative.

We had fun doing our traditional tickles series of images.  

And this little moment was so sweet! 

 I’ve been busy editing the spring rush of client images so the rest of our family images will have to wait until clients are all taken care of and we are moved over into our apartment.

The kids last day of school was yesterday.  Mia {the name Madison prefers at the moment} was pretty sad they weren’t going to continue attending school the next day or week as a kindergartner.  Then, last night, she realized she didn’t have to go to school today and was all excited.  I think she’s going to dig summer break.  I know they are excited to be so close to a pool while we live at the apartment!  Both the kids did great at their end of school program.  Blake’s teacher said he was so wonderful knowing all the words and being a loud singer.  Mia got just the pep talk she needed to get over her innate shyness in front of groups.  She even performed by singing all the words and smiling a few times during the program.  That is HUGE progress for my girl who gets all worked up before anything public.  After the program we all went to a park for a potluck and play time.  Landon was out there with all the big kids holding his own.  He has 4 year old playground skills and could care less if anyone is with him.

Pinterest has become a recent obsession with a looming new bigger home and combining households with my mom.  Feel free to check out some of the awesome new things I’ve been pinning lately!  PicsGirl on Pinterest